Streetspace Group appoints new board member to continue success story of doubling turnover in three years


Leadership plays a key role in the strategic and financial planning of any business. Having a clear vision and mission is vital for any enterprise, but to also follow it through in everything the business does, matters hugely.

Business success story

The Streetspace Group, which owns metroSTOR, supplying storage solutions to housing associations, local authorities and social housing providers, has decided to strengthen its leadership team with the appointment of Ben Napthine to its Board.

Mr Napthine, 35, will lead sales of the company’s metroSTOR brand to housing associations and local authorities across the UK and the group is confident that this addition will be extremely beneficial for their future success.

High quality products improving lives play a key role

The Streetspace Group are on a mission to improve lives of many local communities in Great Britain having worked on the design and construction of public open space over the last 20 years. Examples of their work include canopies & walkways, all-weather sports canopies for schools to encourage more outdoor learning, green roof buildings and many other solutions like a range of premium waste and recycling bin stores, as well as secure and fire-resistant cycling and scooter storage solutions to more than 150 social housing providers through metroSTOR.

Business strategy for staffing and improving salesMr Naphine is very excited about his appointment and has great ambitions. In an interview he said: “This is an exciting challenge and I am looking forward to helping councils and housing associations across the country to resolve storage challenges and reduce risk.”


He continues: “My aim is to improve neighbourhoods, improve homes and enrich lives.”

This commitment already shows in their innovative e-bike storage solutions. MetroSTOR offer a range of storage units for e-bikes with charging facilities in their cycle parking solutions. They’re determined to encourage more people to use e-bikes rather than motorised transport to cut down O2 omissions and improve air quality all over the country.

Director Mr Nigel Deacon, said: “Ben’s experience and range of skills are exactly what this growing company needs to continue its expansion. This is a very exciting time for the Streetspace Group.”

How the company gains momentum

The Streetspace Group has grown and doubled its turnover to an impressive £8m in just three years.

They have also been recognised for playing a leading role in making communities greener by being nominated for the south east’s Green School Awards, where the best school-led initiatives in categories including green travel to school, air pollution, recycling, and health and wellbeing were awarded.

By adding another team player with previous experience in the care sector, working as a National Account Manager for Blueleaf, they will certainly make even more gains and continue their journey to success and improving lives.