Black Friday 2019: How to ensure you get the best deals in Tech Gadgets

Black Friday

Black Friday is the day after Thanksgiving, and falls on November 29th for the 2019 event; it is usually the biggest day of shopping for the year in the U.S. and it presents a huge opportunity for consumers seeking for great deals in electronics and other items.

A tradition that started in the US, now gone global; retail giants around the world will be offering mouthwatering discounts on select items and there will be much more to buy that you won’t know just where to start.

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Black Friday is such a big deal, with so many unbelievable deals from different retailers, including on items like smartphones, PCs and other gadgets, all at rock-bottom prices; it can be really tricky to know which are the best deals.

But, not to worry, as we’ve got you covered here – with this post on how to ensure you get the best deals in gadgets, and you’ll also get tips on the best time to check for deals, come November 29.

3 Ways to Prepare for Black Friday Shopping

Black Friday is fast approaching, with all retailers warming up to begin sales imminently. We want to outline how you can prepare for this great shopping event, and provide guide on the best Black Friday gadget deals.

1. Make sure You do your research

It’s always important to research your gadgets before making a choice on which to buy, look at the technical specifications, including models, memory capacity and battery life – that way, you won’t regret after acquiring the products, as you already have knowledge of the capabilities before buying it.

No one want to spend cash without doing research on the product, same should apply for Black Friday shopping – don’t be carried away by the low prices; it pays more to know exactly what you’re going for, so as to spend wisely.

2. Make a Wishlist of Gadgets You want to Buy

A wishlist in eCommerce is a scenario whereby shoppers create personalized collections of products they want to buy and save them for future reference. So the same can apply for Black Friday shopping, but your wishlist doesn’t necessarily need to be retailer-specific, you can just note down an idea of what exactly you want to buy on November 29.

However, if you’re a particular retailer-loyal, you can still save all items you wish to buy on Black Friday with the given retailer, perhaps it will be worth it to focus on list from a retailer when it comes to seeking for deals on Black Friday.

And several online retailers, including Amazon and AliExpress, do allow users to create wishlists on their site.

3. Stick to a budget

If you plan on spending substantial amount of money for Black Friday shopping, it’ll be worth it to also set a limit, so that you don’t accidentally get caught off-guard, budget-wise, if you don’t know precisely the amount to spend.

Of course, there will be a lot of discounts flying everywhere on Black Friday, but it’s easy to fall into trap of buying too many things – that’s the more reason to set a budget, whether or not you plan on buying many products.

Always remember that the coming month of December can equally be pretty expensive, so don’t over spend to go into borrowing, it won’t be a good idea to start the New year in debt.

How to get the best deals in Tech Gadgets

1. Get the Retailers’ Mobile Apps

Most of the retailers will carry out exclusive deals only on the mobile app, as a way to get more people to download the apps, and there are bound to be higher discounts for those buying from the app.

While mobile apps are increasingly easier to use, and consumes little data, it is also an advantage for you to use it for Black Friday shopping, however it is advised that you download the official apps from Play Store for Android phones or Apples App Store for iPhone.

It’s also common for websites to crash as a result of huge traffic coming to them on Black Friday, so getting the retailers apps can be an advantage.

2. Get up early (and be ready to Stay up late)

The best deals from big retailers will be published earliest, and it’s on first come, first serve basis, so if you want to get the best deals, be prepared to stay up late on Thursday night and get up early on Friday morning to ensure you don’t miss the best deals.

In fact, the best time to shop on is between 00:00 – 03:00 hrs, so it would be worth it to set your alarm around the time, and also note that some retailers may unleash the best deals at midnight and a fair amount in the run-up, as well.

3. Beware of Scammers

Unfortunately, fraudsters and scammers are also on the look out for Black Friday, as it’s not only the retailers that are looking to make lots of money on the frenzy sales, the event does bring some nasty experiences too.

The best way to stay safe is to use your common sense, never give out your login details, or credit card to anyone, be wary of all unsolicited emails, and always think before clicking on any ‘too good to be true’ offers from social networking sites.

And above all, avoid the use of Free public WiFi hotspots, as there are a lot of dangers with such free Internet facilities.

Rounding Up!

It’ll be hard to find a major retailer that’s not going to participate in the Black Friday price slash, from big-box stores like Best Buy and Walmart to online mega retailers like Amazon, AliExpress, and many more.

You should expect to find excellent prices on tech products, ranging from laptops to gaming consoles, or even smartwatches, and so much more.

And as the biggest shopping day of the year, there will definitely be a mix of one-off deals, so be sure to look around the Web, check all deal roundups from your favorite retailers on what to expect on Black Friday.