The Top Ten Cities in The UK To Visit for Summer Hotspots

best places to visit for summer in uk

Are you after a perfect summer gateway?

Want to have some summer memories that will last forever?

Whether it is a short or long city break, some of these popular UK cities create the best summer hotspots with a diverse range of activities and top attractions or even the best UK beaches.

So, when you’re planning for the summer outdoors, and pick from these top ten summer hotspots cities in the UK would be a fantastic choice.

  1. Liverpool

liverpool best city in ukBeing one of the most popular and famous cities in England, Liverpool is a fantastic place to step foot during summer. Named as the European Capital of Culture, the city has several areas that were granted the World Heritage Site in 2004.

Also, it’s the home to beetles as well as two major Premier League football clubs. The city has the most exciting atmosphere that springs into life during the summer; in other words, Liverpool has got something for anyone.

  1. London

When you think about summer hotspots, London is an all in one destination. The city has a lot to see and never get bored. Summer in London is undoubtedly great as it comes alive with music festivals and a lot of outdoor events.

You’ll also enjoy how brilliant London is as you explore beautiful parks. The numerous street markets, best festivals, and carnivals will leave you with unforgettable summertime adventure.

london best city in uk

  1. Bournemouth

Among the most quintessential summer locations in the British, Bournemouth is always waiting for you. The city is all about the fantastic beach. The beach spots in Bournemouth are one of the sunniest in the UK, meaning most of your summer days will become beach days.

However, if you’d like to try some chips and fish or maybe locally sourced ice cream, the city is famous for this. Bournemouth is also home to great live music and has a large student population making it be one of the UK’s liveliest destinations.

  1. Glasgow

Besides being the largest city in Scotland, Glasgow is ranked the third-largest city in the UK. Glasgow has a wide range of activities and stunning tourist attractions that will leave you with an incredible sense of adventure.

Located in the River Clyde, the city has lots of fantastic architecture and beautiful places to explore, worth it to carry your camera.

  1. Cardiff city

During the summertime, flocking to the coast would be one of the best things to do. In Cardiff, you’ll enjoy a city life seaside setting right at the Cardiff Bay. The seaside comes with a child-friendly sandy beach in the summer.

Also, in the Welsh capital and one of the UK’s greatest cities, be ready for fantastic shopping centres, restaurants, museums, and cultural activities.

  1. Bristol

Located in the southwest of England, Bristol is another cultural hub to visit during the summer. In addition to the art, music and many cultural activities, Bristol is an attractive and a terrific riverside city to spend long weekends all through the summer months.

  1. Birmingham

After London, Birmingham is the second-largest city in the UK. The city is the home to extreme network canals, that makes it into a fantastic place to explore during the summer times. Being one of England’s greatest cities, Birmingham boasts all kind of cafes, restaurants, and bars found along the canals.

  1. Manchester

manchester best city in ukVisiting Manchester during Summer is fantastic. The city’s streets are bustling, the nights are quite warm, and it comes alive with attractions, events, markets and a lot of performances.

At Manchester, the summer kick-off is the king street festival. The city’s iconic street plays host popular up parks, gifts, al fresco dining and many more. Other fabulous favourites include the Manchester Day Parade and the Rochdale Feel Good Festival.

  1. Edinburgh

This is another UK’s most visited destination, famous for its beautifully preserved historic buildings and the majestic Edinburg Castle. From the castle, you’ll have the best summer moments exploring the most significant historic sites in the city, well known as the Royal Mile of the Old Town.

Other summer highlights in the city include the broad Princes Street and the National Gallery of Scotland.

  1. Southampton

Here comes alive another city with excellent places to visit during summer. Some of its most stunning destinations include the Medieval City Wall, cultural events like the Southampton International Film Festivals, Titanic trail along so much more.

Thanks to these UK hotspots summer springs into life during the hot season. It is during this time of the year that the major cities in the UK will often be at their best. You’ll always find a distinctively, unique atmosphere and plenty to see and do at each city.