Top 7 Eloquent Graphic Design Trends

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Design creates a better understanding of the world around us. In 2019, design is based around contradictions, playing on conflicting eras and mashing together opposite ends of the spectrum. It’s also an essential part of marketing. Entrepreneurs need to stay on top of graphics design trends to be able to utilize them perfectly.

When you are looking at advertisements or other marketing material for businesses, what is the first thing you notice? In most cases, it’s going to be the logo. Logos instantly hook an audience and serve as a connection between your brand and target market.

Of course, your logo must make a good impression, so you want it to come across as a professional. Well executed designs will make a great first impression. Apart from the logo, graphics design is also essential for other aspects of your business. Images tend to be more powerful than words, and hence it is necessary to use these trends to design brochures and other marketing material.

Graphics are a big investment, and so it is important that you try to utilize the latest graphic design trends into them. By doing so, you will make sure that you are getting as much value as possible out of them. With that in mind, here are the top seven eloquent graphic design trends of 2019.

graphic design trends

3D Design and Typography are Taking Over the Marketplace

Designs were flat for several years until 3D model started to trend. We now see that these designs are being used in both images and typography. There are even some businesses that are changing up their logos to match this new trend. 3D design continues to grow in popularity as we see more elements used in web design. Some businesses are even turning to VR experiences. One example that comes to mind is real estate companies allowing potential buyers to experience a VR tour of a home.

This is the time when your business should capitalize on 3D design by creating images and typography that pop off the page.

Open Compositions Create a World of Imagination

Graphic designers are starting to move away from frames and are embracing an open composition, leaving the rest to the imagination of the viewer. An open composition makes it feel as if there’s an entire world thriving off the page. Framing an image makes it feel as if everything just stops at the edges.

Start embracing the white space in your graphics to ensure that the elements in the graphic are tethered together in such a way that it paints a story. These types of graphics tend to convert at a much higher rate than flat images.

Images Come to Life with Vivid Colors

Graphics are so much more colorful now than they used to be. The reason is that so many creative people have figured out how to properly utilize technology to create entire worlds captured in a single image. This is seen everywhere from book cover designs to advertising banners. Vivid colors are replacing the basic, traditional ones and consumers are eating it up!

We are seeing these vibrant colors translating over to businesses everywhere. Even reports are starting to become expressive. We have moved away from bland branding and are now open to a whole new world of possibilities.

Asymmetrical Layouts Replace Rigid Grid-Based Images 

If you look at an old billboard or look at older marketing materials, you’ll notice that they are based on a very rigid, grid-based design. In the past, a professional setting was completely uniform, but today we have moved away from that. We see it all throughout an office. Casual setting is the norm today in businesses.

This same trend can be spotted in graphic design as well. Predictable and rigid designs bore consumers. Since they don’t leave a lasting impression, they are forgotten. Asymmetrical designs are now being used to provide a more intimate experience. They make a lasting impression on an audience.

Floating Elements Create a Sense of Freedom

One of the latest graphic design trends is floating elements. It became popular for a short while in the early 2000s when everyone was excited about the prospect of flying cars and floating apartments. Well it’s 2019 now, and we might not have flying cars yet, but we are seeing floating elements being the center of attention in popular graphics.

The reason is that using floating elements drives an emotional reaction from consumers. That reaction is a sense of freedom.

Art Deco Takes the World by Storm 

Art deco designs are expected to take the world by storm by 2020, so let’s take a closer look at this graphic design trend. Modern design, founded during World War I, is based on modernism. Although we’ve seen some variations on this theme, it is noticed mostly in graphic designs.

We see this trend mostly in logo designs where designers are starting to use complex symmetry to portray company logos. These designs generate nostalgia while also sticking to the creative freedoms that everyone loves in modern art.

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Custom Illustrations 

Designers are starting to put more of their focus on illustrations that utilize delicate designs. This trend has only just started to take over the design world. In fact, we’re already seeing some number on this trend. Packaging that utilizes custom illustrations is converting higher than traditional designs.

The key is to find a balance between simplicity and creativity. Consumers might be minimalists at heart, but they still flock to products that express creativity.

Painting the Overall Picture

Is your business ready for graphic design as we move into 2020? All these trends are expected to grow even more popular in the coming years. There is a constant struggle between tech-conscious designers who are looking to the future and the traditional artists still using older techniques. There is value to either side. Since vintage has started to grow in popularity, traditionalists are still going to create designs that convert. But like all nostalgia, the magic will eventually wear off. You can most certainly expect to see exciting things happening in the coming years! One such design company that stays on top of the latest graphic design trends is Back Office Pro. The Back Office Pro team creates innovative and beautiful designs to meet the challenges and requirements of businesses today.