Top 5 Places To Visit In Wales For This Summer

places to visit in wales

Wales, a country in the UK, is a beautiful place to visit. Though not as famous as Scotland or England, it has beautiful sceneries one can visit. With a population of about 3 million people, Wales have stunning scenes one can enjoy along with learning about the cultures of these people.

Below are five of the most beautiful sites in Wales.

1. Snowdonia

You can never think of Wales and fail to mention Snowdonia as a tourist attraction. This is a great place to visit, especially this summer. This place is named after the highest peak that is named Snowdown. The view has three majestic peaks that are up to 3,000 feet high. The site also has a national park. The park is famous for hiking and climbing.

Snowdonia is also famous for having been featured in legends like the King Arthur legend. Locals even believe that the king was a Welsh king. Snowdonia should be a place you can visit this summer in Wales. It is great for nature views considering that apart from the three spectacular peaks, there are also lakes and pools that you can enjoy the view of.

2. Devil’s Bridge and Harford’s Estate

Devil’s bridge is a spectacular view of three bridges stacks upon each other. The oldest bridge can be dated to back in the 11th century and the newest being built-in 1901. The place has got very spectacular views. Watching the falls is something that most visitors love about this place. The river plunges 300 feet into the valley, and this is why the falls are a beautiful view. You cannot forget about climbing the steep and slippery staircase known as Jacob’s ladder. Some people think that the place is named the devil’s bridge because of Jacob’s ladder.

Afterwards, you can take a stroll around the Harford’s estate once believed to have the most beautiful garden in great Britain. You can also enjoy hikes while in the estate and also enjoy the ancient gardens.

3. Llandudno

This one is between the limestone headlands of both the little Orme and the great Orme. It is a famous resort and one of the largest in the country. The resort was built by a wealthy family in the 1950s. The Mostyn family built this with all the attributes wealthy people would love. This charming resort consists of a great promenade that stretches along the town’s beach to about 700 meters.

This is a great place in the UK, to visit in summer, especially if you are a beach person. The best view for this resort is when you can view the rest of the Irish sea. You can view the best of this resort from the great Orme which can be accessed through a heritage tramway. If you get to visit Llandudno, you will see why it is referred to as the ‘queen of Welsh resorts’.

4. Caernarfon Castle

If you love history, then this is the place for you to visit this summer. This castle was built in the 13th century by king Edward the first for the first prince. The castles are considered one of the largest in the country with it’s two majestic gates and the 13 towers. This castle also has a unique design compared to the other ancient castles in the country since it is built-in hourglass design. This castle is also believed to be the most preserved heritage in the UK. There are so many legends behind the castle that you can enjoy listening to.

5. Pembrokeshire Coast

This is another great place to check out this summer. In this coastline, you will be able to view seals that bask in the sun on the rocks. If you are an adrenaline lover, you can choose to surf conventionally or by the wind. The Pembrokeshire coast is believed to be visited by over 4 million people a year. This is because the coastline alone measures up to 300km along the cliff, so this is a very beautiful view if you love water in the summer.


Honestly, there is no better way of spending this summer in Wales by visiting the most beautiful places on the list. The best thing about Wales is that you will always find the best accommodation you can have. Visiting the above outlined UK tourist destinations is the best thing you can do to yourself.

It is a good way to feed your spirit with beautiful sceneries that it would be difficult to view anywhere else. For instance, the Caernarfon castle is one historical place one can enjoy by learning more about the legends behind it. If you love beaches, the Pembrokeshire coast will be there to offer the best experience you can ever have as a beach lover among other fun activities you can indulge in when you are at Wales in the UK.