How To Overcome Gambling Addiction And Gamble With A Healthy Mind

Overcome Gambling Addiction

Gambling is a billion-dollar industry in the United States and expected to grow as online gambling enterprises are surging.

Las Vegas is considered the unofficial gambling capital of the world. The casinos bring in billions of dollars from gamblers visiting from all over the world.

In 2019, the United States collected a total contribution of around $137.5 billion to the economy from gambling. The worldwide gambling market, however, grossed at $495.

Gambling can become an addiction, which drives a person crazy. There are approximately 2 million Americans who are addicted gamblers, and this is only what is officially known.

It is understood that compulsive gambling drives people into an addiction, which is a psychological symptom. Usually, people start gambling for fun, where they lose money or can make an unexpected amount in a single go. The pleasure grows into an addiction with the fear to lose and cover-up or even the lust to win more and more.

Gambling for fun? Are you serious? There are thousands of other ways for fun, like watching online movies, etc.?

Understanding The Gambling Addiction

Understanding The Gambling AddictionThe first time someone places a bet or goes for a bet can drive that person into addiction. It has been studied and found that addiction tends to develop quickly for those who engage in frequent gambling, using different channels and methods.

The addiction can grow in days, months, or even in a year. If you are betting and sensing to develop the lust, then that is the indicating point that you have developed the process of addiction, which can be harmful to you.

Seven Helpful Tips To Overcome Gambling Addiction

According to the Florida Council on Compulsive Gambling, how long it takes for a person to develop the addiction varies from person to person. Some can get over this boisterous addiction, but it mostly results in destroying themselves the longer it goes on for.

Although there aren’t any scientific cures for this addiction, we have found some tremendously helpful and practical ideas and tips that would help combat the addiction if applied regularly.

1. Understand The Nature

The first important step in overcoming this addiction is to understand the exact reasons behind this addictive nature. If you are keen on reducing or eliminating gambling from your life, then the most important aspect to highlight and work on is the nature of gambling.

There could be thousands of reasons behind this nasty addiction. The American Psychiatrist Association identifies gambling as a mental disorder often triggered by the excessive consumption of drugs and alcohol.

The other stated reasons to develop gambling addiction are lost relationships, greed for financial assistance, repeated failed attempts, or a person with a high and significant amount of money.

If you sense the gambling disorder symptoms, then be honest with yourself. Stop resisting the fact and accept reality. Fight against it, and you shall be successful.

2. Take Group Counseling

Tips To Overcome Gambling AddictionIf you accepted the reality that you have the addictive gambling nature, then the next possible option is to get assistance from a counseling group, also known as a support group. There are thousands of support groups where you can people from diverse backgrounds with several habits, they need counseling on.

You may find several people having the same problem as yours. These group sessions and counseling therapies work on different criteria, and you can quickly, easily, and feasibly reach people who have overcome gambling and take help from them.

If you realize that fighting the urge isn’t working for you, seeking professional psychiatrist help is a must-go option. Professionals’ support and assistance will help you refine the ability to resist, and you can meet your target. Some professionals even have mobile-friendly websites; so, you can book your appointment with them at their respective websites.

3. Fight The Urge

Sometimes the person wanting to quit online gambling found in a situation where the urge to gamble increases with time. It is just like the people who want to quit smoking, but somehow ending up smoking again.

Urges are somewhat inevitable but can be avoided if you fight and resist correctly with care.

You need to perceive that when you fight and overcome the urge, you are actually improving your self-control.

4. Delay The Decision

Another tip that could be helpful for you is to delay the process. It is connected to the above heading as a fight against the urge. When you delay the decision to gamble, you ultimately get the time for the urge to go away or at least postpone.

The process of delaying develops self-control, and you can rethink your decision to gamble. What can be done? Stay calm and focus. Take some deep breaths, talk to yourself, and convince not to go, or do another activity that keeps you busy.

5. Think About Your Family

Families are the compass that guides us. They are the inspiration to reach great heights and our comfort when we occasionally falter.’

(Brad Henry)

If one person of any family is addicted to this compulsion, then the whole family suffers. Remember that your family is the most important gift in your life. Keep them as a source of inspiration and fight the urge.

You can even divert your mind by spending more time with your family. Doing household chores with your wife or help your child with their homework.

6. Try Quitting With Alternatives

It is in your hands to let the distraction work. If you really want to improve your state and condition, then you must look for alternatives. The alternatives help you in replacing your addictive behaviour with positive ones.

There are plenty of alternatives if you look out for them. But some of the other options that I personally believe to be most useful are:

  • Exploring and getting into new hobbies
  • Planning a vacation
  • Investing in physical fitness such as using fitness apps
  • Meditation
  • Studying
  • Spending time with good-natured friends

If you have a sibling, relative, or a friend that involves in gambling and wants to fight it, then try it with the best alternative and ask the person to focus on writing a dissertation and do the research about the topic or run a blog about their experience, so that they can easily focus on something useful and purposeful.

7. Remind Yourself That Gambling Is Self-Destruction

Recovery can be made with strong determination. If you develop the fear of self-destruction, you will lead to a prosperous result. Shame and guilt can motivate you to stay in the recovery process.

Think of the consequences of having a gambling nature. The consequences include the amount of trouble and pain you caused for your loved ones, the lies you tell to disguise the other lies, and the hardships you put your family into.

Final Thoughts

Overcoming and eliminating gambling nature can be a daunting task but not merely impossible. It is a process of conflicting emotions.

It can’t be sorted with any magical spell, but by your own valid will and determination will make you fight it in the best possible way.

I hope you find this write-up by Dissertation Assistance helpful in overcoming this adverse and dreadful nature.