What does your child need to know for cybersecurity

about cyber security

What do I need to know about cybersecurity

Understanding the concept of cybersecurity is a bit challenging for kids, who are just new to schools, and they do not even know much about the w3orking of the internet. Thus, teaching your kid to take all the safety measures before they engage in online classes or game-based learning is crucial.

If you think that you cannot do it, then organizations like Lido classes can help you sort out this issue. Parents usually say that it is better to keep their kids away from the internet if they cannot make them understand the threats, which is utterly wrong. You cannot put a halt on the growth and fundamental rights of a child.

Instead, the thing to work on is teaching them some safety measures for a secure and reliable online learning activity.

  1. Ask your child to inform you before tapping on any option. 
  2. Tell him not to share his pictures or videos with anyone without letting you know. 
  3. Teach them to be patient if you are not around. 
  4. Ask them to work as a spy to ask you or their teachers in case of any suspicion.
  5. Only ask your parents and good teachers about the application of relevant questions.

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