Overcoming Self-Doubt and Rejection to Create a Pioneering Bestseller with Elizabeth Uviebinené


“Write what you know. Two black girls from South London wrote a book that resonates with

1000s of people around the world.”

– Elizabeth Uviebinené on 40 Minute Mentor

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Joining LinkedIn’s Top Voice for Careers, and Founder and CEO of JBM James Mitra on the podcast this week is Elizabeth Uviebinené, FT columnist, multi-award-winning author, and the Founder of Storia, a brand-new journaling platform.

In the interview, the pair discuss Elizabeth’s career journey from her early life in marketing, to feeling like she was being treated differently in the workplace and deciding to write Slay in Your Lane: The Black Girl Bible. Despite an early rejection, the book became a huge success.

Elizabeth shares some amazing advice for aspiring writers, saying that:

“My number one universal advice is to write what you know. I think that sometimes it’s easy to play into social media. What do you think people want? And I think we’ve all been trained to have this very click-bait attitude toward our own experiences. People are afraid to be niche and specific. But I think if you write, the more specific the experience, the more universal it is.”

Elizabeth also shares the importance of journaling in her life as she embarks on a new career

stage as a Founder.

“We are so plugged into other people’s points of view, be that on Twitter,

seeing other people’s image of themselves on Instagram. Essentially, there are very few places

where you can really tune into who you are, and nurture that at every point in your life. And I

think journaling has helped me do that.”

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