Using Instagram Live For Business In The Best Possible Way

instagram live for business

The Instagram Live feature is a comparatively new one having been launched in 2017, but since its launch it has somewhat reduced the dominance of Instagram Stories making its future look certainly bright.

You should get acquainted with this new feature soon, if you have not already. This is because, according to a recent survey it is found that:

  • 22% businesses used this feature of Instagram in 2017 and
  • 55% thought of using it in their marketing strategy in 2018.

That means, the favor for Instagram Live has risen by more than double in one year. This shoes that the idea of going ‘Live’ on Instagram is pretty daunting and understandably so for most of the modern businesses.

However, there is one thing you should be wary of.  That is, while you will get a chance of publishing videos that are pre-recorded on Instagram Stories, you will not get any such chances or ‘retakes’ on Instagram Live.

That does not take away the huge potential and value that Instagram Live has for the businesses even by an iota. If you can use it correctly, this new feature of Instagram will make it an incredible channel with lots of opportunity for you to drive new followers and higher level of engagement.

Share your broadcast

Instagram Live will make it much easier for you to reach out to your larger business goals and if you visit sites like to get an idea how to use it for your business and share your broadcast on Instagram stories even after it, you will even get better results.

  • When the Instagram Live video ends, you will see a “Share” button appearing at the bottom of your screen.
  • You will need to click on it so that your live broadcast remains live on your Instagram feed for the next for 24 hours.

This will enable your followers who missed it, see it as well, unless you choose to add it to your Instagram Stories highlights to stay there permanently.

instagram live

There is another new feature added by Instagram with which you can add guests to their live streams. This feature will allow you to:

  • Let people who are running a video to add another person who is watching the same video at that very moment by clicking on the “Add” button located at the corner of the screen.
  • When the person is added, he or she will joinyou in a different window placed below yours on the screen.

This co-hosting of an Instagram Live video will not only reach out to a larger section of the audience and boost the engagement level on your broadcast but it will also open the new door to your Instagram marketing campaign. This will allow two influencers or businesses partner with each other to promote the business and product.

Using Instagram Live for business

If you are new to it and expecting to accomplish larger goals in Instagram marketing using the Live feature, it is really important that you have a proper strategy in place. This will not only drive traffic and sales but will also boost sign ups.

However, you will need to remember that just like Instagram Stories, Instagram Live is also a relaxed place. You can as creative as you want here but make sure that you do not deviate from your game plan that needs to be solid, relevant and achievable.

  • Start by launching a new productor service according to the new trend noticed on Instagram Live. Why not? This is just the right place to generate a lot of hype about your product, whether it is for unveiling a new product line, teasing a future launch or any other. The live broadcast will rev up the excitement around your product and business. All that you have to do is select the hottest product, use the live broadcast strategy and deliberately provide very few details regarding it. This will create a mystery around it and it will drive more of your followers into a frenzy.
  • Follow it up with a question and answer session and ask your viewers to sign up after the teaserfor more information about the product to be found only on your website. This approach will not only give your live video a touch of exclusivity but it will also encourage your followers to act immediately feeling a sense of urgency in them thereby increasing the number of leads that you get eventually.
  • You can also run tutorials and workshops to collect email addresses using one of the different formats available during your live broadcast. Each of these formats will certainly get you a large number of viewers making it all the more valuable feature on Instagram. One of the best ways to proceed is ask the visitors to submit a set of questions beforehand by sending your followers to the landing page that has the email form. You can do this by sharing the landing page URLin the beginning of your live broadcast. Alternately, you can also provide an email address to the viewers to send in their questions.
  • Promote your sales in the end to make your campaign a success. Instagram Stories is supposed to be ephemeral but nothing is more ephemeral than live videos on Instagram. Make the best use of these videos to take the maximum advantage and make sure that you create a sense of urgency among the followers to watch your live broadcast.

instagram live for business

Professionals suggest that one of the best ways to increase your viewership is to promise promotions that are limited by time, especially during the broadcast only. Announce such promotions beforehand whether it is a giveaway, discount, or a promotion.

This will make the viewers feel that your offer is just for a select few and they will perform the cation feeling the urgency. Just make sure that you share the discount code or coupon when you go live with your viewers.

All these steps will surely make your business ‘alive’ with the use of the new Instagram Live feature.