4 Best Casino Online Gambling & Online Betting Sites with Apps for Safer Ways to Invest your Money


Online gambling and online betting have become a mainstream trend now with gambling apps making the best online casinos in the UK easily accessible on the go.

Many people are getting involved with online betting via the top online casinos due to the thrill and potential money gains they promise.

Sports betting, virtual poker, or bingo are played more frequently through the famous online casinos UK that is making it big due to the huge demand among online players and gamblers.

How popular are Casinos Online?

Many countries have introduced tighter restrictions to online gambling due to the high risk of developing a gambling addiction and many of the listed websites and apps ensure that they warn their users about the dangers of gambling with the increasing demand.

The total gross gambling yield (GGY) for the UK gambling industry was £5.9bn in the half-year reporting period April 2020 – September 2020, with remote (or online) gambling being the largest combined sector by GGY in the UK according to the Gambling Commission.

With £3.1bn GGY, it comprises 52.3% of the overall market, with online casino games dominating the sector, generating £1.9bn in GGY, mostly from slots games. GGY for remote betting totalled £1.0bn, led by football and horse betting. GGY for remote bingo totalled £98.1m.

The iGaming industry tries to create more awareness about the risks of gambling such as a decreased perception value of cash and the invasions of privacy for example when people visit these casinos online via websites or apps.

Enabling players to keep track of their finances by activating a certain limit of money to spend and not anything beyond that helps them with developing a healthier gambling behaviour.

Healthy gambling can prove to be effective and beneficial for all parties involved, hence why the below online casinos in the UK implement safer investment options for players and are therefore the better bet. We will highlight further which optional settings players can utilize in each online casino app listed.

4 Best Casino Online Gambling & Betting Sites For Safer Ways To Invest

1. Bet365


They say online sports betting, we hear Bet365. The brand is considered the world leader in online sports betting. Bet365 is owned by the UK bookmaker Stoke-on-Trent and is one of the betting sites that has been growing very fast in the United Kingdom for over 20 years. It also offers its users great deals which makes it more popular.

Top App Features

The user-friendly interface of this site makes it even more loveable, and it works smoothly on desktop, app, and mobile. Their features include live streaming, cash-out, and auto cash-out, in-play betting pages which have live betting options 24/7, soccer, basketball, tennis bet builders, and they also provide several features for horse racing.

Bet365 has pages that feature the latest sports news and a results page for players to stay updated regarding the results. Features like live streaming, bet builders, bet editing, cash outs, and the mobile app are a part of the Bet365 brand. It is hard to find a brand like this that will provide users with all these features. It is trusted by players all over the world.

Top Investment Features

The deals that this website provides, help the players get good returns from the investments that they make through many features that offer more control. Bet365 is also known to cover a huge number of events throughout the year which attracts more players to this betting website.

2. Ladbrokes


Every gambler in the UK knows Ladbrokes apparently, it is very popular outside the UK as well, for example, they are successfully operating in Australia. The platform provides the players with a user-friendly layout that is attractive and unique as well.

Top App Features

The features of this website include bet builders, live streaming in high quality, cash-out which is available on most of the betting markets on the website and in the app, in-play events, and Ladbrokes even offers bet placing over Twitter. You are sure to get what you are looking for when considering popular games like football.

Top Investment Features

Ladbrokes is known for offering less competitive odds within its sportsbook and it is one of the most competitive in the UK currently. It also provides the players with features such as reloading promotions for existing players which include early pay outs, accumulator profit boosts, and enhanced odds.

Recently, Ladbrokes has developed its betting exchange which will let you bet amongst the other players rather than betting with the brand and you will be provided with an option to choose any of these. The players are encouraged to make use of features like accumulator profits boosts for their own good and these features will make sure they are getting higher returns from their investments.

3. Paddy Power


Paddy Power has secured its position in the heart of the UK people for a long time, and it doesn’t seem to be going away anytime soon. It’s one of the most popular, trusted, and used betting sites in the UK. This Irish Operator offers a wonderful online platform that features easy navigation, and an impressive number of sports to choose from. The non-popular betting games are also found here.

Top App Features

Paddy Power is known for its maverick brand and it’s one of the first of its kind in the market to have mobile apps that are leading in the business. The Rewards Club of Paddy Power is filled with opportunities for free bets and power-ups. Betfair and Paddy Power are the power duo now as they have joined forces. The prices are featured in Paddy Power and customers can access odds boosts. There are other wonderful features available as well such as securing profits and answering questions for prizes.

Top Investment Features

In the Paddy Power App, you get access to betting news, the perks of using the bet calculator, playing football with the same game multi-bet features, watching live sports, and winning competitions. There is a moderate amount of betting markets on this platform and power prices are available across multiple sports to help players balance what they invest.

4. Grosvenor


Grosvenor is a well-established brand in the United Kingdom and is known to have many advantages including an easy-to-use online platform and a pleasing and appealing design of the website. They also offer you a wide range of sports for you to choose from while exploring the wagering possibilities.

Top App Features

Although they do not offer enough markets when compared to the other bookmakers on this list, their odds, however, are competitive. Looking at the sportsbook features, you will be provided with cash-out, in-play, a good app that is available for mobile users, double odds on any sports, odds, or bets, etc.

Top Investment Features

You are also allowed to change the odds between decimal and fractional easily and swiftly. And they do not annoy you by filling your screen with unnecessary information or links to the bookie’s other pages and this is something the other bookies lack. It enables players to really focus on their games and bets, which encourages healthy gambling behaviour.

Final Thoughts

There are many online gambling and betting sites and apps throughout the United Kingdom and some of them are even scammers. Therefore, players need to compare and choose a trustworthy platform if they are willing to invest their money effectively. Every site is different and has its benefits and downsides. Players need to understand their own needs and choose a recommended and established website and app which will suit them best.

They should check the online casinobonus offers and deals the online casino brand provides so they are more likely to receive higher returns rather than fatal losses, even though there is always a risk involved. Hopefully, this guide is helpful in your search for the best casinos online in the UK, but if you prefer hitting a real casino then head to London for the best casino experiences. Good luck!