10 Top UK Outdoor Sports Online Stores For The Best Outdoor Equipment Shopping

10 Top UK Outdoor Sports Online Stores For The Best Outdoor Equipment Shopping

The United Kingdom, a country where people enjoy sports such as football, rugby, athletics, swimming, and many others, is heavily invested in playing them all in their free time. There are many outdoor sports online stores in the UK.

As a result, having the best types of equipment to meet the needs of the nation’s favourite sports is critical. No matter how much we adore the concept of fitness, the fantasy of having it all at our fingertips in our homes continues to rule supreme.

While we all shop online more since the outbreak of the pandemic, the variety of websites available to purchase outdoor sports equipment puts customers first so that they order only from the finest in the industry, offering the highest possible quality at reasonable prices.

So here, we’ve compiled an impressive, well-researched list of online sports equipment merchants that we recommend. However, some of them may be less well-known or recognized and we encourage you to give the smaller businesses a try too.

Here’s to assist you in organizing your sports routine and achieving that svelte physique on the go.

1. Amazon

amazonThe name Amazon is self-explanatory. Whether it’s the realm of entertainment or fitness, this website’s presence flatters them all. Their services include a wide choice of high-quality products in a variety of price levels. Everything you can think of is available here, whether it’s heavy sports equipment, athletic clothes, or simple at-home exercise items.

The corporation generates approximately 386 billion dollars in annual revenue and provides one of the most satisfying premium customer services. The website features one of the most user-friendly layouts and is chock-full of deals and convenient services.

2. Very

Very online retailer logoThe website is pink and productive, and it sells a variety of things ranging from beauty to lifestyle to the best sports gear. It also sells stuff for home gardening and fitness equipment. On a never-before-seen scale, there are several sales and budget-friendly bargains here.

Their most recent revenue output is a whopping 2 billion US dollars, and it has been steadily expanding since then. As the company continues to expand its services, client satisfaction has been rising. The company is entirely online and provides excellent customer service.

3. Exercise

exerciesExercise is known for its heavy gym and workout equipment. It is also famous for its strong focus on treadmills, cycles, home workout tools, and other essentials. While there may not be much in the way of fitness gear and leisure sports things on the horizon, the website remains supreme for gym-goers. Aside from training, playing, and home gym equipment, the website also categorizes things by aims, making up for one of the most fascinating user experiences.

The website accepts the Blue Light Card and provides free delivery within the UK mainland, as well as a quick and secure checkout. Customer satisfaction is at an all-time high, and all fitness enthusiasts looking to gain muscles enthusiastically endorse the website.

4. Decathlon

Decathlon UKDecathlon is just another fantastic fitness brand. Their website is also impressive, categorizing their products in the plainest and basic manner imaginable. Anyone who views the website can’t deny the satisfaction, from camping to simple home games and from yoga to heavy gym equipment they provide.

Not only are the items outstanding, but client satisfaction is also at an all-time high. Indeed, one of their most successful programs to date has been to reduce carbon emissions by 75% by 2021 while creating 200+ new jobs. They currently operate roughly nine main stores in the arena and hope to accomplish their goal of 100 stores by the end of the year.

5. John Lewis

john lewis and partnersJohn Lewis and Partners is another famous store in the UK. The website has a beautiful white tone and organizes every single item in the most efficient way possible. It is more than a brand; it is a retail experience website that carries a plethora of different brands that are nearly classified by their initial alphabets or service departments. You name it, and they have got it, from gifting to sports and leisure in all shapes and forms to electrical equipment.

As of 2020, the company will have annual revenue of around £10.15 billion and will provide a tremendous number of products and services to its clients. It is completely online and performs one of the most straightforward tasks.

6. Argos

ArgosArgos has everything from bags, baggage, travel, camping, and caravanning to heavy-duty exercise machines, fitness, and activity tracks, weights, fitness technology, and fitness accessories, as well as clothes. It’s another brilliant venue to reach out to in the name of fitness or even online shopping, with a vibrant red logo to emphasize your energy and bull vigour.

Fast track delivery and the possibility to carry out pre-paid online orders despite the epidemic while still boosting customer satisfaction are some other appealing services that they provide. They ranked no. 2 with a generation of 2000 million US dollars in 2020. It has stores in all the major cities, including Manchester, Edinburgh, and London.

7. Best Gym Equipment

best gym eqipmentBest Gym Equipment, as the name implies, is a fantastic business that offers a wide choice of gym equipment and accessories at reasonable prices. They’ve got it all ready for your one click, from cardio, strength, functional training, storage, wellbeing, and everything else you could need to keep your body moving and glowing.

They carry a wide range of brands and provide free shipping on orders over £99. They also have a chatbot on their website, as well as an always-available helpline, to cater to their audience in the best way possible.

8. Sports Direct

sports direct logoThe website has a more retailer-like environment, with everything from the greatest athletic clothing to outdoor equipment, training necessities, and a specific predilection to running and football necessities. It provides the best things from Adidas, Nike, Puma, Skechers, and a few other renowned sportswear and sports companies to its consumers.

The website will be one of the finest go-to locations for fitness lovers. By 2020, it generated an annual income of 395.74 GBP. Their open stores may be found on their website, and you can find out more about them based on your area.

9. Go Outdoors

go outdoorsThe website has a relaxing and satisfying feel to it, with a great aura of nature. It offers a wide range of products, including various writeups and articles, to help you get started on your path to fitness and good health. They also provide coupons and special offers, making them both affordable and appealing. With a reputation for being a superb UK outdoor retailer, the company offers good, better, and best options are ranging from a £10 walking shoe to a £900 air tent.

The yearly sales of Go Outdoor have climbed significantly, reaching an anticipated 240 million British pounds in the year ending February 2019. It has a high customer satisfaction rating and an excellent average rating of several operational stores that can be found on the internet.

10. Morebells

morebells 2Morebells is another company that provides you with the best equipment and frequently focuses on it. Not only that, but they also provide a great deal to make them a wallet-friendly website to use. It’s another great spot to get your hands on some incredible and adaptable training equipment.

They are the top specialty retailer for home exercise equipment, with 57 outlets in Europe and nine in the UK. They offer the largest online assortment of items to the UK market, with over 6,000 fitness-related products, as well as world-class customer service and logistical management.


Hopefully, you’ve been inspired by this list of some more uncommon sport equipment stores online offering a plethora of choices in the field of fitness as well as help you steal some time away from your duties to get that fantastic vitality you’ve been looking for. We recommend you check them out and see which online store features the equipment right for you and your preferred sport or exercise regime.

Compare and explore the most suitable and desirable sports products and services that these stores offer. All significant areas, including categories, customer service, and other significant factors, have been thoroughly investigated so that the aforementioned stores are convenient and pleasant to shop with, so we give them a big thumbs up.