Best Ways To Get Rid Of Fine Lines And Wrinkles


One of the tell-tale signs of aging is lines and wrinkles that appear on your face. It has been the primary challenge for people trying to maintain their youth and beauty as they grow older. Aging cannot be stopped or reversed. Fortunately there are things one can do to reverse these signs of aging. Before we discuss the solution, let’s find out what causes these lines and wrinkles?

Why do we get lines on our face?

There are two kinds of lines that one gets on their face. The first type is the lines caused by the contraction of facial muscles. These are typically formed around the edge of our eyes and on our forehead. The second type is caused when our face loses volume and hence the skin appears to shrink or sag. This will happen on the cheeks and chin etc.

tips to get rid of wrinklesWhat are the ways to get rid of it?

Taking care of your skin can delay the formation of lines. Not getting overexposed to the sun, abstaining from smoking and alcohol, exercising, hydrating, a good diet, using moisturisers etc. have all been shown to help in delaying the appearance of lines on a person’s face. While all the above things can have a moderate effect on the situation worsening, they will not make the lines go away.  To make a significant change you one would need to go to an expert.  There are treatments that use laser, ultrasound, and plastic surgery that have shown promising results. The most popular and effective method is through injections.

How do injections work?

smart tips to get rid of wrinklesBotox is a product that temporarily paralyses the muscle when injected into it. When injected into facial muscles that are responsible for wrinkles, they smoothen out lines and stop them from reappearing. For lines appearing due to the loss of face volume dermal fillers can be injected. Both procedures should only be performed by a licensed practitioner. The effect of Botox injections lasts for three to six months. Fillers last a bit longer than that. While surgical options like a facelift or brow lift will give results that last longer, they are surgical options that will require weeks of recovery time. They are also more expensive than injection-based options. Anti wrinkle injections and Botox in London would be quite affordable. A facelift, on the other hand, would cost a bit high.

Which is the best way?

Each face is unique in its own way. When it comes to skincare one should always consult an expert who can give a fair and informed opinion. The treatment most suitable for you will depend on the specific problems you are facing. While some of the options don’t cost a lot and are also generally good healthy practices, they could be followed regardless of your specific concern. When it comes to the more advanced options, Botox is best used when the problem is with lines caused by facial muscles. Fillers can be used in parts of your face that are losing volume. A surgical option should be your last resort as it also involves the issues related to anesthesia and a longish recovery period.