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Are you looking to get published on the UK News Blog as a guest contributor? – Then you are on the right page.

As a thriving UK news blog, we’re always looking for enticing and newsworthy guest contributions from guest writers, experts or marketers who can provide relevant information for our UK News Blog readership.

If you think you have valuable news and information about the latest developments in Great Britain and the world to share, we’re interested.

Just make sure to read our criteria for guest contributions first to get published.


Content Criteria for the UK News Blog:

  • Discuss original concepts, compelling arguments, and the latest trends and developments. We will not republish anything that’s been published elsewhere so be unique.

  • Attributing data, research, quotations etc., correctly and clearly using relevant references in the article is key.

  • No irrelevant or purely promotional links will be published.

  • Add relevant and useful images, graphics or infographics to enhance the content, but ensure they are not copyright protected or licenced.

  • All articles must be written in perfect English without any grammar or spelling mistakes.

  • Add a brief author bio about your background (optional).

  • The focus of your article should be relevant to our readers so check our categories for reference.

  • Submit your enquiry or content via the form below and we will review.

  • We’ll let you know about the progress of your submission and share all relevant information.

  • We aim to make the web a place where people find the information they’re looking for presented in an engaging format.

As you can see it can be quite overwhelming to not just create effective and insightful web copy but to optimise it for search engines and conversions.

The digital reader expects not just engaging text, but also interactive media and visual presentations that impress.

We are aware of this challenge and offer a helping (typing) hand – or two.
See what we publish and how to give our readers a tailored user experience when engaging with our news.

Our PR Content Formats    


Unique Content for more Views

Unique, relevant and helpful content performs best on the web. With our content editing, optimisation and writing services you will be able to share your content requirements or enquiries and we’ll consult you on the best options. We make recommendations how to optimise content for SEO and our audience with effective keywords, link and media placements.

Get tailored Content published

Our editors are here for you and will edit and revise your content until it ticks all your and the publisher’s boxes to provide tailor-made articles and insights.

Guest Content at the Ready

Send us your enquiry or an existing text for review and optimisation or ask us to create text for you.

We are happy to discuss any requirements you have with you. You can simply contact us, and we’ll answer all your questions.

We can also consult you on your content campaigns to achieve the best outcomes on the web. 

High-quality and optimised Content that is seen

We believe that content creation and optimisation is a creative flow process that has ongoing communication at its core. Therefore, feedback is shared continuously to publish content that attracts more views and clicks.


Steps to Content Optimisation, Creation & Publication Success

#1: You enquire with us about your content requirements.

#2: We share our terms, outline of the procedure and the cost.

#3: You confirm and provide all the information required.

We’ll ask you questions like:

– What is your main focus/message of your content?

– Which hyperlinks, CTAs do you want included?

– How many words do you need?

– Do you need help with media to include?

– Which format do you prefer (e.g., how-to guide, review, list post, interview, release etc.)?

#4: We edit submitted content or create new content within 3-5 working days, depending on the volume.

#5: We share the draft for review and finalise the content.

#6: The final version is approved and published.

Content Publishing Options    

You can directly contact our editors on the UK News Blog to get started with getting published. Once you submit your enquiry or content, our expert editorial team will review and get back to you.

You’re welcome to share your guest posts on your own social media platforms as we will. For more information, reach out to our expert team via our contact form! (see how we use your data in our privacy policy).

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