BumbleBee Smart toys to encourage healthy growth

BumbleBee Smart toys to encourage healthy growth

A lot of people, when becoming a parent for the first time, question themselves how to grow a child properly? How to help them out to do their best? When a child starts to communicate with the World and grows up he or she needs to develop both gross and fine motor skills. BumbleBee Smart produces both of the developers: Sensory Walls, which develops fine motor skills, and Climbing furniture, which helps to explore the gross motor skills opportunities.Climbing furniture by Pikler principles

Climbing furniture by Pikler principles

Emmi Pikler was a Hungarian pediatrician who implemented her own theories in infant education. Her most important principles were:

  • The full freedom for a baby when growing up, including physical, intellectual, and spiritual being.
  • Showing your respect, attention, and love as much as you can. But what is more important is to show what is entailed.
  • The surrounded world of a baby. It is very important in the first 2 years of growing up.
  • Supporting their growth and development by patience only. Let them explore the world themselves. Let them stand, walk, and climb whenever the child is ready.

Help your child to develop but do not be extra!

Climbing furniture as Pikler triangles, climbing arches, and ramps are made to develop the gross motor skills of a kid and help to enhance physical strength, balance, body awareness, etc.

BumbleBee Smart toys

Sensory walls and Busy Boards by Montessori system

Maria Montessori was an Italian teacher, who invented one of the most popular educational methods nowadays. The system is aimed to develop fine motor skills and encourage the instinctive development of a child’s feelings. Busy Boards and Sensory Walls are exactly the toys to implement her system in your kid’s development.

Most important principles of the Montessori method:

  • Individual approach to each kid. A child can tell by itself what to do and how it would be.
  • When dealing with toddler games is the only effective way to educate.
  • “Help me do it myself”. Help your kid with patience and being helpful, but not substitutive.
  • Create a positive environment, do not show a child its mistakes straight, encourage him to fix it. Then a kid is going to be willing to show its abilities.
  • Show your curiosity and interest. Be as much involved as a kid. He/she will know you are going with his side to side, you are on the same page.

Being a good parent is always a challenge, but thankfully, nowadays we have a lot of information shared worldwide. Get your kid a useful and needed gift – Educational toys by BumbleBee Smart store. We will help you choose the toy which definitely is helping you out in every aspect of your kid’s growth.