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Share your News effectively with a digital Media Release aka SEO Press Release

What is a Media Release?

Compared with the standard press release, a media release includes media such as images, logos, videos, social media posts and clickable hyperlinks that readers can engage with. This increases the engagement rate, makes the release more interactive and drives more leads to the dedicated channels you’d like to target. A media release is the more effective PR publication in the digital space as it also links in with SEO and social media marketing, especially if it’s uniquely written for each publication, tailored to its audience. As readers engage with news content more on their mobile devices, making content interactive with different media makes your content perform better on search engines.

When do I need a Media Release?

Just as with a press or news release, a media release can be utilised to share your latest developments and events. In addition, it can be used to attract more people to your website, social channels or streaming platforms for example by adding videos, social posts and hyperlinks that readers can interact with. This offers the opportunity to create more awareness of everything you do online and connect it in one place. A customised media release with unique content will go even further on search engines and we offer consultation to our clients.

Business Announcements/News

Moneypenny Digital Switchboard service free
Moneypenny offers its free Digital Switchboard service to keep British businesses talking
Moneypenny is offering its Digital Switchboard service for free to help companies cover their reception...
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Press Release: Carwow acquires Wizzle to create the ultimate Online Car Buying and Selling Experience
London, 15 June, 15:00: Car buying comparison leader, Carwow has today announced the acquisition of used...
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missing deliveries due to brand miscommunication in London
20% greater chance of missing deliveries in London than in other parts of the UK
Manchester, UK; 14th July 2021: 42% of UK consumers say they have missed, on average, three deliveries...
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Business Events/Shows

UK Businesses lack Government Sustainability Support in tackling Environmental Challenges
With profits getting squeezed and a suggested lack of government support, a sobering 47% of UK businesses...
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Free ‘Catch Up®‘ Training for Primary School Staff in London worth over £1200 offered
  Nationally recognised for its market-leading intervention training, Catch Up® is offering primary...
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Over a Quarter (27%) of SMEs are Considering Switching to a Challenger Bank in 2023
Half of SMEs are looking to switch bank accounts in 2023 Fifty-one percent of small to medium-sized enterprises...
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What are the main features of a Media Release?

– It contains interactive media sources such as videos, images/infographics/logos, embedded social media posts and clickable hyperlink

– Includes quotes, statements, media coverage from other channels and with unique content is likely to be indexed on search engines under multiple related search terms

– It can be branded by interlinking all your different websites, social and streaming channels, interactive content such as videos and more upon individual requests

The Role of Corporate Communications in Sustainability and CSR
Corporate communications is a big cheese when it comes to shaping a company’s sustainability and...
Top 5 Strategies Powering Ahead of Competitors with attractive Bonus Marketing
Online gaming and betting, which is very competitive, has risen to the top and regularly beats...
Mastering SMS Communication: Acquiring a UK Virtual Number
In today’s digital age, SMS communication continues to be a critical tool for both personal and...

What to include in a Media Release?

A media release offers plentiful opportunities to position your business or brand more effectively by providing its readers with more interactive digital content. Readers get the opportunity to engage with your added sources in a fast, convenient and appealing way through user-friendly content presentation. 

We want our media release submissions to be as effective as possible for the best PR and SEO outcomes, so we consult clients on the best approach. We encourage all submissions to include a variety of media to make it more appealing and interactive and we offer guidance on how to optimise the content for search engines.


As shown in the above media release examples, images and graphics, videos, social posts and hyperlinks can be added, but we welcome other creative ideas of course.

Our media release packages include Content Curation, Customisation and Publication Services which range in complexity and extent. Depending on your requirements, we can offer different options.



We will use your submitted content and add one image, logo, video, social post and hyperlink that readers can interact with.



We will use your submitted content and add two images, one logo, one video, two social posts and hyperlinks readers can interact with.



We will make your submitted content unique so that it can be indexed on search engines and be more effective for SEO. Included are three images, one logo, two videos, three social posts and hyperlinks plus CTAs with buttons.

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