How many business are there in the UK as at 2019


According to statistics by the Department for Business Energy &IndustrialStrategy as of 2018, there were 5.7 million businesses located in the UK. SMEs amount to 99.9% in the private sectors.

Top 5 Highest Paying Businesses in UK

The highest paying business in UK are in the finance and technology category.

According to recent statistics, the highest paying businesses include;

  • Credit Suisse

Median Total Compensation –£90,000

Median Base Salary – £82,000

Has a workforce of more than 45,000 globally.

  • SAP

Median Total Compensation – £90,000

Median Base Salary – £66,000

SAP has operations in over 130 nations.

  • Deutsche Bank

Median Total Compensation – £89,500

Median Base Salary – £80,000

  • Facebook

Median Total Compensation – £89,000

Median Base Salary – £74,000

  • Standard Chartered

Median Total Compensation – £85,000

Median Base Salary – £76,000

Standard Chartered has over 1,000 branches globally with a workforce of more than 86,000 employees.

  • Salesforce

Median Total Compensation – £85,000

Median Base Salary – £66,806

Salesforce has around 30,000 workers.

  • Dell

Median Total Compensation £84,825

Median Base Salary – £62,500

  • Oracle

Median Total Compensation – £80,000

Median Base Salary – £66,250

  • UBS

Median Total Compensation – £79,000

Median Base Salary – £75,000

UBS operates in over 50 nations.

  • Google

Median Total Compensation – £78,000

Median Base Salary – £62,500

Top Businesses boosting UK economy in 2019

With a resilient economy in 2019, the top businesses boosting the UK economy include;

  • Gtech

Turnover – £91.2 million (2016)

Profit – £49.5 million (2016)

Gtech produces eBikes, lawnmowers and vacuum cleaners.

  • Lush UK

Turnover –£80.4 million (2017)

Profit –£49.3 million (2017)

Lush UK is a cosmetic retailer

  • Akamai Technologies

Turnover – £83.1 million (2016)

Profit – £37.9 million (2016)

Akamai Technologies provide web and mobile support, security services.

  • Just Eat

Turnover – £78 million (2017)

Profit – £74.9 million (2017)

Just Eat is service provider is an online food delivery internationally. It has over four million customers and its major competitors include Deliveroo, Amazon and UberEATS.

  • Mooprint

Turnover – £75 million (2016)

Profit – £51.5 million (2016)

Moolprint is a card provider to personalized and premium SMEs.

  • com(UK)

Turnover – £60 million (2017)

Profit – £58.2 million (2017)

Based in London

  • Zen Internet

Turnover – £63.8 million (2017)

Profit – £15.5 million (2017)

Based in Rochdale, Manchester

  • Liz Earle

Turnover -£64.4 million (2017)

Profit -£41.7 million (2017)

Liz Earle is a cosmetic brand founded in 1994. It is based in Guildford.

  • The Alchemist

Turnover -£22.5 million (2017)

Profit -£17.5 million (2017)

The Alchemist was founded in 2010. It is a premium cocktail chain.

  • Riverford Organic Farmers

Turnover -£56.6 million (2017)

Profit – £1-2 million (2017)

Riverford Organic Farmers has currently employed 650 people. It produces and sells over 50,000 boxes a week. It is based in Devon.

Some old UK Brands that are still on the market

Some of the businesses in UK that have had a long impact on society, created jobs and have a lasting legacy and still continue to stand strong through the years include;

  • The Royal Mint

The royal mint was founded in the year AD 886 when Alfred the Great who was King of Wessex finally recaptured London from the rule of Danelaw.

Royal Mint a limited company is owned by HM Treasury in Wales. Its function is to produce all the needed coins in UK.

  • Trinity House

Trinity House was founded in the year 1514. Its functions include welfare of retired seamen and sea safety promotion, performs cadet training and deep-sea pilotage, providing maritime aids like communications systems and lighthouses.

It was first commanded by Sir Thomas Spert.

  • The Royal Mail.

The Royal Mail was founded in the year 1516. Its function is to provide delivery services and mail collection across UK.

Top UK Businesses that are positively impacting lives in 2019

  • DHL Supply Chain in UK

It’s the world’s leading contract on logistics provision in technology, retail, healthcare, life sciences, manufacturing, engineering, energy, chemicals, consumer, and automotive sectors.

  • Electrolux UK

Global leader in appliances for professional and household use. It sells to more than 150 markets 60 million products per year.

  • Goodyear UK

Goodyear is a tire company centered in Colmar-Berg, Luxembourg and Akron, Ohio.

  • Heineken UK

Heineken UK is the leading UK cider, pub and beer business. It owns Star Pubs & Bars employing over 2,400 people and has 20 beer and cider brands.

  • Orange Business Services

Orange Business Services is a B2B branch of Orange Group. It employs over 25,000 employees and operates in five continents.

  • Phoenix Group

Phoenix Group is the largest consolidator in heritage life assurance contributor in Europe.

  • Starbucks Coffee Company UK

Starbucks Coffee has more than 25,000 coffee stores globally. It is the premier retailer and roaster of specialty coffee internationally.

  • Travis Perkins plc

Travis Perkins is the leading supplier of materials in the construction and building and home-improvement markets. It has more than 2,000 sites spread across the UK and employs over 28,000 people.