Entrepreneurial Cambridge Brothers launch all-new free Digital Signing Plan in Doc2


Doc2 has launched an all-new free digital signing plan.

Doc2 allows customers to create contracts and agreements from their own existing templates in minutes. These can then be eSigned in seconds.

The new free digital signing plan gives free access to Doc2’s highly rated Just eSign feature. Just eSign allows users to sign documents digitally for free. It is very easy to use with any Word or PDF document.

The process is simple. Upload a document into Just eSign, then drag and drop the signature positions for eSigning. Just eSign also provides detailed audit logs and easy-to-use reminders. Users get complete assurance that the documents are signed quickly and legally.

Just eSign was developed as Doc2 recognised that not all documents that need an eSignature have a template. On occasions, ad-hoc documents will need eSigning. The free plan is designed for new and growing businesses looking to move to digital and electronic signing for their documents.

Josh Harris, CEO of Doc2 said:

“Just eSign is already a success with clients. Our free plan expands our offer and allows clients to sign existing documents in seconds. If you’re thinking of dipping your toe into document automation, then I’d suggest that digital signatures are a great place to start”.

Customers, such as Derek of ISARR like it too:

“With the recent addition of Just eSign, our clients or team members sign existing PDFs in a very short time”.

Doc2’s all-new free plan enables users to send 5 documents for eSigning per month at no cost and is supported by Doc2’s 5-Star UK Customer Support.

About Doc2

Since its launch in 2019 Doc2 has been taking the UK eSigning and document automation markets by storm. Doc2 helps organisations save time, and money whilst reducing legal and compliance risks through outstanding document creation automation and eSigning.

Doc2 is the brainchild of brothers Ben and Josh Harris. The entrepreneurial brothers have been working together on a number of different business ideas since their teens. Ben is an experienced entrepreneurial software developer; Josh is a former corporate tax advisor working for one of the ‘Big 4’ accountancy firms. The tedium Josh faced when creating engagement letters and other repetitive documents in his previous life led to the start of Doc2. And a lot of late nights and hard work. For more information visit: https://doc2.co/.