How Video Production Can Boost Your Digital Marketing  Strategy


It’s no secret that video production plays an integral role in boosting digital marketing strategies. The truth is video marketing isn’t a new concept. What is new is how video has become very important on all digital platforms. Today, video is not just one part of the overall marketing strategy but principal to your marketing and campaign efforts especially when it comes to your social media strategy.

Video has wholly revolutionized digital marketing, with over 63% of businesses globally using this trend as part of their overall marketing strategy. What’s more, over 83% of companies plan to integrate video into their marketing strategy. Shockingly, these statistics weren’t unforeseen, considering the billions of active users on various digital platforms.

So, why video? For starters, videos are engaging and versatile content format, that not only provides a real-life representation of what’s happening but can also be shared across multiple platforms. Typically, consumers prefer video because it’s easy to digest, engaging and entertaining. On the other hand, marketers prefer video because of its immeasurable potential to drive return on investment (ROI).

videos for digital marketing

Why do you need to include video production in your digital marketing strategy?

A video digital marketing strategy should be your businesses’ next step to reach a wider audience and develop a more approachable as well as a reliable brand. However, to come up with an effective digital marketing strategy, you need to be aware of the following factors:

  • Who is my audience?
  • Where does my audience consume content from?
  • What type of content are they consuming?

This will help you to target your audience and create content that they are actually interested in. Below is a list of reasons why you need to incorporate video production into your overall marketing strategy.

  1. Educative and Informative

According to Hub spot, 97% of marketers claim that digital video marketing helps consumers to understand brands better. Generally, to increase your ROI, you need to approach your audience with a value-based offer rather than a ‘sale’. Videos can help you do just that and provide consumers with a serious look and experience of the product, service or brand.

  1. Search Engine Optimization

According to research, videos are projected to drive over 80% of traffic in the future. This is especially so because search engines consider videos to be high-quality content. Therefore, incorporating adequately optimized video in your content and webpages can improve your SEO. However, be sure to include relevant keywords, a solid meta description and so on.

  1. Boosts conversions

According to Social Media Today, over 90% of consumers make their purchasing decision because of the visuals used by a brand. Further research proves that consumers prefer to purchase products or services once they see it in action through an elaborative video. And where best to place videos than your landing page?

impact of videos in digital marketing

  1. Real-time

Consumers adore brands that offer intimate glimpses or personal glances of what you or the brand is up to. This works the same way as Facebook Live or Instagram stories. Getting personal and providing real-time glimpses of the brand’s next or current move is excellent for giving a face to face interaction, establishing brand trust, and updating consumers about the brand, which ensures your brand remains top of the mind.

  1. Competition

With over 81% of businesses using video marketing according to Hub spot, it’s pointless to deny the practicality, uniqueness, briefness, and elaborative nature of videos. Basically, in this era, video marketing is unbeatable when it comes to providing informative details about your products or services through various techniques such as storytelling and the multiple types of media you can use to drive conversions while entertaining your audience.

Today video is among the most popular form of content globally, and to be honest, this trend isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. However, don’t underestimate the quality of your video content. In fact, it would be better to get the best videographer in Dubai to ensure you provide quality and engaging content to drive ROI and conversions.