Who is Neil Franklin, and what you must know about him?


Apparently, often hear, meet and even be mentored by some of the most successful entrepreneurs in the business world.  This is absolutely admitted as networking and establishing effective connections is vital for you and the survival of your business.

However, pondering what’s behind these great and accomplished persons is not that bad. It is apparent that you probably got asking yourself questions like who these people are? When and where did they begin their entrepreneurial careers?

What do they really do to make everything they plan a celebrated success? How do they even manage to strive in the stiffer and stiffer growing competitive market? Or how can you relate your business with what they do? For these and other related bothering questions, we got the one for all, Neil J C Franklin.

Following is a brief but informative summary regarding who is Neil Franklin and the things you must know about this British entrepreneur.


Who is Neil Franklin?

Neil Franklin is a UK born high performance business and individual Coach. He is a mentor and consultant who has helped people to grow their business and themselves more rapidly.

By offering simple and straightforward rewarding advice, Neil has managed to work with people who want to achieve the best possible in what they choose. He is also one of the most famous entrepreneurs with award-winning history.

Neil and business.

Neil started his first business while as young as 19 years old. He began by selling home improvements door after the other, working his way up and eventually selling the boardrooms of some of the leading technology companies in the world.

Later on, in 1994, Neil founded a staffing organization, well known as Dataworkforce. Being based in the UK, the company grew swiftly, generating a $65 million turnover in six years with established offices in Dallas, London, Switzerland, Singapore, Malaysia, and Mexico City.

Neil has invested and co-founded an extensive range of companies in sectors such as technology software, hospitality/restaurant, and Internet marketing.

The entrepreneurial flair possessed by the business expert lead him to Deloitte and Touche highlights where he was ranked seventh among the 100-entrepreneur list.

More so, Dataworkforce was ranked the number one by the ‘Virgin Atlantic’ Sunday Times, and this made Dataworkforce be the only company with such a double achievement in history.

He was also featured in the ‘who is Who in Recruiting’ both in 2002 and 2003 British Business excellence.

Who was his mentor?

As stated earlier, Neil Franklin is a great entrepreneur and therefore asking yourself this question is quite obvious. But before jumping on that, why is it necessary to have a mentor for you and your business?  Keep reading while trying to relate the same.

When he started his first business in the UK, the entrepreneur says that he had little help as there was only one real businessman in his family, his uncle, who happened to be a builder.

Neil insists that his uncle was the first entrepreneurial and business mentor. His uncle would take him around building sites when he was only nine years old. His would also tell him everything about the sites, including plans to expand his building business.

Besides his uncle, Neil says that he had nobody to help him through all the steps and uncertainties in his entrepreneurial journey. As a result of the emotional difficulties of the process, he vowed that when he would be successful in his life, he would help others to achieve their greatest success.

So, is he living his dream?

Although success cases are not always the same, having a dream and living the dream are two totally different things. However, things were not so unusual for the British entrepreneur.

Despite all the said uncertainties, Neil managed to work relentlessly and eventually immersed into his massive success. He says he’s now in his 55th year, marking more than 35 years in the business world, experiencing and dealing with the ups and downs of the entrepreneurial life.

Today Neil Franklin is a business coach and a mentor. He has coached not only industries innovators and entrepreneurs but also his children who at their early ages, have already mapped out and decided their futures.


What does he say about business in the UK?

Being a UK citizen, Neil has operating companies all over the Globe. He also advices that the UK is a great place to start and grow a company mainly because;

  • The country has a well-performing economy along with the stable currency
  • The UK legal system is among the best and most independent in the world.
  • It is much easy to start and run a company as a UK National.

Neil J C Franklin has been a keynote speaker and advisor to various industries and entrepreneurial events including The Money Channel, The Daily Mirror, and so much more. He has also invested in companies to assist them in starting and growing.