Top 7 Places In London For Business Meetings With Rooftop Open Bars


Want to take on that business meeting in a unique way? Then am sure you are thinking of a venue with a rooftop in London to hold that meeting. The best thing about holding a meeting in a venue with a rooftop is that you can view the mesmerizing London skyline. Luckily, in London, you will be sure that finding a rooftop open bar is not as hectic as many would think.

Rooftop open bars are in plenty in London, but before you decide to hire one, you would want to consider some factors. Before start digging and detailing the best rooftop bars in London, we would like you to take a look at the factors that you need to take into consideration before picking a specific rooftop bar.

Factors to consider before picking up a rooftop bar in London, UK.

1. Consider your budget

This is a crucial factor before sampling any ideas we may give. Sit down with your crew and decide on the money you will spend on at the bar.

2. The bar’s location

This involves knowing where you will pack your cars and how easy or hard it will be to get to the venue. Having extensive knowledge of how the area looks like will enable you to plan effectively on a lot of matters like accessibility.

3. Time of the event

If you are holding a meeting during summer, you should plan on the time of day when the sun is not at its hottest. However, if you have no other choice but to plan on the time when the sun is scorching, you should consider a contingency plan for the heat.


Top 7 rooftop open bars in London for business meetings

We have compiled 7 of the best rooftop open bars in London that business owners can use to hold meetings.

1. Netil360


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Netil360 is a great rooftop you could use to set up a business meeting. It is easily accessible and has many choices of food and beer. This rooftop is located at 1 Westgate St, London E8 3RL, UK, so anyone in the UK can identify the rooftop easily. According to the many reviews that people are giving about this place is that the rooftop is an excellent place to view most of London’s skyline. The music here is also on another level, and you get to have fun, discuss business and have fun later.

2. Trafalgar St. James

This is another great rooftop. It is very convenient for a business meeting. The spot also has private hiring, so if you have a quiet place to hold your meeting, you can hire the spot privately. Trafalgar also offers cocktails and is located on the 7th Floor, 2 Spring Gardens, London SW1A 2TS, United Kingdom.

3. Shoreditch house


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This is also a great place to hold business meetings. Here, you get to watch the view of east London from the rooftop. There is also a swimming pool. Suppose you are done with the meeting and you need to relax. It also has a gym if you need to use the gym after the meeting. The place, however, requires you to be a member or else be with a member to get in.

Location: Ebor Street London

4. The old fountain

If you are a beer lover, then this is the rooftop bar for you and your crew. The old fountain offers a great beer selection and great food. They also provide a pleasant roof terrace for when the weather is a little bit too much.

Location: 3 Baldwin St, Hoxton London

5. Queen of Hoxton

If you are a lover of music, then be sure that this is the place for you. The rooftop plays music which you can listen to and also have other conversations. The bar is a good spot, especially on sunny days. If you hate waiting for orders, it is good if you buy your drinks downstairs while going up, it is better this way. The rooftop is also a killer for when you want to view the rest of London’s spectacular views.

Location: 1-5 curtain road London.

6. Coq d’Argent

This is another rooftop that can serve well for a business meeting. Although the rooftop is quite expensive, it is worth every coin. On this rooftop, you will have a full view of the bank of England and the gherkin. If you can get the seats near the window, then you will be able to enjoy magnificent sceneries as you enjoy good food and a wide selection of beer. The staff is also a great team with exceptional service.

Location: No1 Poultry, London

7. Aqua spirit

This is one of the coolest rooftops in London with amazing views from the roof. This rooftop overlooks regent street that you can enjoy watching with your colleagues.

Location: 5th floor of Regent ST London.