Bloomberg Enhances Communications Compliance with Insightful Technology’s Soteria Capture and Surveillance Suite


Integration with Insightful’s Soteria solution advances Bloomberg’s surveillance, trade reconstruction, and behavioral analytics capabilities across more than 120 e-comms, voice, video, mobile, and trade channels.

NEW YORK, July 19, 2022 – Bloomberg today announced a strategic investment in, and a commercial collaboration with, London-based Insightful Technology, the owners, and operators of the Soteria Integrated Compliance Solution. The collaboration enables integration between Soteria and Bloomberg Compliance Solutions — which includes leading compliance system Bloomberg Vault among other real-time Bloomberg surveillance systems and preventative controls.

The integration further extends Bloomberg Vault’s compliance and surveillance offerings by providing access to over 120 unique content sources including over 80 chat, voice, web conferencing, and secure mobile communication channels along with dozens of file, trade, and structured data protocols. This complementary integration will also offer additional AI-based voice surveillance, trade reconstruction, case management, and behavioral analytics capabilities by utilizing Insightful’s advanced data models, risk profiles, and voice transcription and translation capabilities of over 70 languages and dialects.

In today’s challenging and dynamic regulatory environment, it is essential that firms have an accessible, integrated, and powerful compliance solution to manage the explosion in data complexity and channel proliferation that years of remote work, mobile adoption, and global disruption have introduced. Bloomberg Compliance Solutions is focused on providing comprehensive, cutting-edge products that help clients meet these challenges head on.

Nader Shwayhat, Global Head, Compliance, Voice, and Directory Solutions at Bloomberg said:

“The focus of the Bloomberg Compliance Solutions team remains on innovation and growth of our offerings and Soteria is a natural complement to Bloomberg Vault for e-communications archival and the real-time Bloomberg Surveillance offering.”

“We are excited to bring to our clients the advanced, combined capabilities our integration now offers and look forward to pushing the boundaries of what our firms can accomplish together.”

Insightful’s Soteria Integrated Compliance Solution is an advanced data management system with a revolutionary and flexible data model that is able to capture, normalize, aggregate, and analyze any chat, voice, video, and trade data sets from direct files or APIs. The combination of advanced data models integrated into fully customizable workflows and case management provides a significant step in efficiency and risk management. Insightful will support a dedicated Soteria service for Bloomberg clients within its data centers, which will integrate directly into Vault for a seamless user experience. Available now, joint clients of Vault and Insightful can utilize Soteria’s capture services for the expanded universe of channels directly within Vault. Clients may also choose to use Soteria’s standalone translation and surveillance, voice, data, and behavioral analytics offerings in parallel with Vault.

Robert Houghton, Founder and Chief Technology Officer of Insightful Technology said:

“We believe that the integration of Soteria and Bloomberg Vault provides the industry a comprehensive and seamless compliance solution for clients seeking capture, modelling, surveillance, trade reconstruction, case management, and analytics support and we are excited for Bloomberg’s collaboration with Insightful Technology to bring our combined, advanced offering to life, the joint vision and roadmap planned will deliver and protect our mutual clients.”

Bloomberg Compliance Solutions is a suite of offerings comprised of Bloomberg Vault, Bloomberg Surveillance, Bloomberg Directory, Bloomberg Compliance Daily File, and Bloomberg Terminal Controls,  that enables digital teams, front-line managers, compliance officers, and legal professionals to aggregate, archive, and analyze all of their CRM, trading, communications, and market interactions on a real-time or historic basis to drive business insights and meet their regulatory record keeping and other compliance obligations.

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About Insightful Technology and Soteria

Insightful Technology is currently used by nine of the top 12 tier one global bank, and more than 170 other financial organizations. Through the SaaS platform – Soteria Insightful Technology provides organizations around the world with the ability to securely capture, analyze and store business communications and market data in real-time, regardless of the source. With our plug and play architecture of artificial intelligence, business intelligence analytics, and proactive alerting suite integrated into workflows, trade reconstruction, and case management, as well as off the shelf integration to third party OMS, CRM systems Insightful Technology drives regulatory compliance on a global scale and delivers enterprise agility.