S4: Exceptional Muscle Gains & Loose Fat!


SARMS has been one of the most effective types of muscular-enhancement steroids that has been gaining the better interest of gym enthusiasts from around the world! Yes, it is always best to consider the natural methods of sufficient muscular gains. The problem is, with a great deal of manufacturers all making an effort to provide processed-foods as a sufficient way to help cut their manufacturers cost, gym enthusiasts aren’t left with too many healthy factors, which can make their recovery time slower, and insufficient nutrients and proteins can leave a negative effect of the results of their losses and gains. Understanding these critiques, a number of companies have been working around the clock to create a unique formula that can offer body builders a reliable way to gain healthy muscular weight, while making recovery sufficient. From a historical point of view, steroids for years have been considered dangerous and tend to pose threat to gym enthusiasts health in many verticals. Finally, SARMS has been one of the best formulas in the industry, offering explosive gains by administering SARMS formula as part of your daily routine intake. While there are a number of different types of SARM formulas out there, top competitor all appoints to S4. Previous versions of SARMS provided the same explosive effects, however was not very sufficient in terms of controlling unhealthy fat gains. In this review, we will be discussing the HOLY-GRAIL of SARMS, and how gym-enthusiasts and body builders can be on a journey to extraordinary gains, while getting rid of the unwanted fats! To Buy SARMS, you can check advancedmuscle.co.uk

The Major Difference of Generic & SARMS


SARMS, or also known as Selective Androgen Receptor Modulator, are a class of therapeutic compounds that act similar to the methods of how anabolic agents work (Anabolic agents can be greatly found in Generic Steroid brands). The major difference is that SARMS formulas consists of androgen-receptor with specific ability properties, alongside the ability to tissue selectivity. If SARMS formula is used on a controlled-based schedule, exceptional results can be established, with no side effects.

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The unique formula tends to focus only on the anabolic agents and avoid the androgenic activities. This provides the potential usage to administer opportunities in a number of medical conditions, including muscle-wasting diseases, osteoporosis, cancer and hypogonadism.


While generic muscular steroids are greatly used by both sex genders, males have a greater risk to form other types of health problems. Generic steroids tend to pose health threats, the following are a few cases that have been reported of the type of symptoms and occurrences experienced;

Side Effects from Generic Steroids

(For Both Sex Genders)

  • liver damage
  • tumors
  • enlarged heart
  • high blood pressure
  • changes in blood cholesterol,
  • increased risk of blood clots
  • risk of stroke and heart attack (including young age genders)

For men it is worse. Along with the problems mentioned in the listing above, the following are high potential risk found in those men that uses generic steroids;

  • shrinking testicles
  • decreased sperm count
  • baldness
  • development of breasts
  • increased risk for prostate cancer

There is no question-in-doubt that generic steroids have no benefits without including the flaws. If you are someone that is looking to get ripped, in a fast time than consider a SARM formula. If you want to gain explosive results safely and reduce the bodily fat-mass, consider the SARM-S4 formula.

SARMS – S4 – Benefits, How to Administer, Ideal Users & What Results to Expect?


  • S4-Andarine is subsidiary series from SARM, developed by GTX, Inc. It has been concluded that S4 tends to treat individuals with conditions such as muscle wasting, Osteoporosis and Benign Prostatic Hypertrophy. The formula is associated to nonsteroidal antiandrogen bicalutamide as the leading compound in the ingredient, providing exceptional way to increase muscular-mass while shredding away the fatty-acids (store bodily-fats).
  • It also eliminates issues like water retention, hair loss and gynecomastia.
  • S4- has the ability to help streamline the testosterone levels in your body, which increases strength, energy and stamina levels altogether.
  • Administering S-4 helps to improve the metabolic activity, which is sufficient in enhancing the loss in muscular and weight loss, and increase and promote muscular build-up.
  • By taking lower doses as per to what is recommended, can position users the elimination of experiencing any sever hypothalamic-pituitary suppression.
  • PCT isn’t required while delicately taking S-4 on daily basis.
  • S4-Andarine promotes fat oxidation and reduces lipoprotein lipase activity. As a result, it helps to reduce fat-acid buildup and help maintain unwanted weight. These fatty-acids (store fats) are converted to protein (amino-acid) for sufficient muscular growth.


In today’s markets, you will be able to find muscular stimulants in a number of forms, including injections, pills, or powder formula. SARM has been popularly used by many bodybuilders in a form of a pill. Therefore, no injections needed!

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Ideal Users

The S4 SARMS series can be used by both sexes and ideal for using it in clinical studies for research purposes. However, the popularity usage of S4- is used by the following types of people:

1) Fitness Industry – S4 is perfect for those individuals that are looking to get the “cutting and bulking purpose”.

2) Clinical trial for those individuals that are experiencing conditions such as muscle wasting, Osteoporosis and Benign Prostatic Hypertrophy to help treat/alleviate these conditions.

3) Ideal for those that would like to take the S4 to a series of trail testing.


  • Reduce fat accumulation and attain weight much sufficiently and effortlessly.
  • Muscular mass accumulation
  • High Energy levels, which is essential to dedicate hours in the gym
  • Eliminate body and muscular fatigue
  • Stackable, meaning that S-4 can be used along with other SARM products to streamline synergic action
  • S4 – selective to prostrate, therefore it could be subjective to treating Benign Prostatic Hypertrophy (this has been observed to occur in elder men)
  • Gain results and see a difference in a faster time
  • Gains are still accumulated even if the bodybuilder decides to lower calorie intake