15 Best 1-Year Anniversary Gifts to Celebrate Your Love


Congratulations. You’ve made it to the one-year mark.

The first year of marriage (or even a relationship) is extraordinary. That’s when you get to know your partner deeply. And you go through ups and down together, while individually trying to settle into the relationship.

That’s enough reason to celebrate your love.

And what better way to celebrate that love than with a 1-year anniversary gift?

Now, we know it can get tough to choose the right gift. You need something that is suitable for your partner and showcases your love for them. And it should also fit your budget while making the occasion memorable.

So here are the 15 best 1-year anniversary gift options for you to choose from that we could find.

Read on.

Disclaimer: Almost all these products are from independent creators. Though we don’t have anything against mass-market products, we feel that 1-year anniversary gifts must be more special. Not all these products fit the mould of the traditional gift (many of them are experiential). So, we’ve not organized them by their user-reviews and ratings. Wherever an average rating score was available from the original sales page, we’ve presented that information.

Paper Gifts

Traditionally, paper is the material of choice for a 1-year anniversary gift. For one, it represents a blank slate which is a corollary for new beginnings in your life. And then, the threads within the paper symbolise connectivity and strength which blossom in your relationship.

Here are 5 paper-based ideas for your 1-year anniversary gift.

1. The Anniversary Journal from Uncommon Goods

Price: £91

Rating: 4.8

The journal includes blank pages for you to fill with memories from your 1st to the 60th anniversary. It comes with a matching storage box and black silk moire binding, and premium papers.

Uncommon Goods pursues rigorous social and environmental goals and features among the top 5% of B corporations of its size.

You can also order a customised version with your and your partner’s name and wedding date. Albeit that comes at a higher cost.

2. Sheet music from Musicnotes


Price: £5.79

Rating: N/A

Remember your first dance? The song that you danced to is probably etched into your memory. And on your 1st anniversary, it is the time to bring it onto a sheet of paper and cherish it for a lifetime.

Musicnotes has a collection of 40,000+ sheet music arrangements. So, all you have to do is find your song and get it home delivered. It could be the song of your first dance, a song that reminds you of your love, or the one that you shared for the first time.

Perfect by Ed Sheeran, for example.

3. Personalised travel world map push-pin board from Fireflies

Price: £69

Rating: 5

If you are a couple bitten by the travel bug, the personalised travel world map push-pin board from Fireflies is a perfect choice. You can customise the watercolour and text on the map. You can choose to get it with a frame (black/white) or without one. You get to decide the size. And you get 100 free pushpins to get started.

A perfect addition to the drawing room, this 1-year anniversary gift is a great way to start your exploring the world together.

4. Custom star map from The Night Sky


Price: Starts from £35

Rating: N/A

The day when you first locked eyes with your love.

The exact moment when you realised that they were the one for you.

The time when you said, ‘I do’.

The stars must have aligned perfectly for that perfect moment to have happened, right? So, a custom star map of that precise day will make for a perfect 1-year anniversary gift.

You can get your custom star map printed on museum-grade art matte paper, with archival ink. Or if you are willing to stray away from the traditional paper gift, you can also get it in jewellery form in sterling silver, blank onyx, or 9K gold.

5. Letterpress wedding vows from Minted

Price: $218 (£120)

Rating: N/A

Your first anniversary is the perfect time to revisit your wedding vows. And a great gift would be a letterpress version of your vows from Minted.

The white wood frame is handcrafted in Italy, you can choose a custom colour theme, and immortalize your vows.

Minted ships internationally to the UK at an additional cost.

Clock Gifts

The modern 1-year anniversary gift theme is the clock, which symbolises the timeless nature of your love.

Also, it shows the fast the year passed and how you have much more time together ahead of you.

Consider these 5 clock-based gifts for your 1st anniversary with BAE.

1. Watch straps from Longines



Price: Starts from £140

Rating: N/A

If your BAE has a watch they truly love, your first anniversary is the perfect occasion to give their watch an upgrade with straps from Longines.

It meets the modern clock theme of a 1-year anniversary gift and is meaningful too.

2. Anniversary clock from Haller

Price: Starts from £120

Rating: N/A

If your better half is a fan of all things unique, an anniversary clock will definitely impress them.

Anniversary clocks are basically clocks with a slow torsion pendulum that makes them last up to 400 days on a single wind.

Haller is a renowned name in this niche that you can trust for getting your 1st-anniversary gift.

You can explore the options for quartz-controlled anniversary clocks and get them from a local retailer.

3. Anniversary sundial from TheMetalFoundry


Source: S Haller Anniversary Clock on Flickr

Price: £69.95

Rating: 4.5

If clocks are a bit too basic for your taste and you want something unique, the brass 1st-anniversary sundial from TheMetalFoundry will suit your taste.


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It is long-lasting, just like your love. And a better, more aesthetic way of keeping time. Plus, it is handmade, so it definitely makes for a thoughtful gift.

Heads-up: You’ll be setting the bar too high with this as your 1st-anniversary gift. Good luck, finding even better stuff for subsequent anniversaries.

4. Photo wall clock from CanvasChamp


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Price: Starts from £14.95

Rating: N/A

All the great moments and lovely times you’ve spent with your significant other deserve an ode. So, on your first anniversary, you can get a custom photo wall clock from CanvasChamp.

Other than being a super personal gift option, they are super affordable too. With prices starting at just £14.95, you can get a custom wall clock that tells not just the time, but also shows the great time you’ve had with your mate.

You can customise the shape, letter type, and even size to make sure your anniversary gift fits your interior’s aesthetics.

5. Wake Up To Beurer Day Table Lamp from John Lewis

Price: £79.99

Rating: 4.5

A table lamp as a 1-year anniversary gift? That sure sounds basic and boring. But wait till you know what exactly the lamp can do. It is an alarm clock that wakes you up and lets you go to sleep naturally.


By stimulating sunset and sunrise-like conditions. It has LED technology and 3 light and sound settings to make sleeping and waking up more natural.

So, you’d not just be gifting the love of your life a lamp, but a way to better manage and enhance their sleep schedule. The lamp also comes with built-in Bluetooth speakers, an FM radio, a digital display, a touch control, and an aux cable to help you play your own music.

And, of course, the matt-finish and drum-shaped light is a perfect addition to your bedside table.

Some more unique 1-Year Anniversary Gifts to consider

Want some more 1-year anniversary gift ideas? We are right at your service.

1. An origami wall clock

Price: £50

Rating: N/A

Want to combine the modern and traditional theme for a 1-year anniversary gift? This is the ultimate choice.

A completely custom-made gift, it ships in 4 to 5 weeks from Origamiest, so you might want to plan this well before your anniversary.

The best part of this origami wall clock is that you can customise it to the core. From the colour of the clock to the dial, everything can be made to meet your choice.

2. A tree planted in their name

Price: Starting at $1

Rating: N/A

If you and BAE aren’t into much pomp and show, here’s a subtle gift that is both thoughtful and everlasting.

With One Tree Planted, you can get a tree planted in your loved one’s name. The tree will grow just like your love and contribute to the planet’s well-being.

You can choose to get your tree planted in the UK or anywhere else in the world too.

3. The Intimacy Deck

Price: $21 (£11.5)

Rating: 5

When you have a lifetime to spend together, knowing each other well is the first step to a happy time together. So, a worthwhile 1-year anniversary gift to facilitate knowing your partner well is the Intimacy Deck from BestSelf Co.

The deck contains 150 prompts that are meaningful conversation starters and can help make date nights more engaging.

If you are looking for something more romantic and something that leads to better sexual satisfaction, consider the Intimacy After Dark Deck. Sex-therapist-approved and LGBTQ+ friendly, it contains 150 prompts to help you talk about sex and has some fun.

4. Roomba Robot vacuum cleaner

Price: £889

Rating: 5

If your partner’s love language is useful gift, Roomba has got you covered. Wi-Fi Connected Roomba® s9+ Self-Emptying Robot Vacuum is a technological marvel that you can bring home and keep your clean-freak spouse happy.

Though it is a heavy investment, the features make it worth it. It cleans all corners and edges, learns, and maps your home, and automatically empties its bin when full.

So, no more worry about keeping your abode clean. Roomba will do it all, while you sit back and spend quality time with your partner.

Now that you have a bunch of assorted 1-year anniversary gift options to choose from, it is time to pick the most suitable one for your BAE and make your special day all the more memorable.

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