Why The Dalmatian Coast Of Croatia Is Worth A Visit Even In The Low Season


Croatia is now one of the most popular holiday destinations in Europe and the UK.

According to the UK government approximately 235,710 British nationals visited Croatia in 2021, despite an ongoing pandemic.

The beaches and the crystal-clear sea, the untouched nature as well as the good food are some of the reasons that contribute to making Croatia such a popular tourist destination.

The vast majority choose this southern European country to spend their summer or beach holiday by the sea and in the following map by thetraveler.net you can see which regions and sights are most established and popular.

Image source: https://www.thetraveler.net/croatia/map.html

As can be seen on the map, Dalmatia is quite far stretching with Southern and Northern parts, which host the most popular cities of the country, namely Zadar, Split, and Dubrovnik.

It also hosts one of the biggest parks, the Plitvice Lakes, which is on the UNESCO World Heritage List, and 10,000 tickets are sold daily in the summer of 2022 for visiting it and viewing it through the unique Sky Line platform, according to HRT.

Without a doubt, Dalmatia, with its beautiful attractions and holiday offers, is a good choice for every tourist.

Why explore the Croatian Coast of Dalmatia in the low Season?

Many sights and places that are visited in the hot summer months under strenuous conditions such as extreme heat, overcrowding, and long queues as well as high prices could be seen under far more relaxed circumstances.

So, there are good reasons to visit Croatia’s south, especially in the low season – for all those of us who have this freedom and flexibility!

Today we will share a few with you:

More pleasant Temperatures

best-time-to-visit-croatiaWhile it can be 40 degrees in the summer months of July and August, the months of May, June, September, and October with their still warm but more pleasant temperatures are the ideal months to explore the country and its culture.

For all those who want to travel across the country and like to be active outside, looking to take advantage of the hiking and cycling or sailing on offer, this is the perfect travel time. Just make sure you wear the right gear such as sailing trousers for example.

Of course, the weather also affects the seasonal offers in terms of food as well as the activities, and certain tours or travel offers are only available at certain times. You can find out more on getyourguide.co.uk.

Tip: Here you can also compare the seasonal price differences!

Free Choice of Seats

croatia-without-the-crowdsIn the low season, you are guaranteed to get a good place even in the most popular restaurants, bars, and hotels.

In summer, the most popular restaurants and hotspots are overcrowded and of course, the service often suffers as a result.

If you can, you should take the opportunity and be treated peacefully and with relaxation outside the high season!

Many excursion destinations can also be reached without stress and long waiting times because the number of visitors is much lower than during the holiday season.

More Budget friendly

reasons-to-visit-croatia-in-winterIn the high season, prices are often twice as high as in the rest of the year. So, where you could go on holiday for a week in midsummer, you can stay for two weeks in mid-September for the same money and relax wonderfully.

Also, entrances, activities, and accommodation are usually cheaper and in the low season, you simply get more for your money while the sun is still out!

Since the pandemic, many travel rather spontaneously and in the low season the probability is higher to get a good deal even in the short term.

Ideal Conditions for Outdoor Fun

visit-croatia-in-winterCroatia offers beautiful panoramas with views over the infinite sea and the many islands. In the midst of these, wonderful bike tours, hikes, and jogging routes can be covered.

In July and August, however, it is so hot that in some cases it can also be dangerous to practice excessive sports.

Quite different in the milder months: Here you can do sports in fantastic weather and in the midst of fairy tale landscapes!

Great Deals for Digital Nomads

What many may not know is that Croatia now also has special offers for digital nomads who can travel flexibly through the country all year round, even in the low season.

Take digital nomad and UK News Editor Manuela Willbold, who loves to travel through Dalmatia, especially in the spring:

Manuela also conducted an interview with businessman and catalyst of digital nomadism in Croatia, Jan De Jong, where you will find a lot of information about the digital nomad visa in Croatia as well as special offers for events, accommodation, and much more.

Croatia’s Dalmatia in the low Season – is it for you?

If we could convince you to visit Croatia’s Dalmatia in the low season, start planning soon so that you can get the best deals.

Suppose you want to get started in the popular city of Split. In that case, you can relax at The View Split (FB page), where an unforgettable view of the city, the sea, and the mountains guarantees you a great start to the low season, not far from the airport and the popular area of Trogir.