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Helping people learn about renewable energy and saving moneyThe Switch ( is a UK website that focuses on British renewable
energy companies and green technology trends to help UK households make
informed choices by offering comparison tools, guides and blog articles about the lastest developments and trends.

The Switch went live in May 2018 with an extensive survey of UK renewable energy
sources and in-depth green energy supplier profiles.

Aside from detailed energy and technology guides, The Switch also blogs about the UK
energy policy and eco trends such as Tiny Homes or the recent regulatory changes
affecting gas and electricity tariffs.

The editorial approach balances comprehensive, UK-specific coverage with
engaging analysis of shifts within the green sector to provide our readers with a
a valuable overview of the national energy transition and its implications.

The Switch has seen a ten-fold increase in UK visitors year on year. November
2019 has proven to be a landmark month in terms of visitor engagement with over
15,000 people staying on the website for an average of at least three minutes.

The overwhelming majority of users discover The Switch through Google Search.
Additionally, the number of users choosing to return to the website for further visits
is increasing every month.

With the climate crisis, energy independence and 2050 carbon emission targets
gaining traction across all media, The Switch is perfectly positioned to tackle these
vital topics, inform British readers and contribute to the public discourse.

The Switch is part of the Selectra UK website family which also includes:

  1. Energy and broadband service comparison and advice.
  2. Mobile and broadband deals and tips aims to inform British households about the transition to renewable energy and technology. We achieve this by writing engaging articles on topics as varied as geothermal energy and how a TV show about Chernobyl can impact national policy. At The Switch, our objective is to get readers involved in the public debate around how British energy can be produced more sustainably and how technology can help improve energy consumption and reduce carbon emissions.