5 Tips for Parents on how to buy Kids Shoes

5 Tips for Parents on how to buy Kids Shoes

Shoes are an important part of our comfort. Whether you’re active outdoors or at your home, you want comfortable and perfectly fitted footwear. The main challenge for parents is how to buy kids shoes. Because children’s feet are always developing, they may need to change their shoes frequently. You should focus on utility rather than style when purchasing their footwear.

Parents generally remain confused about what to look for while buying shoes for their kids. When you don’t have experience and knowledge of it, you may make the wrong choice. But don’t worry, we are here to solve your problem with an ultimate guide on how to purchase the best kids’ shoes. Here are the top tips to buy the most suitable shoes for your child.

Ultimate 5 Tips to buy Kids Shoes

  • Depending on your child’s age, you may need to change their shoes more frequently.
  • Shoes should be replaced three to five times each year for children under the age of three.
  • You can change them twice to three times a year for children aged 4 to 8.
  • Replace your kids shoes once or twice a year if they’re between the ages of 9 and 12.

Taking your children shoe shopping may be a lot of fun… or a lot of agonies. Isn’t it true, mothers and fathers, that there’s no in-between? However, it is necessary to carry out this task as their feet should ideally be measured to find perfectly fitting shoes. Kids seem to require new shoes as frequently as they require oxygen, and luckily, we have some pointers to make the process as painless and as possible.

1. Begin at the very bottom

Begin at the very bottomLook for rubber-soled shoes. Kids shoes with thick rubber soles offer the finest shock absorption and cushioning. Even though they appear to be elegant, they have the sensation of sneakers, which are excellent for running around! If you are in the UK, you can search for kids shoes UK stores near you to find the nearest store. Also, you can check out the buyer’s rating to know the quality of the shoes they provide you. You should always consult a sales assistant to help with your kids’ shoe purchases.

2. Think twice about flats

Think twice about flatsFor girls, avoid fashionable but very thin flat ballerina shoes and high heels. Flats that are excessively thin lack shock absorption, cushioning, and arch support, all of which are desirable features in kid’s shoes. High heels alter your walking biomechanics, which is terrible news for growing bones.

3. Think of going lace-free

Think of going lace-freeLook for Velcro mock-laced shoes if your youngster can’t tie their laces. This gives them the best of both worlds: they can rehearse while yet being able to go in and out fast. These are frequently completely adjustable, and teachers value them for students who are still learning to tie their shoes.

4. Remember to bring them with you

Remember to bring them with youThe easiest approach to get new kid’s shoes is to take children to a shop so that they may be tried on. Bring a pair of socks they’ll be wearing with you. Only shop online until you’ve got a good sense of how a certain brand suits your child and which types of shoes they prefer to wear.

5. Purchase fitted Shoes

Purchase fitted ShoesBuy shoes that fit! It may sound frivolous, but it’s important. Parents are frequently tempted to buy kids shoes that are a size larger for them to last longer, but this is risky. Wearing shoes that are too small can result in blisters, contusions, abrasions, and nail damage, among other problems.

Boy’s Footwear

Boys’ Footwear - how to buy Kids ShoesLittle boy’s shoes come in a variety of styles. Here are some specifics on them:

  • If your child enjoys basketball or football, specific sport sneakers may be appropriate for him. Because these are rather high sneakers, they help protect ankles from injury.
  • Cowboy boots are a popular choice. Because they can withstand any damage, these shoes are more popular among the working class.
  • Try not to just blindly follow shoe trends, but ensure you purchase comfortable and perhaps waterproof footwear for your son as boys will be boys and get messy. You can never go wrong with solid Wellington Boots.

Girl’s Footwear

girls’ Footwear - how to buy Kids ShoesGirls tend to wear similar shoes as boys perhaps with the only difference being the colours. There are some brilliant features and vibrant colours that girls can choose from for their shoes.

  • In most cases, children do not require shoes with heels even though they may look more feminine. It is not healthy for a growing body, and physicians typically advise against wearing heels higher than one inch.
  • Girls also love to get messy and be active outdoors so bright waterproof boots can finish their outfits with intriguing eye-catching embellishments.
  • Wearing comfortable shoes does not mean having to compromise on the look as many girls shoes are designed according to current fashion trends.


When shopping for your children’s footwear, make an informed choice since quality is more important than cost. There are a variety of quality shoe brands available on the market and you should compare them, test them, and check reviews. Whether you are searching for sneakers for outdoor activities or running shoes, durability and comfort are the most important factors to consider for your children’s growing feet.