Top European Holiday Destinations for Travelers on a budget


The holiday is fast approaching, and a lot of folks in the UK would like to go for some sightseeing within Europe, if you’re such, this post is for you!

Traveling within Europe has its advantage, with EU countries including Austria, Italy, Greece, Belgium, Hungary, Romania, Ireland, and of course, the UK, allowing the free movement of people and goods, between member nations.

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But besides the free movement, there are tons of other benefits for travelers within Europe, such as having most of the countries conversant with the English language, with about 58 million native English speakers in the countries, and about 38 percent of the population (even non-native English speaking countries like Italy, Spain, and others) fluent enough to hold a conversation in English.

Why is this an advantage, you may ask? It simply is, because if perchance, you have need of help in one way or the other, there is a high possibility that someone who can speak your native language will be reachable.

Here are the Top European Holiday Destinations for Travelers on a budget!

Top & Cheapest European Holiday Destinations to Visit this Christmas

The month of December is when most people in the UK want to travel, first, because it feels rather too enchanting everywhere as a result of Christmas. Since Christmas is perhaps the biggest reason for traveling, prices for hotels and traveling are highly inflated and almost all hotels get fully booked.

But there are a few European countries, which are still popular, that does not see very much of tourists at Christmas and those are the ones that will be making our list of cheap places to travel in Europe for Christmas.


georgia-holiday-destinationsGeorgia is a European country that is located at the intersection of Europe and Asia. It is also a former Soviet republic, and home to Black Sea beaches and Caucasus Mountain villages, which are great tourist attractions.

Georgia is famous for Vardzia, a sprawling cave monastery that dates back to the 12th century, and the wine-growing region, known as Kakheti. The capital city, Tbilisi, is also well known for its diverse architecture, with the old town’s maze-like cobblestone streets.


And the Gergeti Trinity Church ( Holy Trinity Church) is another popular attraction at the village of Gergeti in Georgia, situated on the right bank of the river Chkheri, under Mount Kazbek.

Most definitely, you won’t think of this teeny-tiny nation as among the cheapest places to travel in Europe with this great number of attractions. Georgia is truly a fantastic destination for travelers on a budget, but not only those on a budget!

Tbilisi has got some of the best restaurants in Europe, where you would be busy hopping from one bar to another. While on the coast, Batumi has a very much milder winter, having about +10C degrees or higher during the day allowing you to get some good sunbathing traversing the coastal regions.

You can have wonderful experiences from going wine tasting, the Kazbegi adventures, and sunbathing, and don’t forget, skiing and explorations of the cave. With average nightly hotel rates starting from $5 in a popular city like Tbilisi.


serbia-holiday-destinationsThe Republic of Serbia is a country situated between Central and Southeast Europe in the Pannonian Plain and central Balkans.

Serbia makes our list of the cheapest destinations to travel to in Europe, and quite a popular destination at that for holiday travelers because of the mountains and secret ski resorts. The Iron Gates is a remarkable gorge on the river Danube, forming part of the country’s boundary. The country also makes a great budget alternative to other top European resorts while still holding up the top quality for accommodation.


There are several great resorts to choose from, like the Stara Planina Resort and Kopaonik Ski Resort. The latter is probably the most famous, larger and more modern, with an ideal place for skiing. You would also love the 25 Sky Lifts with more than 60 km of ski tracks including night skiing tracks.

In fact, there are a whole bunch of great budget options in hotels and accommodations starting from only 25 euros per night and up for the more luxury apartments. With average nightly hotel rates starting from $5 in a popular city like Belgrade.


hungary-holiday-destinationsHungary is a country in Central Europe, which is bisected by the Danube River. It is studded with some great architectural landmarks such as the grand neoclassical buildings and Buda’s medieval Castle Hill, along with the 19th-century Chain Bridge.

The Hungarian culture is hugely under Turkish and Roman influence, including the popularity of mineral spas, even at the thermal Lake Hévíz. Hungary is a great destination for those with a preference for a mild and cheap holiday getaway.


And it is really amazingly beautiful during December month, as winter is truly awesome in the country. The temperature rarely goes below 0 degrees, so you’ll never see major snow in the cities. But, it doesn’t look any more depressing, for the Christmas holiday season, the city can be stunning.

The capital, Budapest makes a huge traveling destination, as all the tourist activities are open in Budapest for the winter season. And many hotels offer special winter discounts. With average nightly hotel rates starting from $5 in popular cities like Budapest.


spain-holiday-destinationsSpain is a European country on the Iberian Peninsula, which includes 17 autonomous regions, each with its diverse geography and culture.

The capital city, Madrid is where the Prado museum is located, the housing works by European masters. And also, the Royal Palace, with Segovia having a medieval castle (the Alcázar) and Roman aqueduct, which all are great tourist attractions.


Barcelona, the largest city of the autonomous community of Catalonia, which is also the second most populous municipality of Spain has its charms. Whenever you are deciding on your travel destination in Europe, it will be remarkable if you take a closer look at Spain.

As the favorite destination for many, Spain offers travelers both cultural programs, amazing beaches and ski resorts, and holiday getaways. But most importantly, it won’t bore a hole in your pocket, with all experiences being budget-friendly. With average nightly hotel rates starting from $5 in a popular city like Barcelona.


Winter is perhaps the best season to travel on a budget to Europe, and this is so for many reasons. First, there are very few travelers, as such prices will remain low, and it is far more easier to make your hotel bookings.

Besides, the big cities and villages look more enchanting with decorations for Christmas. And these decorations are incredibly awesome and beautiful, a good reason for this is perhaps the Christmas lights.

Albeit, the northern part of Europe may experience heavy snowfalls and some long stretches of sunless weeks. But the Mediterranean coast is definitely sunny, and also the central part, with lots of cozy cafes and a Christmas-infused atmosphere that will delight your stay!