How to play and fight as the Hunter Survival Class in World of Warcraft Wrath of the Lich King


World of Warcraft Wrath of the Lich King in its concept is significantly different from the usual Dragonflight and Shadowlands games.

It was not for nothing that at one time WOTLK was one of the most popular updates, when the concept of hero development was made not for speed and dynamics, but for the thoughtful formation of builds and equipment because everything was obtained with serious work and perseverance and spent a significant amount of time and effort.

The key role is given not only to high-level content with PVP and raids but also a long way of becoming and training a character, which comes down to constantly working to get gold and experience while video gaming.

In total, there are several ways to achieve increased gaming experiences and gold reserves in sufficient quantities:


1. Quests and assignments

When you just choose your faction, race, and class, you fall into the world of Azeroth and you will immediately be led by the hand through the first quests, showing how this mechanic works. Everything is simple here – complete the main tasks, learn more about the world in which you will play and at the same time earn gold, experience and improve your equipment. Tasks are usually simple and boil down to killing monsters in certain locations or passing orders from one NPC to another.

In addition to the main assignments, there are also secondary, or optional. They feature a random reward that sometimes overpays for the game’s effort but often offers significantly less than what you would get elsewhere. They are perfectly combined with the main ones if they are performed on the same territory.

2. Hunting, grinding, and mining

You can exterminate monsters in-game locations for gold, experience, and additional materials for various activities. Unlike quests, you yourself regulate the amount of time and effort that you are willing to put into the progress of your character.

Of the main activities, one can single out professions for collecting resources and hunting for meat and skins.

3. Professions for collecting resources

In the world of WoW, you can always choose two relevant professions that you will develop to gain an advantage in one of the areas of interest for your hero. If in the future you plan to engage in crafting, then choose one gathering profession to provide yourself with resources, and not two, otherwise, you will earn gold, but craft will not develop.

4. Purchase gold as a resource

You can always buy game gold from the professional Skycoach service, just follow the link – The manager will help you make a deal and select the best option for the delivery of the purchased goods. Of course, Skycoach has its own legal scheme for the supply of resources from the service to the client to ensure security from interference by the game administration and the potential for imposing sanctions.

Additionally, you should master mining for ores and gems, gathering herbs for alchemy and first aid, or skinning for leatherworking.

Most of the resources can be found in parallel with the grind, which greatly simplifies the earning of gold and gradually lays the foundation for the character for future levels.

Don’t forget the special tools that you need to buy from the appropriate specialists in any major city. For mining, you will need a pickaxe, and for skinning you will need a carving knife.

Who is the class hunter with the specialization survival in World of Warcraft Wrath of the Lich King?


The hunter is a ranged class with different combat specifics, which boils down to attacks with normal physical damage and the use of various skills to deal damage to the target.

Survival specialization implies a large number of skills to ensure control over the target and calmly shoot a helpless enemy while maintaining distance and competent use of all available skills and talents.

The main skills of the hunter class with the specialization survival in World of Warcraft Wrath of the Lich King


Wyvern Sting is a skill that allows you to put the target to sleep. Any attack will wake her up from her sleep state, but upon the end of the effect in any form, the enemy will take physical damage.

Black Arrow is the main skill that deals damage to the enemy and increases all future damage to the target in the future. The damage passes from dark magic and increases depending on the enemy’s defensive abilities for this magic.

The explosive shot is a skill that deals heavy damage to the enemy and imposes a burning effect on top, which will take the enemy’s health for a long time.

Aimed Shot is a skill that deals minor damage to an enemy and reduces their overall healing potential by 50%.

Sniper Skill is a passive talent that allows you to significantly increase the chance of a critical attack and damage from most skills if the character does not move while firing for 6 seconds.

Freezing Trap is a skill that allows you to install special countermeasures that will freeze the first enemy that hits them and will hold him in place, forbidding movement for 15 seconds, or earlier if the target takes any damage.

Concussive Shot deals damage to the enemy and slows their movement speed by 50%.

Serpent Sting is a primary skill that deals damage and inflicts damage over time on the target. Only one bite can affect an enemy at a time.

Arcane Shot is a skill that deals damage to the enemy with the power of dark magic.

Auto Firing is a buff effect that greatly increases the target’s rate of fire for auto attacks and skill casting.

Disengage is a skill that is similar in effect to a magical blink, but acts like a jump back. It is important that there are no obstacles behind, otherwise, the skill will not work.

Deterrence is one of the strongest defensive skills in the game, as you absolutely dodge all melee, ranged, and magical attacks. An important nuance – the skill lasts only 5 seconds and while the effect is in effect, you cannot attack your enemies.

Kill Shot is a powerful finishing skill that allows you to put 4 times the attack power of your weapon into a shot in order to try to finish off the enemy if his health level does not exceed 20%.

Feign Death is a skill that drops you as a target on an enemy. This skill can and should be trained in order to deftly dodge directed skills. For example, if a magician uses an attacking skill on you and you have time to pretend to be dead at the right moment, then you will not only not receive damage, but also avoid a negative effect.

Hopefully you now have a better idea of how to play World of Warcraft Wrath of the Lich King in the hunter survival class and able to beat your competitors successfully to level up your gaming.