Choosing Cremation Memorials: 5 Best Options for Cremation Ashes


There are various alternatives for dealing with the remains of a loved one beyond the standard grave burial.

One of the popular ones is cremation, where their remains are turned into ashes. Turning the remains into ashes carries deep meaning and provides comfort during this grieving time. Usually, people scatter the ashes in the ocean or other desired places as requested by the deceased or agreed upon by loved ones.

However, there are different great ways of honouring your deceased loved one. You can choose from the numerous possibilities that offer comfort, foster new life, and create a long-lasting tribute.

In the Ocean


A popular way of honouring your loved one’s ashes is scattering them in the ocean but it is crucial to know that public beaches have restrictions. Therefore, check the regulations before spreading. Nonetheless, scattering the ashes in the ocean is an honourable way of saying goodbye to your deceased loved one.

Before scattering, choose a spot that resonates with the memories of the loved one. It is also essential to factor in weather conditions and tides before scattering. If desired, you can plan a small ceremony for scattering the ashes.

In the Garden


Spreading the ashes in the garden is another unique option that gives you a perpetual connection with them. After direct cremation, take the ashes home and choose a special place where you will put the ashes. Disperse them on the soil and allow enough time to blend in. You can plant a tree or flowers as a mark of growth and continuity. It makes your garden a sacred place but if you are in a rental house, consider creating a small garden in stone to honour your loved one.

In a Memorial Forest

You can also choose the resting place to be a memorial forest. A forest is more peaceful compared to traditional cemeteries. The memorial forest is a good way of protecting the remains of your loved one. When the time comes, all you need is to mix the ashes with the soil and place the mixture on the base of your chosen tree. This tree will remain personal and a place where your family and friends can come to honour the life of your loved one.

In their Favourite Vacation Spot


Another great option can be to choose their favourite vacation spot as the resting place. It is significant to your loved one, making it the best choice for the ashes. Once you find their favourite spot, ensure you spread the ashes gently in a manner that resonates with the spirit in the place. It creates a strong bond with the memories you have shared. It is vital to respect the other visitors and the environment.

In a Painting

Lastly, you can incorporate the ashes into a painting by mixing them with the paint and creating art that embodies their essence. Using the ashes to make a painting is a creative way of honouring your loved one. Make it even more meaningful by hosting a small viewing ceremony where you invite other family members and friends.


There are numerous impactful ways of remembering your departed loved one. After direct cremation, you can scatter the ashes in these five unique ways. They are significant and provide a memorable way of cherishing the memories and the life of your loved one.