How You Can Make Food Savings Despite McDonald’s Menu Price Hikes


Devoted McDonald’s diners have taken to social media to air their frustrations over the famed fast food chain’s recent menu price increases, expressing how they’re just NOT Mc Loving It.

Despite the soaring menu price hikes implemented at McDonald’s UK eateries nationwide, the fast-food mega-franchises official announcement might lead you to wonder:

Are there any cheaper fast food menu options for me to consider?

Of course, there are! This post will explore all the ways you can make food savings by opting for more affordable and healthier fast food meal options that can accommodate your pence-pinching lifestyle.

Unpacking the Price Increases in the McDonald’s Menu

Raising the price of their 99p cheeseburger for the first time in years, McDonald’s recently announced that the 20p price increase of their beloved burger includes increases for other menu items in a bid to combat the cost of rising inflation during “these incredibly challenging times” – CEO, Alistair Macrow.

In a statement released by the fast-food franchise, McDonald’s said

“This summer, our restaurants will be adding between 10p and 20p to a number of the menu items impacted most by inflation. Some prices remain unaffected, and some will continue to vary across our restaurants.”

With prices of items like the wrap range, chicken mayo burger, and salads remaining the same, easy eats that could cost you more at McDonald’s include:

  • Breakfast meals
  • Main meals
  • Large coffees
  • McNuggets share boxes

The option to upgrade meals to a large will also likely see a price increase.

Nowadays, with a ​​Big Mac in central London setting you back at least £3.99 as a singular item, while the same burger costs roughly £3.49 in Slough on the outskirts of London, customers are harbouring growing curiosity about how much it costs to eat at the fast food restaurant.

Not surprisingly, leaving a bad taste in the Twitterverse, UK customers are up in arms about the recent menu price increases. Some have taken to their Twitter feeds to vent their vexations on the McDonald’s menu/money matter.

Social Media Pushes Back on McDonald’s Menu Price Increases

Leaning toward brand loyalty as one of the limiting legs left for the famous franchise to stand on, MacDonald’s invites consumers to recognise the value the eatery places on servicing the needs of their customers, saying:

“We understand that any price increases are not good news, but we have delayed and minimised these changes for as long as we could. We will continue to listen to what you want from us and work tirelessly to find solutions to today’s cost challenges affecting our business.”

Not only does the below tweet from the official McDonald’s account confirm varying prices displayed on different menus across the UK in recent years. It also illustrates how customers turn to Twitter with comments and enquiries, opening the floor for McDonald’s to address:

Nevertheless, as growing upheaval amongst consumers continues to circulate the socials, Twitter users are virtually grilling the popular eatery via an outpour of less than positive posts and polls:

Thankfully, however, for diners devoted to all things deliciously discounted at McDonald’s UK, there are always ways to binge on a budget at the esteemed eatery.

Luckily, for customers who’ve grown accustomed to getting value for their money at McDonald’s, its long-standing Saver Menu is always available to answer your budget-based beckoned call.

How the McDonald’s Saver Menu Can Be Your Saving Grace

Despite the newly increased menu prices, McDonald’s customers can breathe a sigh of relief knowing that its saver menu is still on the table as a cheaper alternative for consideration at global fast-food outlets.

Although varying meal prices are geographically set for customers worldwide and across the UK, the McDonald’s Saver Menu provides all its global customers with itemised lists of cost-effective consumables ranging from under £1 to a maximum of £3, which include:

  • The Triple & Double Cheeseburger
  • Hamburger
  • Mayo Chicken
  • Fries
  • Side Salad
  • McFlurry Ice Cream

Other Smart Ways to Save When Dining at McDonald’s

Customers searching to make food savings at the famous franchise don’t solely have to rely on its popular saver menu.

Below are a few frugal ways McDonald’s meal munchers can save money at their outlets:

1. Stepping up to the Promo Plate with Regular Deals on Offer

In today’s digitised times, the McDonald’s app is where customers often go to redeem My McDonald’s Rewards and McDonald’s Monday promo deals or coupons like the one below:

2. Cashing in on Fast Food Freebies Strictly for Students

Promising “student deals that give you good feels”, McDonald’s offers students free food after purchasing from selected menu items, provided they can verify their student status:

For more education discounts head here.

3. Awaiting the Arrival of the Annual MacDonald’s Monopoly Game

Required to be 18+ years old to enter the MONOPOLY promotion, scheduled between 7th September and 18th October, eager participants stand the chance of hitting the jackpot of all savings and meal deals through special giveaways presented in the McDonald’s Monopoly 2022 UK scheduled prize table.

While dissecting the menu price increase issue concerning the mounting customer dissatisfaction circulating the Twittersphere, it’s clear how various cost-saving solutions for loyal customers of the famously known burger brand can help alleviate some of the frustration shared amongst McDonald’s diners.

Nevertheless, it’s also wise to consider other fast-food joints where you can binge on a budget.

2 Affordable Fast-Food Alternatives

Given increasing menu prices, fast food fanatics wanting to get a bang for their buck are seeking solace through smart saving solutions offered at various popular UK eateries.

Running in parallel with digital menu options accessible via the McDonald’s app, both Burger King and KFC each have an app with an offers section you can consider when quenching your thrifty thirst for cheaper options.

1. Bargains at Burger King UK

As its famous slogan implies,

You are welcome to “Be Your Way” at Burger King! If ‘your way’ of navigating their widely known menu options involves more affordable meal deals and discounts, then Burger King is the way to go.

From offering you a free Whopper on your first ‘click and collect’ purchase of over £3 to their popularised £1.99 Whopper Wednesday discount deal, Burger King has an extensive range of offers, which also include vegan and vegetarian options:

Understanding that, with every transaction, each bargain can only be redeemable once, be mathematically methodical in your approach and make the most out of their offers by placing and paying for several separate orders to get multiple discounts on your entire meal.

2. Killer Cost Cuts at KFC UK

Regularly known to sell out within a limited timeframe, KFC is on the fast track to fast food frugality with its headline 20 Hot Wings for £5.99 money saver deal:

In contrast with big competitors, KFC UK doesn’t have an extensive list of readily available deals. Instead, they employ a stamp system, where you get one every time you spend over £3:

  • 1st Stamp = x1 Free Side
  • 2nd Stamp = x1 Free Snack
  • 3rd Stamp = £5 Off

As another alternative to making food savings, feel free to download the TooGoodToGo app, which has differently priced “magic bags” from many different restaurants, cafes and chain eateries in the UK. Each bag lists selected items to purchase, from bread to sandwiches and drinks.

Cheap Healthier Fast-Food Options For You to Consider

In a recent tweet shared by Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos, aka the second richest man in the world, the American entrepreneur and commercial astronaut received backlash in a flurry of replies to his post, depicting a satisfyingly stuffed Jeff simply Mc Loving his meal.

With the video below published by the BBC featuring Dr. Chris van Tulleken explaining how ultra-processed food affects the body, the centre of the Jeff Bezos burger backlash on social media stems from some Twitter users taking to the comments section to urge him to make healthier food choices:

For health-conscious consumers leading healthy and wholesome lives wondering,

Are there any cheap fast-food alternatives that offer healthy meal options?

Once again, of course, there are!

While the restaurants above are renowned for their wide selection of unhealthy ingredients, it’s always helpful to know that some also serve healthier alternatives.

A rule of thumb when making wiser meal choices for a healthy diet:

Always look for items that include vegetables, lean protein, or whole grains. Also, opting for foods that are grilled or baked rather than fried can significantly reduce the calories and fat in your meal.

Below is a list of popular fast-food outlets available in the UK that offer affordable alternatives on their menus catered more to customers leading healthy lifestyles:

1. McDonald’s

Known for more than just their beloved Big Mac burger, it’s no secret that most menu items offered at McDonald’s are highly processed and unhealthy. Having been slammed in the past for its role in facilitating the worldwide obesity and type 2 diabetes epidemics, McDonald’s has since vowed to introduce healthier food options on its menu.

Due to health concerns expressed through consumer criticism amassed over the years, McDonald’s has added several healthy options to its menu, including their range of healthy salads, mostly made with chicken, vegetables, and fruit.

Their £3.33 grilled chicken salad is a top choice when making a cost-cutting health-conscious decision as a Mcdonald’s diner.

2. KFC

Known for its signature deep-fried chicken, you would think there’s no room on KFC’s menu for healthier options. Well, think again!

Some KFC restaurants serve their more health-conscious customers grilled chicken pieces and sides like green beans or corn cobs, which cost you only £1.49 (1 piece) / £1.99 (2 pieces).

3. Chipotle

Specialising in foods like tacos and burritos, Chipotle Mexican Grill aims to source only organic, fresh local ingredients with no additives, using meats from naturally raised animals.

Their healthy menu options include bowls and salads with various veggies, meats, brown rice, beans, and guacamole.

For those who embrace a life of healthy living whilst watching their wallets, opting for Chipotle’s salad or bowl options (i.e. chicken bowl, veggie bowl, or vegan tofu bowl, each costing £9.95) is of high value to health-conscious saving success.

4. Subway

Primarily selling BIY (build-it-yourself) submarine sandwiches, commonly known as subs, Subway also offers bread-less/carb-free alternatives like chicken breast salads with plenty of fresh vegetables at affordable prices such as the Veggie Delite sub for £4.30 for example.

If you’re keen on some healthier carb options, Subway also offers a lower-calorie wholegrain variant for you to consider.


Despite mounting upheaval amongst McDonald’s diners surrounding their recent menu price increase announcement, there are still plenty of ways to gorge on your favourite guilty pleasures at the golden arches while getting value for your money.

Although many fast foods are processed, refined, or deep-fried, some eateries have made conscious efforts to include healthier items in their menus at affordable prices, with some offering gluten-free options and vegetarian meals without breaking the bank. So if you want to save a pound or two every now and then, follow these food-saving tips whenever you’re not intending to go to a cosy restaurant.

Bon appétit!