7 Great Wall Décor Ideas to Try This Autumn 2022


One of the greatest things about wall art is that you can switch it around or replace existing pieces with new stuff whenever you want; you don’t have to keep the same ornaments or frames fixed in one place permanently.

You could do the switching around and replacement whenever the mood suits you, like a spring-cleaning frenzy. Or you could do it at certain time intervals.

A good way to change your wall décor is to theme it on seasons. That way, every time the seasons change you have something new on your wall!

Now that we’re heading into autumn, here are a few great wall décor ideas that you can use to rejuvenate your home décor and welcome autumn into your humble abode.

1. Add a Splash of Color with Floral Arrangements on Wall-Mounted Vases

The favourite autumn wall décor may be to have quirky wall-mounted vases with a variety of fresh or dried flowers from fall.

The current trend online is a bunch of wiggle-shaped vases, but you get them in all shapes and forms. They come in decent sizes and are wall mounted. This ensures you have a delightful addition of colour on your walls at this time of the year.

2. Create Magic this Autumn with Floating Books

It’s that time of the year when summer is receding into the horizon and autumn is sweeping in, complete with dry leaves and all. And it is the right time to create a sense of magic in your house if you are into books.

Imagine the surprised look your friends have when they walk in and find books seemingly floating in mid-air alongside your favourite wall! All you need is a set of hidden bookshelves to nail onto your walls. And you have your personalized floating bookstall. Umbra is a good company to check out for these products. 

3. Beautify Your Walls with the Exquisite Work of the Pondok Craftsmen from Bali

Wood sculpture is definitely doing the rounds of quite a few homes when it comes to wall décor, and you may just want to latch on to it. The transformation of the look of your room is instant when you install one of these at home.

And if you’re wondering what kind of wood sculpture to buy, check out the exquisite work of the Pondok craftsmen in Bali. The quality is mesmerizing, especially the mushroom wall art pieces. And don’t worry about distance; the internet ensures Bali is just a stone’s throw away.

4. Use Personalized Wall Décor this Autumn

A great way to up the style quotient of your home this autumn is with personalized wall art. With the seasonal change and weather cooling down, you want to make sure your humble abode is as cosy as it is homey. And what better way to give it a personal touch than by creating a couple of gorgeous storyboards?

Sipping your morning coffee or afternoon tea will certainly give you that warm feeling inside, when reminiscing on those cherished memories and captured candid moments.

5. Up the Colour Quotient of Your Home Walls with Flavourful Wallpapers

The easiest way to add a layer of colour to your home is to slap on some wallpaper. And the change of season gives you the perfect excuse to up the colour and style quotient of your home by adorning it with aesthetically rich and almost vintage-design wallpaper.

You don’t have to do monochrome – all you need is wallpaper with exquisite design value. Choose palettes and designs that add a warm glow to your walls; it will help keep out the chill of winter.

6. Customized Wall Stickers are a Good Deal Too!

use-customized-wall-stickers-for-wall-décorIf you want the best look with optimal usage of time, effort, and of course money, you could try using custom wall stickers.

These stickers are a big draw; you can choose your theme – it could be the season itself, or it could be a day at the farm, or whatever you like – and your colours wisely too, keeping in mind they’re semi-permanent, so changing them might be somewhat of a hassle.

These stickers are highly durable – they’re made using high-grade vinyl and do not fade away soon. They add to the atmosphere of the room you are in. The fact that they can still be replaced (should you change your mind at some point) without tarnishing the wall is an added plus and a big reason why loads of people opt for it.

7. Add Earthy Tones to Your Room with Hand-Woven Baskets

use-handwoven-baskets-for-wall-décorHand-woven baskets are in great demand at most neighbourhood stores and retailers this autumn because you can use them to create the perfect wall décor item.

The décor usually has 2 pieces – the basket itself and the floral arrangement in it. The mats in the basket are hand-woven and they immediately give you a feel of earthiness and grounding. The floral arrangement adds a dash of glamour to the overall appearance.

The highlight is the fact that it is wall mounted. It always evokes a sense of awe and appreciation because we don’t see too many of these in our daily lives.

Having gone through our top 7 wall décor ideas, we hope that the upcoming autumnal season will inspire you to get on with some DIY to create the home of your dreams and enhance it with a lovely designer feel to it.