5 Affordable Ways to Make Dog Coats, Dog Jackets & Dog Sweaters


Purchasing dog clothes and dog coats is rather an expensive affair compared to making dog jackets at home.

However, you would need to know how to make a dog coat first, right?

Customized, self-made dog vests have their benefits, along with their style quotient. At least a couple of coats is what each pooch should be having to safeguard themselves from the sometimes rustic weather here in the UK. Right from old denim to knitted jumpers and sweatshirts, all cater well for making your pretty pooch’s designer coat—most of these are perfect for any outdoor activity.

After learning how to measure a dog for a coat and finishing off sewing the jacket, you can also decorate it with small badges and cloth stickers to give it an attractive and unique look. Make everybody’s head turn, while your pet buddy walks the aisle donning your lovingly created designer wear! Read below the five ways, requirements and steps to make designer dog coats for your loveable pooch, with individual twists.

Watch the below video first to understand how to take the correct measurements of your dog:

  1. Designer Tweed Coat

    If you have a country dog, a tweed coat will be an ideal one for them to deal with every weather. It looks trendy and is useful. With the fleece fabric for the outer layer and a couple of designers touches here and there, your pooch’s designer coat is ready to wear. Let’s take a dig into the making of the same.


    • Measuring tape
    • Paper (medium thickness)
    • Cutters
    • Fleece for the topcoat
    • Cloth marker and pins
    • Velcro
    • Small round-shaped buttons (2) for the belt
    • Needle and Thread


    • Measure the size of your four-legged partner from their neckline to the tail area. Cut out the shapes on a piece of paper and attach them. With the aid of a marker pen, mark the belly straps and buttons’ position. Later, adjust the length in accordance.
    • Place the top portion of the coat on your pooch for checking the adjustments of the neck straps. Then using a cloth marker, mark the Velcro Stitch the same onto the neckline’s right side. Make sure to attach the Velcro pieces in similar places on the straps. Then sew the topcoat with the lining together.
    • Attach the belt to the coat, sewing it with zigzag stitches to prevent it from fraying. After positioning the belt on the body portion of the topcoat, ensure that the entire thing looks straight and centrally placed. Later sew the buttons onto the belt. Stitch it at an equal distance from either end of the belt.
    • Place the collar in the middle, with the fleece portion upwards. It should be at the topcoat’s front portion. Along with the collar’s lined-up inner edge, pin it with the body piece.
    • Turn the fleece portion of the coat and position the belly straps facing opposite to each other. The Velcro should meet, facing down.
    • Sew the coat edges to make it smooth while wearing. Walk your lovable pooch in style with his new designer coat!
  2. No-Sew Sweater Coat

    This one is especially for small dog breeds like Chihuahua or similar ones. Once the winter sets in, its cold spell takes a toll on these innocent little pooches. So, a ‘no-sew sweater coat’ is not the wrong choice for a new designer. Read along the process of making one for your little pooch.


    • Measuring tape
    • Cutters
    • A jumper


    • Take the correct measurement of your dog or Chihuahua, around their neck and chest. You can vary your choice from a toddler’s jumper to a child or an adult, depending on your dog’s size.
    • Take out the sleeves from the jumper. For a male dog, keep the seam area a bit shorter. It will give him easy access while relieving himself, without soiling the jumper.
    • Fit the waistband of the jumper according to your pooch’s head. Roll the neck to hide the raw edge, while making it feel soft around the neck.
    • Lastly, measure your pup’s neck to the top portion of the front legs along with the distance in between the same. You will get an idea of cutting holes for the paws, for them to wear the coat. The entire no-sew jacket should have enough space for comfortable movement.
    • Accordingly, cut the holes out of the sleeve portion, and your pet pooch’s designer sweater coat is ready!
  3. Woollen Sweater Coat

    A sweater coat works best for small to medium-sized dogs. The sleeves of any decent sweatshirt stretch better, as compared to any shirt. Get hold of one and get down into making a designer sweater coat for your pooch. It sure will give your pet buddy enough warmth and protect them from harsh winters. Follow the ways to create this designer wear.


    • Measuring tape
    • Cutters
    • A sweatshirt or pure-wool sweater


    • Pick an old but good-looking pure-wool sweater. If not, a sweatshirt stands as a good option.
    • Cut the sleeves from the cuff, depending on your pooch’s breed. Make the opening a bit wide for easy access.
    • Cut the side of the armpit and adjust the length.
    • Sew the edges with a zigzag stitch, as it caters to a stretchable opening.
    • Measure the distance between the pooch’s front legs and then proceed with making the holes and stitching well.
    • And here you go! Your beloved pooch’s designer sweater coat is ready.
  4. Denim Coat


    Of course, you read it right! It is a denim coat to give your pet buddy a sportswear look. And what else? It offers sufficient space between the four legs for them to move smoothly. Get hold of your recycled denim to get this designer wear, well-suited for most days in any weather. Remember that the more worn-out the denim is, the more comfortable your pooch will find it!


    • Denim jeans
    • Measuring tape
    • Paper (medium thickness)
    • Cutters
    • Bright-coloured lining cloth
    • Cloth markers and pins
    • Velcro
    • Needle and Thread


    • Trace out a pattern from your pooch’s old jacket. Lay the denim jeans diagonally on the table and cut open one of their legs. Then remove the back pocket.
    • Cut a bright-coloured fabric for its lining. The bright-coloured lining will play peek-a-boo from the denim hole!
    • Sew together the lining with the right side of the denim, starting from the top edges and the neck area.
    • Make the notches around the neck portion.
    • With the aid of double-folded bias tape, cover the left-over raw edges of the jacket.
    • To give the neckline a perfect fit, add Velcro. Straps will be an excellent option to place the Velcro securely to close around your pooch’s tummy. And, your pet buddy’s designer coat is ready in minutes!
  5. Designer Vest Coat


    Give your canine buddy a cosy and comfortable outfit by sewing a designer vest coat. Sounds easy, right? Yes! It is easy to make, and you can give them extra comfort with style with this designer coat. Gear up and read along to get a clear idea of making the same.


    • 1/2-yard fleece
    • Paper
    • Cloth marker and pins
    • Cutters
    • 1” wide nylon strap (half yard)
    • 1’ long ready-made hook-and-loop tape
    • Thread and needle


    • Get a paper to measure your pooch’s old vest.
    • Place the cut-out on the fleece cloth and mark the edges well. Using cloth-pins, attach them well. Then cut out the entire pattern on the original fleece cloth.
    • For over ½” from each side, fold the fabric and sew it well.
    • Using a cloth marker, mark the area to attach the belt.
    • Sew a nylon strap on both sides of the vest, in an X-shape of a 1” square and secure them well.
    • Make your pooch wear the vest coat to check whether the neckline fits well, and they feel at ease. Also, check the nylon strap around their tummy.
    • Lastly, stitch a hook-and-loop tape along with the strap. It will secure the vest coat well.


So, without wasting much time and money, get going with the above-discussed five self-made fashion ideas for your four-legged friend. Maybe you’ll discover a new hobby or get enquiries from dog lovers in your town.