Top 7 Sex Parties in the UK for an Adult Night Out


Experience the vibrant rhythm of UK nightlife as we present the top seven sex parties that guarantee an unforgettable adult evening.

This guide takes you on a seductive tour through the most intriguing and unconstrained events for people looking for an exciting escape, from the vibrant party streets of London, where the majority of such parties happen, to the hidden treasures around the nation. These events offer more than just a fun night out, whether you’re an experienced traveller or an inquisitive newbie.

They offer an immersive tapestry of experiences that challenge boundaries and arouse appetites. Prepare to discover the world of adult entertainment in the UK like never before by dressing to impress and stepping to the beat of the evening.

Disclaimer: The information provided in this post was correct at the time of publication but may be subject to change.

1. Klub Verboten

Klub Verboten is a revolutionary gathering that attracts notions from Berlin’s colourful fetish scene. This community creates an area for BDSM exploration, immersive stories, and a platform for rising artists, all even fostering an atmosphere of admiration and consent.

The backdrop of the modern underground digital tune further enhances the atmosphere. Since its release in 2016, Klub Verboten has been the main manner in developing current spaces that commemorate numerous sexualities and sell inner decency.

With its range of intensities, fluidity, and persistence, this super status quo amplifies the tangible and intangible factors of collective satisfaction.

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Location: The address is kept secret until the day of the event and gets sent out at 12 p.m. (midday) to the email address you used to register with the DICE ticketing app, you can learn more here, but most venues are in London.

2. Killing Kittens

Killing Kittens has recognized itself as the main organiser of personal events for the elite in the world of sexual exploration. With an outstanding membership base of 45000 individuals and parties hosted nationwide, Killing Kittens has become an international sensation.

Emphasising inclusivity, this phenomenon welcomes people of all genders and sexual orientations to partake in pleasing experiences while empowering traditionally marginalised people to embody self-love, pleasure, and a satisfying sex lifestyle.


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At Killing Kittens, prioritising the hobbies of its participants is of utmost importance. To join this exclusive membership, potential members are encouraged to put up their great selfies, showcasing their elegance.

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Location: Kitten HQ Killing Kittens 2-6 Boundary Row London SE1 8HP.

3. One-Night Parties

If you have been hesitant about collaborating in intercourse events due to concerns about predatory men, then you may discover solace in this unique event. One Night Parties is a welcoming environment for ladies and non-binary individuals of every age and sexual orientation to embrace and explore their femininity.

The creators at the back of this event identified that many sex events tend to prioritise the goals of cis-gendered guys, and they desired to take a distinct technique. At One Night Parties, purchasers can expect many enticing functions. An in-residence Shibari artist can skillfully tie people, live kink performances add a further thrill, and there may even be a meticulously designed, woman-led dungeon that exudes privateness and elegance.


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Picture an atmosphere of low-key tune and captivating decor. As for the male presence, only some submissives are allowed access, and their position is exactly constrained to fetching liquids, imparting foot massages, and, yes…Performing as bathrooms for male guests.

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Location: A private dungeon in London’s Seven Sisters.

4. 7sins

Attend the 7 Sins Club, a seductive event taking place in a whimsical theatre that invites you to discover and create meaningful friendships in a sensual universe. Passion and curiosity converge in this freeing environment, igniting a lovely dance between body and mind with subtle appeal, all under the auspices of permission and respect. It’s a secret getaway into a blissful union where needs are fulfilled and boundaries are honoured.

In the 7 Sins Club, the focus is on the privacy and safety of each guest. The imperative is to prioritise confidentiality, refraining from disclosing identities or event details outside the haven. Consent forms the bedrock, promoting open dialogue, clear communication, and a profound respect for individual boundaries. The club takes deliberate steps to address boundaries and assumptions, creating an environment where everyone feels at ease. Encouraging safe practices in intimate moments without prompting, a dedicated team is in place to prioritise the well-being of all attendees.


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Consent Etiquette directs conduct—whether observing, participating, or engaging in voyeurism, emphasising respect and maintaining a considerate distance. Hygiene is underscored, fostering a pristine and sanitised environment for the comfort and safety of all.

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Location: Held in central London, the parties’ exact venue remains a mystery, revealed only upon completing the application form.

5. Xtasia

Xtasia, the Midlands’ ultimate hedonistic haven, offers an unrivalled night of adult pleasure. A private members club that caters to swingers and fetish enthusiasts, Xtasia boasts on-site hotel rooms for an all-encompassing experience.

Founded in the 1980s, it stands as the UK’s longest-established swingers club, recently earning the prestigious title of the number 1 Swingers Club in the UK by its peers. With a weekly lineup of swinging and fetish events, Xtasia caters to diverse desires within its two interconnected venues—the Xtasia Nightclub and Flirts Bar.

Open to those over 18 seeking adult fun, whether voyeurs, exhibitionists, or those simply looking for a liberating night among like-minded individuals, Xtasia invites all to indulge in a damn good time. From Hot Wives to Naughty Neon, Cirque de Chaos, Foam Parties, and FFFF, Xtasia hosts unforgettable events for the daring and adventurous.

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Location: 140 High St, West Bromwich, B70 6JJ

6. Fever Parties

Founded in 1998, Fever Parties hosts inviting and sensual sex parties for attractive young couples and single ladies. Fever is a company that only serves those under 40, and it has made the hopes and dreams of many attractive young people come true.

These high-end gatherings take place in London’s West End and include attractive single ladies and couples in an environment that emphasises play over exhibition. Fever takes pride in attracting a diverse and alluring crowd of young professionals worldwide. The events’ sensual atmosphere and elegant, affluent locations encourage group scenes, partner switching, and other intimate activities. Fever is a pioneer in the world of sex parties, offering both the curious and the seasoned a memorable experience.

It is well-known for its excellence. Fever Parties are the ideal way to introduce attractive and daring people under 40 to an amazing world of sensual experiences.

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Location: The parties normally take place in London’s West End. But you need to register yourself first, and you will get a party code and venue.

7. Club Hermione

Club Hermione extends an invitation to an exclusive realm of refinement, closeness, and elegance in the centre of London’s most alluring underground scene. This exclusive club, well-known for its wild celebrations, hosts lectures, workshops, and parties focused on intimacy and sex.

Guest selection is based on matched attraction, with a maximum of 15 couples and 6 singles, guaranteeing attractive company for every participant. The glamour of endless champagne in opulent settings with people dressed in dresses, suits, and skimpy undergarments contributes to the club’s attractiveness. Club Hermione’s events are held in secret places, ranging from luxurious flats to mansions, penthouses, and yachts, which are the epitome of absolute discretion.

In addition to providing a secure, entertaining, and alluring atmosphere for socialising with like-minded people, hosts personally greet visitors. ExperienceJoin Club Hermione, an exclusive club where hedonistic sensuality and sophistication meet every last Saturday of the month.

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Location: You need to join them and become a member to know more details but generally the deal is that all their parties take place in secret venues and unique locations, luxury apartments, mansions, penthouses, and yachts around the UK.

Closing Thoughts

Every adult event listed offers a different tapestry of pleasure, from BDSM exploration and immersive encounters to inclusivity and self-love. There’s something for any gender, be it women and non-binary people who can explore their femininity in safe and private environments or heterosexual couples looking for a bit of extra excitement. This carefully chosen assortment guarantees a remarkable voyage via various freeing adult encounters in the United Kingdom.