5 Signs Your Company Website May Be At Risk

5 Signs Your Company Website May Be At Risk

A company website for any business is essential nowadays because it acts as a window of opportunity for your business. Here are some signs that your company website is at risk.

A business website showcases the products and services you sell, details your business culture, and even provides information to potential clients looking to do business with you. To ensure that your company does not suffer from financial loss or reputational damage due to cyber-attacks, you must regularly inspect whether your company website shows any of these five signs of risk, especially with staff working from home and accessing it via different networks.

1. You Cannot Locate Your Website

You Cannot Locate Your WebsiteIf you own a company and have not been able to load or detect your website for several days or weeks, then there is a good chance that it has been hacked. Hackers will often take down the website so as to prevent easy identification of their methods of intrusion. If they cannot access the site, they cannot successfully use it to commit other malicious acts.

2. Your Website Has New Content You Never Authorized To Be Posted

Your Website Has New Content You Never Authorized To Be PostedIf your company website has changed in appearance, that may mean that the hackers can access your business web hosting account through a backdoor. The new content may include links and images that will redirect your website visitors onto websites loaded with malicious software, which may consist of viruses. Your website should display changes on its own, and any unique content that you did not publish should be removed immediately. Nevertheless, you should not be deleting links or images that you do not understand because this may result in the loss of information and data useful in your business. If you are experiencing unwanted or unauthorized changes to your website, you should immediately change your server password and contact the professionals at the best managed IT services in Essex, Vermont. These are IT experts that can help tackle any problems from a remote location.

3. Your Web Host Website Has Received a Recent Influx of Advertising

Your Web Host Website Has Received a Recent Influx of AdvertisingIf your website is being bombarded with pop-up ads, banners, flashing screens, and other intrusive advertisements, then hackers may have installed inappropriate content onto your website. The internet browser will detect the unwanted content as adware and will disable the content from being viewed. Although your website visitors will still see the unwanted advertisements, this is not a pleasant experience for them. You should ensure that your web host has not allowed inappropriate advertisements onto your website. However, you may also consider finding a new and higher classed business web hosting service.

4. Your Website’s Loading Speed Has Considerably Decreased

Your Website's Loading Speed Has Considerably DecreasedA website should load in less than one second. This indicates that your website is performing well. The longer it takes for your website to load, the more unprofessional it appears to viewers. If you notice that your site is loading slower than usual, hackers may have installed additional files or codes onto your server. When you notice this, you must contact an experienced and professional web hosting provider immediately. Failure to do this means that your website can be facing real substantial losses.

5. You are Receiving a High Volume of Spam Emails

You are Receiving a High Volume of Spam EmailsNewsletters regarding products and services you have never subscribed to are being sent to your inbox daily. Hackers have found a way to acquire personal data from your company’s email list and are now sending you unwanted advertisements. The only way to protect yourself is by changing your passwords immediately. You should always ensure that your website is equipped with the latest and most effective spam, malware, and virus protection to prevent this from happening. If you are not sure about how your website’s security is protecting you in the future, get in touch with a reliable web hosting provider.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, it is essential to ensure you are using a web hosting service that will protect your company’s website against any outside threats. Additionally, it is recommended that you take the time to speak with an experienced web designer, programmer, or your web hosting customer service team every once in a while. If they have been developing or hosting your site for over several years, it may be beneficial to get their advice. They can ensure your website is optimized for search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing. They can also increase the chances of people finding your site in their searches and increasing traffic to your company’s website, which helps generate more leads from the internet. They can also offer advice on which hosting service will work best for your need.