Top 35 Canary Wharf Restaurants: Best Places to Eat & Drink After Work

canary wharf restaurants

Canary Wharf is more famous as a financial centre that’s home to offices, banks, shopping malls, and complexes. It’s a bustling Dockland hub characterized by modern architectural buildings that house numerous businesses and offices plus some of the best places to eat in Canary Wharf.

There’s a new boom of hotels and food places in Canary Wharf, thanks to the thousands of visitors and workers who are there every day, searching for where to eat in Canary Wharf.

Restaurants near Canary Wharf are customizing their services to cater to the huge number of entrepreneurs looking to meet clients over lunch, digital nomads looking to eat in Canary Wharf while working on their laptops over a mug of coffee, and so on. Each restaurant offers you a unique experience; it’s all about your tastes and preferences as you can also find lovely outdoor restaurants in Canary Wharf.

With Canary Wharf and surrounding areas constantly growing and reinventing old parts of London for the younger and modern crowd, you can find some unique and brand-new bars in Canary Wharf as well as restaurants emerging here.

If you work around this Dockside hub and are looking for a quiet restaurant to eat out in Canary Wharf where you can enjoy a tasty meal over a business meeting, this guide is for you.

If you’re visiting for the first time and want to experience a Canary Wharf dinner in this innovation hub after attending to business, this guide is also helpful.

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Below we have compiled a list of the top 35 Canary Wharf Restaurants you should at least visit once:

  1. One Canada Square Restaurant

    One Canada Square Restaurant - Canary WharfLocated in the Iconic One Canada Square Tower, this restaurant is popular with people looking for great brunches, lunches, and business meals. It’s open Monday to Friday for business breakfasts, lunches, and evening meals. The interiors are tastefully designed by David Collins Studio, a renowned architect. One Canada Square Restaurant enjoys high customer ratings for its food, services, and general ambience. You can drop them an email via [email protected] and find out more about their menu, prices, and bookings.

  2. Bokan

    Bokan canary wharf - RestaurantAre you looking for a very modern restaurant that offers you tasty meals and a scenic view of London’s Skyline? Bokan prides itself of offering you sumptuous European cuisines prepared by their French Chef, Aurelie Altermaire. Enjoy a wonderful brunch while perched on the roof terrace. Their food selection borrows heavily from the European menu; you’ll find scallops with apple, black pudding, duck breast, rib-eye steak, and much more. Enjoy your wine at the Bokan rooftop bar as you watch the London sunset behind the Skyline.

  3. Boisdale of Canary Wharf

    boisdale of canary wharf RestaurantLocated on the second floor of the Art Deco building, this majestic restaurant never disappoints. From the distinctive dark green and lacquer walls to the mahogany panelling, the Boisdale stands out conspicuously. The menu comprises of your typical British delicacies, with an emphasis on seafood and Scottish cuisines like haggis. Are you looking for a classy place in Canary Wharf to relax with friends over finger-licking meals, drinks, and cool jazz? You can never go wrong with Boisdale. Oh, and did we mention that the restaurant has a toilet with access for people with disabilities? Certainly another plus!

  4. The Gun 

    The Gun - canary wharf restaurantThe Gun is famous for its scenic view as the terrace almost hugs the water. It’s the perfect place to bask in summer and soak in the sun. Their Sunday roast is among London’s best. The pan-fried duck livers will get you coming back again and again. Most of the main dishes here range within the £20s mark, which can feel somewhat pricey. But overall, the food is always wonderful, tasty, and balanced; each bite is worth each coin you pay.

  5. Iberica Canary Wharf

    Iberica Canary WharfCabot Square has this lively, adventurous feel about it. Iberica Canary Wharf is a great place to relax over the weekend as you enjoy a Spanish meal. It’s also an ideal place to escape to if you’re looking for a few minutes of some ‘me-time’ away from the office.  The mezzanines have a quieter ambience and are ideal for corporate events.  The food is tasty, the wine is sweet, and the whiskey list is simply encyclopedic. Their plate sizes, however, are small mainly to accompany the drinks.

  6. Brera Chalet

    Brera Chalet - Canary wharf restaurantCafé Brera’s terrace is a sight to behold; it’s beautifully nestled under tall Alpine trees on either side. Enjoy the finest Italian dishes prepared by a professional Italian chef, Andrew Cirino. The big red umbrellas at the bar area and the high marble tables create the perfect spot to chill with a friend or colleague. The surrounding is beautiful and the atmosphere great. However, the music appears way too loud to some guests at times; perhaps the management should check into this. Otherwise, the dishes are sumptuous and include classic Italian pizza and a plethora of cocktails.

  7. Davy’s At Canary Wharf

    Davy’s At Canary Wharf - RestaurantThe food is reasonably priced at Davy’s, and it’s very convenient for business lunches. The services here are consistent, reliable, and unobtrusive. Davy’s brew is also worth trying. The restaurant has a contemporary touch that kindles memories of Victorian London. The menu is packed with diverse traditional British favourite meals prepared using fresh ingredients. Customers speak highly of Davy’s and for a good reason. It’s worth trying if you’re in Canary Wharf.

  8. Plateau

    Plateau Canary Wharf - Best RestaurantThe Plateau prides itself of being able to blend in work and play. In real life, a plateau is a high-level ground, and this restaurant isn’t different; it’s located four floors up and has a pyramid roof. The dining and drinking areas are spacious and offer you a 360-degree angle of the surrounding towers and buildings — a great place for working lunches or evening meetups. The Plateau’s favourites include a 6 Course Truffle menu for only £75. It comprises of Madeira sauce, beef fillet with cavolo nero plus much more. Certainly, the place to be for the more extravagant taste.

  9. Royal China Canary Riverside

    Royal China Canary Riverside RestaurantRoyal China has six branches across the City, and the Canary Riverside one doesn’t disappoint. Enjoy new, wonderful Chinese dishes blended with European dishes for a change. Their honey roast pork puffs are particularly delicious as are the mushroom buns. This is more of an eatery where you enjoy a tasty meal and it’s known for Dim Sum which is served from noon till 5 pm each day. Dim Sum comprises of steamed seafood dumplings and a spicy sauce; it has become very popular with the British.

  10. Roka Canary Wharf

    Roka is a Japanese word, which refers to the atmosphere and excitement that characterizes a meeting between friends. And it truly honours its name with the convivial and hospitable ambience that it sets out as the perfect spot to do a business breakfast or lunch. The menu has anything from the local British delicacies to Sushi, Sashimi, black cod, chocolate Buddha, and so much more. The energy and warmth of this Japanese restaurant plus the famed Robata grill are a pleasant break from what most restaurants in Canary Wharf offer.

  11. Gaucho Canary

    gaucho canary wharfGaucho Canary Wharf serves finger-licking Argentinian steak and a variety of wines and cocktails. The panoramic dining room offers a superb view of the River Thames and iconic London skyline in the distance. Weekends at the Gaucho Canary are casual and easy during a night out with friends as the DJ treats you to cool and calming tunes. This may not be the very best place to do a business breakfast or meet up. But if you’re looking for tasty food and a fun atmosphere after a busy day or week, Gaucho is the place for you and your colleagues or friends.

  12. Drake and Morgan

    drake and morgan canary wharfThis fancy restaurant is perfectly located on the banks of the River Thames next to the bridge leading to West India Quay. It has comfy beige sofas strategically located in quiet corners. You can work on your laptop comfortably as you wait for your order to be prepared. The terrace is expansive and offers a fascinating view of the busy London life. Apart from the perfect view and convivial ambience, this is a perfect place for meeting your clients and business associates. You can get a tasty, decent meal at less than £25.

  13. Tom’s Kitchen

    Tom’s Kitchen Canary WharfTom’s Kitchen Canary Wharf maintains a high ethos when it comes to their ingredients and seasonings used. The restaurant was opened in 2013 and specializes in preparing British favourite and classic meals. Spacious tables and intimate booths have this restaurant a preferred spot for both formal and informal meetings. A great place for group meetings or small parties of 10-20 people. Tom’s Kitchen enjoys a high rating from customers and is always bustling with activity on any given day.

  14. The Pearson Room

    the pearson room canary wharfLocated in the heart of the Canary Wharf, Pearson’s is a great place for a business breakfast. Lunchtimes can be a bit noisy for a business lunch. There’s a variety of choices on the menu, even vegetarians and those with dietary restrictions are all factored in. The interior reminds you of the London of the 50s with the leather seating and Hitchcock-like designs. You’ll enjoy the tasty and flavoursome food, not forgetting the variety of cocktails on offer.

  15. Manhattan Grill London Marriott Hotel Canary Wharf

    marriott canary wharfWhere can you find the finest steak in Canary Wharf? It’s at the Manhattan Grill! The steak may take a bit long to prepare, but it’s always OUTSTANDING! The ambience is easy and casual; it’s a modern steak house whose aroma whets your appetite the moment you walk in. The restaurant, however, doesn’t get packed as you’d expect, only a few tables are booked at any one time. Well, if you’re a nerd or loner who loves surfing the net quietly as you enjoy an afternoon out, this restaurant will suit you well.

  16. Browns

    Brownsbrowns canary wharf is located in trendy West India Quay. Here, traditional and modern meet in a flawless, distinctive atmosphere. The food is fresh and expertly prepared; it’s the perfect place to catch-up with friends on a Sunday afternoon. You must try the pork belly Sunday roast to know just why Browns fills up so much with families on Sunday.

  17. The Ivy in the Park

    The Ivy in the Park - canary wharf restaurantsThe Ivy in the Park is a classy, sophisticated restaurant located in the heart of CW. The staff pay attention to detail, and they are very professional. The first impression counts a lot, right? This is the ideal place to hold a business lunch or to bring someone special for a meal. It’s the best place for holding special occasions. The décor is friendly and welcoming. The Ivy in The Park is highly rated by customers and for very good reasons.

  18. Amerigo Vespucci

    amerigo vespucci canary wharfFor over 20 years, this has been the go-to restaurant in the Docklands for Italian cuisines. The dockside view and delicious Italian dishes like pasta and grilled fish are famous and it’s known for the tasty recipes, and this restaurant allows you to sample them all. Enjoy marinated olives for as little as £2.35 and some mushrooms and goat cheese at £4.95. The interior décor isn’t exemplary, and it borders the ordinary. But the food is just awesome, especially the lobster linguine.

  19. Chai Ki

    chai ki canary wharfEnjoy sumptuous meals with an Indian touch, where the service is good, and you’re served promptly. Chai Ki has a wide variety of menu choices which most are leaning towards Asian foods. However, waiters tend to pick plates away from the table even when you haven’t finished your food. This makes one feel as if they’re being rushed and the management ought to look into this. That said, the food is awesomely sweet, and lunchtimes are always busy; you’re advised to make prior bookings by calling 020 7516 0444.

  20. Obica Mozzarella Bar Canary Wharf

    Best Restaurants in Canary WharfObica is an Italian restaurant that specializes in traditional Italian recipes. You get a glass of wine for every main course that you purchase. Most customers are repeat diners, thanks to the nice and fresh food served. The restaurant offers an amazing view of the Docklands and Isle of Dogs. It’s easily accessible from the Canary Wharf Underground Station. Not a bad place to do a business lunch, but the place really gets packed up over lunchtime.

  21. Big Easy Canary Wharf

    Big Easy Canary WharfThe Big Easy can be a bit noisy and chaotic if you’re visiting for the first time. But some love it for that; it’s a nice place to go out at night and dance the night away as you sample their slushy cocktails. Few restaurants can watch the chefs at Big Easy when it comes to how they make their lobsters and steak. So tasty. Are you looking to celebrate a colleague’s birthday in Canary Wharf as a large group? The Big Easy is the place to be; you’ll love the food, the fair prices, and the live band too.

  22. Uoichi

    uoichi canary wharfUnlike the numerous Japanese restaurants in the South Quay area, Uoichi stands out for one thing; authenticity. The chief chef here was born and bred in Tokyo; the Japanese delicacies here are as tasty as they’re delicious. The staff are also very friendly and professional. Uoichi is an ideal place to do a business breakfast or a business lunch on any day. The place doesn’t get filled up as is the case with most restaurants around so enjoy the privacy and serenity as you gobble down your favourite Japanese cuisine.

  23. City Island Grocer

    City Island GrocerCity Island grocer is synonymous not just with tasty food and wine, but also the generous portions served. It’s one of the few restaurants here where the food is served in plenty; the steak is especially sumptuous and well cooked. The music can be a bit loud at times; it’s not the best place to have a business lunch with an associate or client. But that aside, the location is perfect, the food is amazing, and the staff very friendly. There’s free Wi-Fi and wheelchair access for the physically challenged and it’s based in a completely new modern development. Explore the future of London here.

  24. Tapa Vino Lincoln Plaza

    Tapa Vino Lincoln Plaza - Best Restaurants in Canary WharfThis Spanish restaurant never disappoints; you’ll especially love it if you love grilled pork. The interior décor is very modern, and the staff are simply wonderful. Are you looking to have good food and wine in a quiet, intimate setting in the heart of CW? Tapa Vino would be highly recommended for that. The restaurant is generally very quiet and thus an ideal place for a business lunch. You can also browse the internet over a glass of wine or beer, the scenic view of the Wharf below is a sight to behold.

  25. Rocket by Balls Brothers

    rocket canary wharfBalls Brothers is a British brand and Rocket is their newest addition. Perfectly located, with a great vibe and a lively atmosphere, this restaurant is recommendable for lunch, dinner, or even drinks after work. The menu is primarily British, with classics such as mash, Londoner sausages, and sandwiches. The wines are also impeccable. This is a great place for a working lunch, services are fast, and waiters don’t hurry you or make you feel like you are a bother in any way.

  26. Capeesh Restaurant

    capeesh restaurant canary wharfCapeesh restaurant pride themselves of serving authentic Italian food that’s prepared from the freshest ingredients. But the food aside, the restaurant is unique for its Sky Bar; it’s arguably among the highest bars anywhere in London. Get a panoramic view of London and the towering skyscrapers of Canary Wharf as you sip your cocktail or wine. There’s a private lounge where you can relax with family or friends after a long day at work. The services, however, are slow and the staff often take longer to process your orders.

  27. Mr.Todiwala’s Kitchen

    Mr.Todiwala’s Kitchen - Restaurants in Canary WharfThis is a modern Indian restaurant that attaches great importance to healthy eating. The food is prepared by celebrity chef, Cyrus Todiwala. The cuisine is primarily Indian, but with a touch of British classics. Enjoy a hearty meal of beef tikka, prawn curry, mushroom jalfrezi, and so much more. The only downside to this restaurant is that it can be difficult to locate and there isn’t enough parking. Get in touch with the management for details on their location, menu, and prices.

  28. Bella Cosa Restaurant

    bella cosa restaurant canary wharf londonLocated in a perfect location overlooking South Dock, this contemporary Italian restaurant is popular with pizza and pasta lovers. The chief chef here is Antonio Calo, who has extensive knowledge and experience in preparing Italian dishes. Bella Cosa has a lovely, romantic atmosphere, thanks to the luxurious and modern interior décor. Bella Cosa is an ideal place for a romantic or intimate lunch as there are always just a few people even on a Friday night.

  29. Jazzgir

    Jazzgir - Best Restaurants in Canary WharfWhen was the last time you tried out Turkish cuisine? Pop in at Jazzgir and enjoy fresh, tasty Mediterranean cuisines. From seafood to meat, sandwiches, even vegan diets, Jazzgir has it all. This is an ideal venue for groups looking to meet over a hearty meal or breakfast. The leather sofas and wooden furniture create the perfect ambience for resting and relaxing as you watch the harbour below. Evenings and weekends are complimented with jazz music and performances from various artists.

  30. Manjal Restaurant

    manjal restaurant canary wharfManjal restaurant specializes in Indian cuisine; the food is awesome and services great. Tap water is always placed on tables well in advance; in most restaurants, you must ask for it. The portions are generous, and all foods are prepared by professional chefs with over 40 years of experience in the industry. Like most Indian cuisines, the foods here are healthy and made from fresh ingredients. However, watch out for spicy foods because when Indians talk of spice, they really mean it!

  31. The Lansbury Restaurant

    The Lansbury Restaurant - Best Restaurants in Canary WharfThe Lansbury restaurant is a classic restaurant set in a landmark building, a few minutes from Canary Wharf.  It combines modern style with grandeur and authenticity. It’s a great place for a business breakfast, casual lunch, or to simply enjoy your drinks late into the night. The atmosphere is relaxed and the setting beautiful. Their food may not be the best around, but its location and general ambience are worth it.

  32. Aniseed

    aniseed canary wharfAniseed is your place if you’re looking for a modern, stylish restaurant with finger-licking foods. The interior décor is soothing and welcoming; the entire space is generally intimate. With only a few tables available, early bookings are highly recommended. You can never go wrong with Aniseed, it’s perfectly located, and the staff are extremely friendly and polite.

  33. Brera Riverside

    Brera Riverside - restaurants canary wharfAlthough this is a relatively new restaurant, it’s worth trying out. Brera Riverside was a coffee bar until it was closed and re-opened as a restaurant. It’s located in a quiet surrounding, and their food is good. However, the staff are quite slow, taking almost 40 minutes before bringing out starters. As mentioned, the restaurant is still new, and one only hopes things pick up. If you’re unhappy with the service, don’t pay the service charge and save yourself 12.5%.

  34. Kilikya Canary Wharf

    Kilikya Canary WharfIn the heart of London’s financial hub lies this elegant Turkish restaurant. The interior décor can be described as classic and elegant combined. The setting is formal, and it’s a great place for meeting a client or business colleague over a meal. Enjoy the finest traditional Turkish foods all served in good portions. The mixed grill is a must-have, it’s amazing if you’re into your meats.

  35. Food Store

    Food Store - Lincoln Plaza LondonLast on our list is this social and hospitable restaurant located at Lincoln Plaza, in the heart of Canary Wharf. Enjoy the best of classic British foods and a variety of cocktails. The food is delicious, and fish plus other seafood are bought from the nearby Billingsgate Market so couldn’t be fresher.  The restaurant is beautiful and ideal if you’re looking for a lively place to celebrate a special occasion with a colleague after work.

Now that you’re an expert when it comes to the best food and drinks places in Canary Wharf, show off your knowledge and impress colleagues, business partners and friends alike by taking them to the top addresses in this stunning and bustling financial and entertainment hub in London’s East.