Most suitable Engagement & Wedding Rings according to Lifestyles


Before you head to any of the most renowned Hatton Garden Jewellers in London to purchase your engagement ring or wedding ring, check which kind of lifestyle you lead in your personal and professional life.

With endless jewellery choices such as big diamond rings, it is worth analysing how you use your hands on a daily basis and which type or design of a ring is most suitable to wear without interrupting regular activities or even possibly being damaged.

The below examples are just to give you an idea of what to look for in your ideal engagement or wedding ring that you’d want to wear comfortably and as long as possible day in and out.

You can approach your selected jewellery store with your favourite ring design and ask for customization services, if you have any specific requirements such as a certain metal or gem or style. They can also advise you which rings are most suitable for your budget.