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Over 30 Companies in the UK participate in a 6-month trial to run a 4-day Working Week Without Pay Cuts

In a pilot scheme offering dreamy reality to employees, over 30 companies across the UK will begin offering 4-day working weeks comprising of 32 hours of work without any change in compensation or benefits.

With a focus on productivity and worker’s well-being, 3D Issue, Advice Direct Scotland, Autonomy, Blink, Legacy Events and Common Knowledge are some of the companies that have joined this trial.

Campaigners say, ‘the cutting of working hours will also benefit the retailers as workers will have more time on their hands to spend on food, socializing, hobbies such as DIY, gardening and more’. They call it a ‘win-win’ scenario for all.

Charlotte Lockhart, CEO of 4 Day Week Global, the company that has organized this trial, stressed how working less is important for our mind to come up with ideas as well as solutions.

With this pilot, the UK joins the US, Ireland, Canada, Australia and New Zealand where many companies are participating in the 4-day work week programme.
Ryan Breslow, Founder & CEO of a Tech company in US recently shared their company’s success in experimenting the 4-day week and declared the reduced working hours, a permanent switch.

Ukraine Crisis Continues on the Brink of War as Russia Reacts to US and NATO

In recent weeks, the geopolitical attention has focused on the Ukraine as the US witnessed an accumulation of Russian combat forces near Russia’s border with Ukraine and in Belarus.

The Western Allies have delivered written responses to the Kremlin as US President Joe Biden repeatedly warns of a mid-February attack from Russia in Ukraine.

The Kremlin has denied any intention to invade the Ukraine and said that the NATO and US responses did not address Russia’s fundamental concerns. It has also asked NATO countries to ‘stop inflaming the conflict in the east of the Ukraine’.

Ukraine President Zelensky called on the West to avoid creating panic as Ukraine officials continue to tamp down the warnings.

Television Presenter and Political Activist, Jack Posobiec shared a clip of Zelensky’s interview.

Meanwhile, Pentagon spokesperson John Kirby said the US has put 8,500 troops on alert to be ready to deploy to Europe, reassuring the NATO of their efforts as Russia continues its military build-up near Ukraine.

German Foreign Minister Annalena Baerbock said she plans to visit the frontline between Ukrainian forces and Russian backed separatists with Jean-Yves Le Drian, her French counterpart.

British Defence Secretary Ben Wallace told BBC in an interview that the UK could support NATO by increasing its forces and about Russia’s fears he said, ‘you get more NATO on your borders if you break international law and become more aggressive.’

Watford FC Appoints Roy Hodgson as New Manager after Sacking Claudio Ranieri

Former England and Crystal Palace Boss, Roy Hodgson has joined Watford Football Club until the end of the season. Ray Lewington, who managed the Hornets from 2002 to 2005, re-joined the Club as the assistant manager.

The new appointments were made as Claudio Ranieri was sacked after a three-and-a-half-month stint with Watford, who are currently 19th in the Premier League standing, following a disastrous loss to Norwich City.
As he left their training ground, Claudio expressed that ‘Watford can be saved’ while wishing them the best.

Watford have collected only one point since November 20 and Hodgson becomes the third manager this season for the struggling team. He insisted ‘It’s a massive challenge’, however, he is confident that his track record with troubled clubs will help him lead the Hornets to safety in the Premier League.
After his first few days in charge, Hodgson said he is happy with the current squad and will not be asking for new signings.

Football Journalist, Richard Jolly, tweeted that Roy Hodgson is the sixth manager for Watford since they last played a Premier League match without conceding a goal.

The change has been welcomed by Watford fans and the hope for steadying the ship lives on.

New Highway Code of 2022 – Here are the Changes in the UK Road Rules

The updated rules give pedestrians and cyclists greater priority over motorists and the greatest responsibility for safety of road users is on the drivers.

The Department of Transportation (DfT) lists the ‘hierarchy of road users’ as pedestrians, cyclists, horse riders, motorcyclists, cars/taxis, vans/minibuses and larger vehicles like buses/HGVs in descending order of vulnerability.

Nine sections of the code have been updated with 50 rules added or amended. Major rule changes have been made in reference to priorities at crossings and junctions, overtaking, waiting, and parking and cyclists in a shared road space.
It is a good time to acquaint yourself with the new highway code of 2022.
The following tweet of the DfT describes the changes in detail. The new rules come into effect from 29 January.

A Twitter user expressed that the new rules are nothing the people haven’t been used to already.

However, Daily Mail Columnist Andrew Pierce opposed the rule that enables cyclists to ride in the middle of roads, saying it will cause more accidents.

The Cycling UK organization tweeted about the circulating misconceptions and clarified them to set the record straight.

Double Trouble: PM Boris Johnson awaits Sue Gray Report for Parties as He Faces Fire over Afghanistan Evacuation

A lot of speculation has been making the rounds as citizens and parliament wait for Susan Gray’s report on investigation of the parties in and around Downing Street. The Prime Minister has repeatedly insisted that he is not responsible for any delay in the report.

However, since the report is expected to be released before the conclusion of the police inquiry, the police have asked for ‘minimal reference’ to be made to events they are looking at to avoid ‘any prejudice to the investigation’.

Opposition parties are demanding for the report to be released in full. Keir Starmer, Leader of the Labour Party, exclaimed that ‘Britain deserves better’.

Criminal Barrister, Matthew Scott, argued that publication of what witnesses have told Sue Gray may contaminate the police investigation.

While many are calling for his resignation over party gate, the Prime Minister’s troubles seem far from over as another scandal involving leaked correspondence emails of him intervening to help Pen Farthing airlift cats and dogs from Kabul (Afghanistan) came to surface.
Chief Westminster Correspondent for Byline Times, Adam Bienkov, tweeted a redacted version of the correspondence.

This raised fresh questions about the Prime Minister helping an animal charity boss associated with his wife Carrie, while thousands died trying to flee the Taliban.

PM Boris Johnson denied the allegations saying, ‘the whole thing is total rhubarb’.

And that’s a wrap for another week of trending stories and controversies.

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