20% greater chance of missing deliveries in London than in other parts of the UK

missing deliveries due to brand miscommunication in London

Manchester, UK; 14th July 2021: 42% of UK consumers say they have missed, on average, three deliveries due to miscommunication by a brand or courier during the pandemic. In new research revealed by delivery experience platform Sorted, significant discrepancies in the quality of delivery experiences for consumers have been revealed across different parts of the UK.

  • Missing deliveries due to brand miscommunication is most common in London (56%) in contrast to the Northwest of England (37%), revealing discrepancies in the quality of delivery experience.
  • Missing deliveries is more than twice as likely to happen in London (56%) in comparison to Northern Ireland (24%).
  • With the large majority of people out of the house after ‘Freedom Day’ on 19th July, research reveals consumers anticipate more misplaced parcels as normality resumes.

The research found that missing deliveries due to brand miscommunication are most common in London (56%) in contrast to the Northwest of England (37%).

Despite this, 40% of Londoners are now more confident in parcel delivery communications since the beginning of the pandemic, showing brands are taking positive steps to improve the experience as consumer expectations and demands change. However, this confidence differs in Northern England, where only 25% feel that the pandemic has improved communication updates on their parcels.

With 63% expecting to be out of the house more frequently now that COVID-19 restrictions have begun to lift (rising to 77% of those aged 18-34), retailers must focus on customer communications and a connected delivery experience to put consumer fears at rest. 22% of UK respondents anticipate they will be missing deliveries, or that deliveries will be left outside their home more frequently, as they return to normal work life on ‘Freedom Day’, July 19th.

The research, conducted by Opinium among 2,000 UK respondents, found that one in five Brits is much less likely to order online after just one negative delivery experience.

David Grimes - missing deliveries due to brand miscommunication in London“Brands need to work smarter than ever to ensure consumers are kept updated, with this research showing that delivery communications are still clearly inconsistent and detrimental to a customer’s experience,” said David Grimes, CEO, Sorted.


“After 18 months of people being home to receive parcels, we need to avoid the inevitable ‘parcel panic’ as people go back to their normal lives when they leave the house more and worry about when their parcel will arrive.”

With almost a fifth of Brits (17%) stating they are less likely to order online if they have a negative experience of online delivery communications, it is in the brands’ best interest to ensure this miscommunication is eradicated, to keep customers happy, and achieve growth.

“In the new eCommerce experience economy, our research has revealed there’s a great opportunity for brands to differentiate themselves by owning the delivery experience end-to-end and connecting more with customers across the whole journey,” says David. “With real-time tracking and personalized comms available to enhance the customer delivery experience, there’s no reason why brands should make customers rely on text or email communications alone. With the rate of eCommerce growth unlikely to slow down, retailers need to create customer confidence regardless of where and how people decide to shop.”

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Trusted by leading global retailers – such as ASOS, Farfetch, and Lush – Sorted’s delivery experience platform fixes poor delivery choices, broken customer promises, and disjointed post-purchase communication to increase customer happiness, drive loyalty and support retail growth.

With software now live in 17 countries, Sorted is recognized as one of the fastest-growing companies in Europe as named by the FT and one of the UK’s most successful digital businesses by Tech Nation’s Future Fifty, Europe’s leading late-stage growth program.

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This non-public study was conducted by Opinium as part of its consumer omnibus – generic contact details: (0) 20 7566 3190 / https://twitter.com/OpiniumResearch.

Press release source: James McCann-Ellerington james@zincpr.co.uk.