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News Content Marketing - Gain Attention!

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Boost your SEM with contextual advertising and media placements in the UK news niche?

Experts help you achieve many Content Marketing Campaign Goals at once

Experienced SEO Experts & Publishers For News Content Offer

On-page SEO

Expert content optimisation, presentation and publication driving traffic to our client’s publications to increase clicks, engagement and leads. Every submission is individually reviewed, optimised and published and shared via social media.

Off-page SEO

SEO-optimised content publications that include suitable keywords and website mentions to provide authority references to readers and search engines. Appealing content publications lead to higher visibility, more clicks and engagement.

Brand Exposure

Increased brand and business exposure through various content publications such as media releases, expert guides, opinion pieces, interviews, and listings lead to more credible online references and mentions.

Higher Ratings

Empower your websites with higher authority ratings and better reviews through unique and contextual content publications within a relevant niche attracting the right audience to understand and trust your brand more.

Online Presence

Effective content presentation and publication that contributes to our client’s online presence and portfolio to strengthen trust, authority, reputation and branding online.

Content tailored to achieve more Visibility & Clicks

Your news content marketing campaign is in the best hands as our results show. We offer various publication formats and SEO optimisation and copywriting services to ensure your content succeeds online.

All our publications are indexed on search engines like Google for maximum exposure. However, it is vital to understand that search engines will only index unique content that has not been published in the exact same format multiple times as that provides users with little value.

Another element to understand is that content needs to contain relevant and less competitive keywords to have a chance to rank higher in search results. Plus, the more engaging the content is, meaning the longer a reader spends time going through it, the better it is rated by search engines. We therefore recommend adding interactive media for example.

Content tailored for more visibility and clicks

We ensure that published Content on our authority Website:

Published content guarantees

– is tailored to the specific UK news website audience,

– provides our readers with clear and transparent information that is not misleading, offering them further reading into the topic via contextual references added with relevant keywords,

– is published in an SEO-optimised and engaging manner, including images, graphics, videos, social media posts etc.,

– is unique and offers a custom-made reading experience to improve the likelihood of it being indexed on search engines,

– is written and presented without grammar and spelling errors at a high standard,

– is well-researched with a wide range of trusted and verified (re-)sources.

Content Marketing Statistics & Results

The screenshot below shows the number of clicks the listed posts have received from the UK News website within 3 months. Our very popular list posts that rank successfully on search engines achieve the highest engagement. Could your post or mention be among these soon?

screenshot top posts and events 3 months

As you can see, list posts often perform very well on search engines as they provide an overview or comparisons for readers looking for specific information with targeted keywords. But guest posts and media releases targeting specific keywords also engage our readers with our optimised published content.

Therefore, effective publication formats need to provide readers with engaging information, hence why we offer publications with a client mention, a backlink, an image/logo or video placement, and any other useful information easily accessible for our readers.

screenshot events 3 months top performing posts

From posts that rank well on search engines for targeted key terms, we achieve regular clicks for our mentioned or listed clients.

The above illustration shows outbound clicks from the list posts you can see in the first image within 3 months. Evidently, our readers engage with our content and visit our referenced websites to find out more or enquire about products/services.

screenshot most searches queries 28 days

The most trending posts rank in top positions on search engines for relevant keywords to ensure high visibility for related searches that lead to more clicks and engagement.

Additional exposure and engagement is achieved through other channels such as social media where all our posts are shared with related tags and hashtags.

Benefits of Content Marketing with News SEO experts?

Effective and SEO-optimised content is the foundation of organic search and is the most effective way to drive more website traffic at a low cost over a prolonged period.

Curating and publishing useful and helpful news content that answers users’ search queries on as many internet channels as possible will lead to increasing your rankings in SERPs on search engines like Google, increase your website’s domain authority plus expose your content worldwide.

Content marketing benefits with UK news SEO experts
E.A.T google guidelines

Google indexes your content if it satisfies E.A.T

To demonstrate this, usually a combination of different content formats is required such as:

★ informational blog posts (on your and others’ websites),

★ how-to guides or expert opinion pieces that are data-driven and reflect your expertise,

★ interviews with other established partners, organisations, or publications,

★ reviews from third parties of your services or products,

★ promotional content such as media releases, opinion pieces etc.,

★ content shared on social media,

★ content shared in directories, listings etc.

★ visual content like images, graphics, infographics, videos.

To enhance E.A.T and strengthen your SEO & Branding all of such content publications can be found on search engines, leading the users back to you. Google usually collates the most prominent content it can find in connection with a person or organisation in the so-called business profile or knowledge panel, which can be claimed and verified. This again, creates more E.A.T online, especially in combination with other verified profiles such as on YouTube, Facebook etc.

We are happy to consult you beforehand and we also offer content writing services with SEO copywriting if you prefer to have the content tailored to our UK news audience.

Choose the Content Marketing Format best for your Campaign

Content Formats

We are happy to consult you beforehand about the most suitable and effective news content format for your needs and goals.

It is vital to get the content, including the text, the media and references right for the best marketing and SEO outcomes.

Guest Post Publication from

£ 100
Submit your content with suitable and copyright free images/logos, videos, social posts and one reference that readers can interact with.
  • Added Informational Reference
  • Shared via Socials
  • Featured on Home Page

Opinion Piece/Feature Publication from

£ 125
Submit your content with suitable and copyright free images/logos, videos, social posts and one reference that readers can interact with.
  • Added Branded Reference
  • Branded Media Elements
  • Shared via Socials
  • Featured on Home Page

Interview Feature Publication from

£ 125
Based on your request we will curate Q&As with your copyright free images/logos, videos, social posts and one reference that readers can interact with.
  • Added Branded Reference
  • Branded Media Elements
  • Shared via Socials
  • Featured on Home Page

Media Release from

£ 50
Submit your release (ideally unique or we can assist) with suitable and copyright free images/logos, videos, social posts and one reference that readers can interact with.
  • Added Brand Reference
  • Added Branded Elements
  • Shared via Socials
  • Displayed on Home Page

Review from

£ 125
Submit your content with suitable and copyright free images/logos, videos, social posts and one reference that readers can interact with.
  • Added Brand Reference
  • Branded Media Elements
  • Shared via Socials
  • Displayed on Home Page

Listing & Mention from

£ 100
We will add your business information in the listing format with a suitable copyright free image/video/post and one reference that readers can interact with (can be a CTA with button).
  • Added Brand Reference
  • Added Media Elements
  • High Visibility & Engagement
  • Ranked for core Keywords

Need Content Support?

We can create news-related content for all of these formats together with you once we understand your requirements. Our content writing services are available from £5 per 100 words, depending on the complexity of the content and include SEO-optimisation.

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