3 Osteoporosis Supplements You Must Consider


There is no doubt that prescription medications will help you fight osteoporosis. However, you will require vitamins and minerals for healthy bones. It will help in making your bones stronger and your body well developed. There are instances when people need supplements to grow strong bones.

According to an article published on https://www.huffingtonpost.com, you will find nutritional supplements like borage or fish oil and extra virgin olive oil work to help patients with osteoporosis. When you are plagued with osteoporosis, your body has a dearth of many special nutrients. Here are the three most essential of the supplements to fight osteoporosis:

  1. Take magnesium supplements

When it comes to magnesium, it is found in foods such as dark green vegetables, mouthwatering nuts, and whole-grain bread. These essential nutrientwork wonders to help you cope with osteoporosis symptoms and in a much better way.

The suggested dosage is 300-500 mg every day. Again, if you like processed foods, you will not have adequate magnesium in your diet. So, processed items are a big no. Switch to a powerful combination of magnesium as well as calcium to boost your bone health with multivitamin intake.

Take one part of magnesium with two parts of calcium. It signifies that if your multivitamin consumption includes 1,000 mg of calcium, it should have 500 mg of magnesium. There are certain side effects like an upset tummy and diarrhea. Consult your physician if you have these side effects. Additionally, you can visit platforms like Mybiosource to learn more about health products and test kits.

  1. Switch to vitamin D

You must include sufficient vitamin D to cope with osteoporosis. It will help in absorbing the calcium to make bones stronger in people plagued with osteoporosis. Then, vitamin D is not found in many foods that you eat daily. The best option is natural sunlight if you need vitamin D in abundance. Again, it is impossible to get exposed to sunlight during the hot months of the year. The best solution is taking vitamin D2 and D3 supplements. A few medical experts also recommend vitamin D3 to grow stronger and healthy bones. Make sure you intake at least 800-1,000 IUs of vitamin D daily.


  1. Calcium

Take calcium tablets to fight osteoporosis. According to Mayo Clinic, women who are of 51 years of age or more must intake 1,200 mg of calcium pillsdaily. Avoid taking more than 2,000 mg.

If you take a healthy diet, calcium is included in that as well. Then, the human body does not absorb all the calcium in the same way. For instance, the human body absorbs calcium gluconate, calcium lactate, and calcium citrate very easily. You can also opt for calcium carbonate, which is easy on your pocket and contains 40 percent of the necessary nutrient. Your bodydoes not have the ability to absorb over 500 mg of calcium at one time. Therefore, you must take calcium tabletsall through the day.


If you have osteoporosis and its symptoms, take supplements to grow healthy bones. Of course, consult with your physician before taking these supplements. Stay strong and healthy.