Rolex Watch Models–10 Trending Models in 2020

Rolex Watch Models 2020

There are watches, and then there are Rolexes. According to Forbes, Rolex has a brand value of $9.1B, also having made $5.1B worth of sales. With the world’s wealthiest athletes rocking Rolex watches, it is enough to say that Rolex is the Michael Phelps of the watch world. Besides, the brand has gotten endorsements in several sports such as golf, tennis, yachting, and motors sports.

If you are looking to invest in watches, you will not go wrong with Rolex watches. These watches have consistently maintained their value, and so far, there are no signs of the brand waning. However, maintaining this podium position is not an easy task; you have to have a good brand strategy that aims at being innovative.

Rolex Watch Models.

For instance, Rolex developed the first waterproof watch in 1926. This tradition of innovation and excellence has become one of their success secrets. They have maintained an excellent reputation, especially in the modern world, where people consider watches as investments.

However, not all Rolex watches can be good investments; some are more suitable than others. Mostly, you will find watches that will get replaced by successor models as soon as they are available; however, others remain in the market for long.

Here are 2020’s top trending all Rolex models available

  1. GMT-Master II
  2. Sea-Dweller Deepsea
  3. Cosmograph Daytona
  4. Explorer I
  5. Datejust 41
  6. Sea-Dweller
  7. GMT-Master II Calibre 3285
  8. Lady-Datejust 28
  9. Milgauss
  10. Oyster Perpetual 39



  1. GMT-Master II

The Rolex GMT-Master II is a masterpiece by Rolex that not only has excellent features but is also one of the most pitched by famous personalities. First, it is made of stainless steel and also gets powered on an automatic movement.Rolex watches

It comes with high technology ceramics that displays Rolex’s innovativeness. These new ceramics not only create quality bezels but are also noncorrosive and scratchproof. Also, they do not get affected by ultraviolet sun rays.

Also, it comes with a jubilee bracelet and oyster lock safety clasp that is both subtle and comfortable. Besides, it features the latest perpetual calibre 3285, which is the newest generation movement.



  1. Sea-Dweller DeepseaRolex watches

It is one of the best Rolex watches for deep divers. It is waterproof to a depth of 4000 feet and is a perfect watch for in-depth sea exploration.

It comes with an Oyster steel material that is both scratch-resistant and durable. Also, the bezel is made of stainless steel and rotates unidirectionally. Also, it features the Calibre 3235 automatic reserve with the ability to store power for up to 70 hours.



  1. Cosmograph Daytona

It is one of the most trending pieces by Rolex in 2020. This watch comes with amazing features such as water resistance up to 323 feet in depth.Rolex watch models trends

Also, it’s a self-winding watch because of the automatic movement features it has. It keeps power for up to 70 hours and has a stainless-steel casing, which ensures it remains in perfect shape.

Also, you will enjoy the stainless-steel bracelet that is scratch resistant. Also, there are Cerachrom ceramic bezels that are not only new in the market but also of the best quality.



  1. Explorer IRolex model watches

Explorer I comes with a stainless steel case and bracelet. It comes with a Sapphire crystal that is both unique and trendy. This new model works on automatic movement and is also affordable.

This watch has a certificate for authenticity, and you also get a 2-year warranty for every purchase made. Also, you get the original manufacture’s documents in the pack.



  1. Datejust 41Rolex Model watch

The Datejust 41 is a perfect pick for people who want to invest in the latest watches. This watch works on an automatic movement and has a unique sapphire crystal.

The materials used to make the casing and bracelet may vary from either stainless steel to yellow gold. However, both of these do not corrode easily and are scratch-resistant. It comes with a two-year warranty and certificate of authenticity.



  1. Sea-DwellerRolex watches

Another 2020 men’s trendy watch is the sea-dweller. It comes with excellent features that include two variant material and bracelets, either yellow gold or stainless steel.

Also, it has a sapphire crystal and works on an automatic movement. In the box, you find a Rolex watch, a certificate of authenticity, and a 2-year warranty.



  1. GMT-Master II Calibre 3285

Rolex watch 2020

This model comes with both a white gold bracelet and casing. These are both high-quality materials that resist scratches and do not corrode.

It comes with a crystal sapphire and operates on an automatic movement of caliber 3285. Also, it features a black dial with luminous indices and a blue 24-hour bezel. In the box, you will receive a warrant from Rolex and the GMT-Master II original papers.



  1. Lady-Datejust 28

Trendy Rolex watches

Every woman loves a watch, and Rolex made this masterpiece for ladies. It is one of the smallest sized watches among all the Datejust Rolexes.

It comes with corrosion-resistant stainless steel that is stainless steel white gold. Also, the bracelet is made of stainless material to prevent scratches. In the box comes a warranty and all original documents.




  1. Milgauss

Trendy watches

The Milgauss is another trendy watch by Rolex. It has an automatic movement that will still work flawlessly after you receive the watch. Also, being a water-resistant watch, it has already gotten tested for water tightness.

It has stainless-steel material both on the outer casing and bracelet. The Sapphire crystal and steel bezel are also excellent features to note about this watch. Also, it comes with a folding clasp made of stainless steel.



  1. Oyster Perpetual 39

2020 trendy Rolex watches

The Oyster Perpetual 39 comes with a high-quality steel made casing and bracelet. Also, it has a 3132 automatic movement caliber that can reserve power for up to 48 hours.

It comes with a blue dial and a sapphire crystal. Also, its bezel is made of steel and can resist water because it has passed water tightness tests. It comes with a foldable stainless-steel clasp. In the box, you get all the original documents and a warranty.

As mentioned earlier, Rolex watches have a great display of quality dating to many years in the industry. Thus, you should consider investing in a Rolex watch and enjoying the benefits it comes with. This list of the 10 trending models should help you choose the best Rolex watch.


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