The top free 15 fitness apps to keep active in autumn

Top Fitness Apps

Whether you are looking forward to shedding those extra pounds this autumn or you are simply interested in building a highly active lifestyle for yourself, your smartphone can always make up for an excellent fitness & workout companion by your side. There are hundreds of fitness apps with free services available out there that can help you with achieving your desired fitness goals easily. Some of the health and fitness apps we share simply record your activities, while there are some of the high-end diet and fitness apps that also encourage you to exercise by making use of timely notifications to motivate you more.

In this post, we have rounded up a comprehensive list of the top free fitness apps – including fitness apps for beginners, for the pros, workout and fitness apps, and more for your overall health & fitness.

Here are some of our top free 15 fitness apps:

  1. Google Fit

    Google Fit - Fitness AppOffering a wide range of fitness apps benefits to the fitness-enthusiasts out there, the Google Fit fitness app for Android is a great choice. Using this advanced fitness app on your smartphone, you can track your overall fitness levels by making use of a point system along with active minutes. The app is also known to feature specialized fitness goals, including tracking, customized fitness tips, and integration with various other fitness apps out there.

  2. PEAR Personal Fitness Coach

    PEAR - Fitness AppThis advanced fitness apps free version (for iOS and Android) is a hands-free, eye-free, audio fitness coaching app that aims at providing its users with a myriad of specialized guided workouts for multiple fitness levels. You can also go through a wide range of workout packages as well as coaches on the app.

  3. Map My Fitness

    Map My Fitness - Fitness AppOne of the best workout and fitness apps out there, the Map MY Fitness app by Under Armor is known to include as many as 600 different types of fitness activities while syncing over 400 smartphone devices for providing the users with a complete picture of the overall athletic performance.

  4. Nike + Training Club

    Nike + Training Club - Fitness AppNike + Training Club claims to provide the best free fitness app version out there. The app features intense exercise sessions that are designed by professional athletes as well as celebrities. There are three levels of difficulty, including workouts on strength, mobility, and endurance.

  5. MyFitnessPal

    MyFitnessPal - Fitness AppIt is one of the best versions for the best fitness apps at home. Serving as a calorie counter, the app is also known to support features like different food, and diets. It can be used for tracking any type of physical workout or your overall progress.

  6. Yoga Studio

    Yoga Studio - Fitness AppAre you a Yoga fan? Then this is the right app for you! The Yoga Studio workout app provides guided yoga classes for its users – whether you are a beginner or a seasoned yoga practitioner. You can even combine various workout snippets for forming your own customized range of workouts.

  7. StrongLifts 5X5

    StrongLifts 5X5 - Fitness AppAnalyzing the fitness app’s benefits, this app is based on the unique 5X5 concept (5 sets of 5 reps) that has become quite popular all around. Each workout session in the app is fully guided so that you can keep track of your fitness levels as well as personalized fitness goals.

  8. Strava

    Strava - Fitness AppOne of the best fitness apps for Android & iOS, Strava is considered as one of the most famous running apps out there. While most users utilize this app for running, it can also be used for other activities including swimming, cycling, and in conjunction with the smartphone-enabled smartwatch. Therefore, it is also regarded as one of the best fitness apps for Apple Watch.

  9. Freeletics

    Freeletics - Fitness AppProviding the feel that you are no longer to spend a fortune on hefty gym memberships, the Freeletics app is focused entirely on workouts that do not require any specialized equipment. The app reveals various ways in which you can work out without using any equipment.

  10. Garmin Connect

    Garmin - Fitness AppGarmin Connect is known to work with a wide number of Garmin watches – the company refers to this app as the extension of the Garmin device. The app can be used for monitoring the exercises or activities that you undertake. Moreover, it can also be used for building up customized workouts for your fitness routine.

  11. Sworkit:

    Sworkit - Fitness AppIf you are looking for one of the best free fitness app versions out there, Sworkit is yet another top choice for you. In addition to being a great fitness app, it is also regarded as a functional workout planner and fitness tracker for your body. You can also customize your workout schedule with this advanced app.

  12. JEFIT Workout Tracker:

    JEFIT - Workout AppJEFIT is a famous workout tracker as well as a training app. It is known to function well for most of the customized fitness routines out there. The app features cross-platform support to allow access between the web and the smartphone easily.

  13. Workit:

    Workit - Workuot AppThis app is known to be a combination of a great strength training app and an intense workout trainer. This app turns out to be more manual in comparison to the other fitness apps. Using the same, you can create as many workout routines as you want.

  14. Runkeeper:

    Runkeeper - Workout AppIf you are fond of running as a workout regimen, then this is the app for you! It is one of the best workout and fitness apps out there –, especially for the runners. The app helps in tracking your running pace, length, and frequency.

  15. FitNotes:

    FitNotes - Workout AppIf you wish to keep track of your fitness goals, then this is the best offline fitness tracker app out there. The app is highly customizable and works well for both resistance as well as cardio exercises. There is a calendar within the app as well for intense workout planning.

By now you should have an idea about which fitness apps might be ideal for you. Have a closer look at them and maybe test them out as they’re all free.

Once you’ve found the one best suitable for your needs, you can always optimize it by acquiring more features in the app.

Reach your fitness goal with your virtual tracker and trainer. It’s easier than ever, but you still have to do the workout yourself!