Island Workation: How to Work and Holiday on a Wild Greek Island


You step onto this remote land, and you can immediately feel it!

There is something about the island air that tells you, “Welcome to your new chapter”.

You smile and wonder, maybe I can title it: My Greek Workation or Coworking on a wild island?

Then you spot Stelios, our local road expert who is waiting to drive you to the small Greek fisherman village where you’ll work and holiday.

What does a Workation on a wild Greek Island entail?

You might wonder why you should give a workation on a wild Greek island a go.

Well, Ikaria is a special island, and even for Greeks, it is a bit of a romantic place that they dream about. Why? It is the land of people who know life-long secrets, live more than 100 years, and take time dancing until 6.00 clock sunrise. Someone explained it as ‘it’s not a ‘me’ place. It’s an ‘us’ place.”

As you drive past the wild yellow flowers, Stelios shares the extraordinary story of a Greek American. He was diagnosed with lung cancer and decided to move back to Ikaria and spend his last 9 months there. But, months turned into years and in the next 45 years (!) he created a new life, growing a small vineyard, taking naps, and playing chess with his friends.

Oh, he also outlived his American doctors.

But back to you and your arrival at the fisherman’s village on Ikaria. You enter your room, set your laptop up and congratulate yourself on the choice of your new office.

Monday – Friday Workation – what’s different?

Your days are more relaxed, the office is literally in front of your door and evenings are shared with kind and lovely people under a clear sky full of stars. You fall in love with how your days are the same yet very different.

You wake up naturally, put on some flip-flops, and stroll down to meet the others at the bakery. You heard some stories about people previously just taking what they want and leaving the money, but this bakery is more modern and it serves also omelettes, yoghurt with honey, and cheese pies.

Now, brimming with energy and inspiration, you’re ready to dive into your work.

Legendary Mr. Kostas, the accommodation owner, passes occasionally, brings an extension cable, and shares some wisdom about life.

As the work day finishes, you grab a towel and 15 minutes later you are at Mesakti Beach.

At 6 pm you have your surfing class while others are off to boxing. Isydoros, the surf instructor, tells you that the waves are perfect today, not too small and not too big! You are a bit clumsy, but you are ready for something completely new.

Weekend Workation

You decide to take Friday off and extend your weekend because the previous night you all went to a traditional festival, panigiri, and now you are embracing it all. You remember that one of the ladies from a local women’s cooperative told you about their honey and now you are thinking of visiting their store. It is an inspiring story about collaboration and it gives you some ideas about your business too.

On the way, you run into Ida at a café and she tells you about the plans for a spontaneous road trip across the island to a famous Seychelles beach. She also heard about a local winery in the mountains and that they are having some rebetiko music and dining. But let’s see.

The longer you are there, the more you discover that Ikaria is not just a destination—it’s an enchanting way of life, where the fusion of work and leisure becomes effortless.

How can you ever leave? – That’s a question only you can answer.

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About the Author


Ida went to Ikria for 5 days, but stayed for 2 months with her laptop. She is the founder of Playground, an anti-procrastination platform, and hosts Coworking Island life. She believes in kindness, curiosity and solidarity.