Best Hacks to Drive E-commerce Conversions through SMS Marketing

steps to make ecommerce conversions

When it comes to e-commerce, it has taken the world by storm. It is evolving, doing great, and making shoppers happy with a seamless shopping experience from the comfort of their home or office. Today, hundreds of online stores are cropping up all over the globe and for all the good reasons. There is money in e-commerce. You can earn more provided if you use the right SMS marketing strategies. Today, 50 percent of online customers shop on the internet and approx 75 percent of the millennial generation prefer online shopping to visit physical stores. Now, that is good news for e-commerce website owners.

The world of e-commerce is rife with opportunities galore. Then, where there are too many opportunities, you will face stiff competition. Today, most of the big online shopping platforms sell almost the same stuff at the same price. It has led to some saturation in the e-commerce sphere. Therefore, you need to think of creative ways to drive sales. SMS marketing is your best bet today because SEO takes times and if you are looking for quick results, organic SEO is not your cup of tea.

According to an article published on, your text messages or SMS campaigns should have a clear call-to-action or CTA. Without an effective CTA, you will not see positive results. Read on to learn about some of the best tips to drive your online sales through SMS marketing.

Expand your subscriber list during the checkout process

You often have a question, “How would I persuade customers to subscribe and add to my list as online prospects?” Asking to join is one of the simple ways that online store owners employ for growing their SMS marketing list of subscribers. It is simple and easy. For instance, when you launch an SMS campaign, you create some keyword or KW, which is a word or some phrase that your prospects will text to a short phone number, which is nothing but a short, simple code.

When prospects text that KW, they are added to your list and would receive an auto-response in no time. The response is the confirmation of the fact that the customers have been added to your list. You can offer a couple of incentives to those who join your list for the very first time. It might make those buyers your loyal clients for a long time.

best ways to get ecommerce conversions

This method works very well for adding people to your SMS marketing list. That is because people are opting in, as they are interested. You are not imposing anything on them. The strategy works better for e-commerce business, especially when customers are checking out. It involves taking people’s mobile numbers after seeking their permission, once the transaction is complete. The customers can check a box if they want to opt for marketing messages on their phones. All rules and compliance guidelines need to be followed if you are using this strategy. Try this tactic in your business text messaging and you will see positive results. People genuinely interested to buy your stuff will opt for your products.

You can use the following verbiage when asking people to join your SMS marketing list, as subscribers. “I agree to get text messages from ABCD Company. I agree to receive up to four text messages per month. Reply with HELP, type STOP to opt-out. Standard SMS charges and may apply. For terms and privacy policy click here:”

Use the benefits of SMS marketing

If customers are opting to become your subscribers, you will gain. Therefore, use these benefits in the best possible way to generate leads and sales. The major benefits include:

  • Each buyer needs to get through the checkout form and therefore presented with a chance to opt-in.
  • Opt-ins via checkout helps you in taking additional info or data such as customer names, last shopping date, the value of the order, and things bought. The information will help you to classify your prospects depending on their likes and dislikes. It will let you send targeted messages that interest them. Else not.
  • The buyers, who choose to receive your SMS texts, can be right away subscribed if the message service that you prefer provides integration choices with your e-commerce solution or offers an open API. These little things matter a lot when it comes to SMS marketing for your e-commerce business. Therefore, customers today opt for SMS marketing if they want it.

Send unique promos to pique customer interest

You must send unique, one-off SMS text messages to drive leads and sales in less time. It is one of the best and easy ways to realize your business goal. It is also extremely uncomplicated and easy to understand method. All you need to do is send a text blast to your list of subscribers who have opted out of the accord. You have not imposed anything on them. Attract audience attention to different kinds of deals, discounts, offers, and incentives. It will help in driving people to your e-commerce website. Make the most of this strategy to take your online store to the next level.

how to make ecommerce conversions

Then, you need to do a couple of things to get beneficial results.

  • Make your offers time-bound. It will help in creating a sense of urgency. If your prospects realize that such a goof offer will expire soon, they will respond. They will take quick action when your message lands on their smartphones.
  • Offer a direct URL to your product or item category that you want to promote. You would like to make things very simple for your targeted buyers. If you take the hard work of web page navigation out, there is nothing like it. It would make your customers delighted. They will click and arrive on the page directly that you want them to land. It will boost your sales opportunities.
  • Customize your texts. If you are letting buyers opt for your campaign during checkout, you have their names. You can compose personalized messages using their names to boost engagement levels and audience attention.


Now that you have these tips ready, use these in your e-commerce SMS marketing strategies to derive the best outcome. Start selling online!