Case Study: How Triple Monitor Setups Transform Business Operations


A 2017 study by Fujitsu Siemens Computers found that workspaces equipped with triple monitor setups increase productivity by 35.5%.

While individual differences in motivation, personality, life events, and mental energy will ultimately determine the extent of benefits you can reap, it’s clear that your investment will make a difference.

The reason? It eliminates distraction.

Mobile Pixels TRIO laptop screen extender for example minimizes the need to scroll or switch between windows as you work. So, users won’t be distracted by a video from their favourite creator or a message from a long-lost friend as they get down to business. It keeps your attention firmly focused on the task, reducing the risk of errors by 33%!

As such, it is a valuable tool for the following industries:

1. Data Science

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Data science project management calls for domain expertise and programming skills to collect, analyze, and interpret large data sets. These decision-making frameworks help clients establish and maintain market relevancy in highly saturated and competitive industries.

Needless to say, it’s a multi-step process that can be quite challenging to master. But the good news is, it is iterative.

Even those with limited resources can establish a smooth workflow, especially when they have a laptop screen extender in their arsenal. Data scientists can easily monitor multiple tasks simultaneously at different stages of the visualization cycle.

Moreover, they can use one of the two spare screens to keep their clients and other team members in the loop, catch mistakes, make real-time improvements, and complete their quest for perfection.

Here are two examples of how this setup can help those working in different sectors:

  • Hospitality: Employees can ensure a continued enjoyable experience for guests by taking reviews and ratings into account across four points: atmosphere, customer service, attention to detail, and flexibility—all at the same time.
  • Supply Chain Management: Working across three screens can increase visibility, allowing companies to keep a close eye on their operations, including product pricing and fluctuations in demand. This will drive better performance and ensure long-term success.

It has similar benefits for those in e-commerce, healthcare, and the entertainment industry.

2. Product Developers

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Product developers create and improve existing products to enhance the user experience, which increases the organization’s market position and total shareholder returns. It is a multi-layered process that can become complicated, so it’s essential to have a roadmap for building a winning prototype.

And this is where triple screen setups make a difference.

They provide broader working spaces across three screens, so professionals can run a host of windows simultaneously, all centred around the stages of the design process. They can reference the information provided on one screen, sketch a design on the other, and then use the third to ideate and collaborate with their team.

3. Writing and Editing

writing-and-editing-with-triple-monitor-setupsWriting or annotating documents is a straightforward task with the lowest screen requirements—this is an easy thing to assume. But the lack of screen real estate will limit the amount of information you can access without switching tabs and scrolling up and down. This causes your brain to work overtime to retain information and recall what you’ve just read.

And we all know what happens when you perform under pressure—results are less than ideal.

A triple monitor eliminates this concern by providing a broader field of view. With three screens in their tech stack, professionals report using the main screen to create magic with words, the right to keep up with emails, Slack, and other communication apps, and the left for research purposes. This robust setup helps them work efficiently to ensure better outcomes, meet all deadlines, and scale business growth.

4. Coding

coding-with-triple-monitor-setupsCoding is what tells computers what to do. It is also used to create programs and websites that solve specific problems. As you can guess, workflows can get pretty complicated, which is why developers spend less than 10% of their time coding. The rest is spent on researching, debugging, and other processes.

A triple laptop setup simplifies this and even speeds it up!

Its impressive range of functionalities makes it perfect for programmers to complete multiple tasks simultaneously. It’s a no-brainer for unlocking productivity. Professional developers can use the primary screen for coding and the spares for reference documents. And because coding is often a team-centric activity, one screen can be dedicated to communication and collaboration.

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A triple monitor setup makes working in various industries a breeze with its extra screen real estate. It also provides multiple avenues for personalization to ensure an ergonomic work experience. See firsthand how it elevates your productivity, optimizes your workflow, and sets you up for success in your chosen field or gift it to a geeky friend.