For Small Business Owners: The Traits You Want to See from Your First Employees

Traits of a Good Employee for Small Businesses

When you are a small business owner, you are expected to wear many hats and do everything. However, as you see your business expand, you will need to ask for help from capable individuals who will work with you toward achieving success.

You Do Not Need Full-Time Employees

Nowadays, people have more options when it comes to employment. They do not have to be present at the office or retail space all the time to accomplish their tasks.

In fact, it will be more economical to work with third-party providers. Factors such as accounting and bookkeeping can be taken care of by services that specifically cater to small businesses. You can even find VAT tax consultants who will guide you and prevent you from incurring any penalties. Even receptionists do not have to be at the site in order to receive, transfer, or place a call on your behalf.

This way, you do not have to rent a big office space to house your staff nor buy any office equipment to be used in day-to-day functionalities. You do not have to have an in-house team unless you are financially ready. However, if you think you are ready to form a team that will run your small business with you, here are the traits that you should look for in an applicant:

Must be Dedicated

Of course, you want a qualified employee to perform tasks efficiently. However, one of the most important traits that you should look for is dedication.

Dedication - Skills Of a Good Employee

A dedicated employee works hard and gets things done. They do not stare at the clock, waiting for their shift to be over. Instead, they will go over and beyond what is expected of them to help your small business to grow and succeed.

It might be difficult to judge a job applicant’s dedication during the interview process, but you can learn about their attitude toward work by asking them if they helped accomplish a task that was not in their job description in their previous position. Better yet, actually contact the reference they listed on their resume to check if the job applicant has a passion for their line of work.

Must be Ambitious

An ambitious employee is not contented with being stagnant or stuck in the same position and tasks. They want to move up and move forward. This kind of attitude will also push your small business to level up.

You will want an ambitious employee in your team because they are the type to constantly learn and improve. They do not let their insecurities and weaknesses to overwhelm them.

Must be Team-Oriented

Team-Oriented - Traits of a Good Employee

Teamwork plays a crucial role in any kind of business. Your team, who will have different sets of skills and personalities, have to come together to achieve a common goal which is to expand.

An employee who refuses to collaborate with others may only bring productivity and creativity down even if they have the right qualifications for the job. Your employees will be spending so much time together so look for job applicants who know how to communicate well with others and have a track record of being a team-player.

The success of your business relies on the kind of employees that work in it. If no one believes in your vision, you will face difficult challenges that may affect your growth and profit. Choose your employees wisely.