The UK New Prime Minister Boris Johnson Elected On 24 July 2019


When it comes to politics, there’s always a lot in circulation, some hitting harder for what they perceive to be right while others just flow with the process. Many questions are often raised regarding every newly elected leader.

But without even jumping into politics, you could be probably wondering who this new prime minister is? When and where did he begin politics? And what must you know about him and his big day, 24July 2019?

The following is a brief but detailed summary with a complete set of things to know about the UK new prime minister, Boris Johnson.

Who is Boris Johnson?

Boris Johnson is a British politician who was born on 19 June 1964. More to that, he is a journalist and has been the Conservative Party Leader Since 23 July 2019. Touching on his education, Johnson was educated at Balliol College, Oxford.

He read Classics and started his career as journalism with The Times. He later moved to The Daily Telegraph as an assistant editor.

Things you didn’t know about Boris Johnson

  • Has been a staunch and loyal Brexit supporter as had the loudest voices insisting on leaving the European Union.
  • Before politics, John was a journalist but was later fired.
  • He has a history of controversial remarks;
  • The UK new prime minister is never a stranger to controversy, having many of his remarks with racism accusations, sexism, and homophobia.
  • On 2 April 2006, he was accused of an extramarital affair. However, Cameron took the possible case as a separate issue and that Johnson was not to lose his job.
  • He popularly said that Muslim women with burkas look like ‘letterboxes’.
  • CNBC had it that while he was a journalist in 2002, Johnson had used racist terms which are too much to fit in the office.
  • Johnson used to be a U.S citizen. Being born in New York, Johnson had dual citizenship until 2016. He appeared on the list of 5, 411 people who renounced their citizenship.
  • His unusual ways of relaxing;

After an exhausting long day on the streets, political stage or in offices isn’t so strange to stay back an unwind the latest reality Tv shows. But not for the new prime minister. Instead, Johnson chooses to create models of buses with smiling paints of passengers to relax. He uses his old wine bottles to rustle up various creations.

Johnson hasn’t always been that confident.

While he’s known for his boisterous behavior, booming voice with creative languages like Latin and Greek, Johnson was much subdued as a child. Until the age of eight, he was severely deaf with a glue ear. It’s a condition where the ear canal is filled with fluid causing a temporary hearing loss.

As a result, he had to wear a grommet, small surgical tube implanted in the eardrum to drain the liquid. Besides all that, Johnson jokes that most of the time, he exaggerated the condition to avoid boring convos as a youngster.

What to know about his political career?

During his political career, Johnson was defeated in the 1997 Clwyd South generation election, but he was later elected in 2001 as MP for Henley. He was appointed to the front bench in 2004 but then dismissed over extramarital affair accusations.

On 9 December 2005 Johnson was appointed as the Shadow Minister for higher education by David Cameron, the new Conservative leader by that time.

In September 2007, Boris Johnson was selected to be the conservative candidate for the Mayor of London election.  Although some doubted his suitability, Johnson later defeated the Labour incumbent, Ken Livingstone and was elected as the second Mayor of London.

In 2014, it was confirmed that Boris Johnson would stand for MP for Uxbridge as well as South Ruislip in 2015 general election.

What about on 24 July 2019?

With his neatly buttoned Jacket and properly corralled hair, Johnson Stood outside the Downing streets. It was his first moments as a newly elected prime minister when he promised to lead Britain through an arranged and on time exit out of the European Union.

The new prime minister stated that those who bet against Britain would undoubtedly lose. He insisted that the doubters and doomsters will all get it wrong.

In his speech, he promised to flood the streets with new police officers. He also vowed to facilitate health care improvement, spend more funds on education, boost the railroad infrastructure, improve the satellite systems, promote animal welfare and re-establish the trust in the democracy along with other dizzying arrays of things.

After Prime minister Theresa May resigned, Boris Johnson announced the campaign run for the Conservative party leadership election in 2019. He was an elected party leader before becoming the prime minister of the UK on 24 July.