How Much Is A Hair Transplant In The UK?

hair transplant disadvantages

Is your hair thinning out in patches of baldness?

You should at least take some solace in the fact that it’s a natural part of life. Pre-mature hair loss affects over 39% of men in the UK.

Luckily, you can solve this issue with a hair transplant, but you may be wondering how much a hair transplant costs in the UK. Unfortunately, the NHS doesn’t cover such a cosmetic procedure. So, you need to look into a private practitioner to help you solve this problem. The cost of a hair transplant in the UK varies across various clinics.

It’s also wise to research exactly what every practitioner delivers as the cheapest hair transplant option may not be the best. Let’s take a deeper look into the factors that affect the hair transplant business costs in the UK.

What does a hair transplant entail?

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A hair transplant is a cosmetic procedure that reverses hair loss for a fuller head of hair. It works by uprooting healthy hair follicles from dense areas of your head to balding or thinning spots. Once, the hair is transplanted, it adapts to the new conditions and continues to grow.

These results are permanent and you can expect to have a full head of hair well into your old age. Aside from the health benefits, you are still prone to a few side effects depending on the procedure you elected on taking.

Types of hair transplants

hair transplantThere are 2 common hair replacement techniques in the UK. These are the follicular unit extraction (FUE) and the follicular unit transplantation (FUT).

  1. FUT

This method has been in use for many decades. It is the pioneering hair transplant procedure. It also presents more risks and side effects than any other hair transplant method.

The surgeon cuts and extracts a complete strip or patch of hair from a healthy scalp. Such a procedure requires a few stitches on the affected area to close it up. The surgeon separates hair follicles from the strip or patch and transplanted onto the balding site.

You might experience permanent numbness or have permanent scars. But, it’s the most affordable hair transplant technique in the UK.

  1. FUE

This is a more recent development in hair transplant technology. It’s more practical than FUT and cost more. In FUE, the surgeon extracts healthy hair follicles one at a time then they implant them onto the balding spots.

There’s no nerve damage to the scalp, hence no numbness. You also won’t have permanent scaring and will heal much faster after the procedure. However, this method can break your bank.

Why do more people in the UK opt for FUT hair transplants?

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According to various psychological studies balding causes a dip in self-esteem for 63% of men that are experiencing balding. About 39% of the men polled experience bouts of depression. However, less than 10% of them seek a hair transplant to remedy the situation.

Here are a few more factors behind this trend:

Cost per graft

A FUT hair transplant is more cost-effective than an FUE procedure. 2,500 FUE grafts cost from as low as £ 8,000. On the other hand, FUT procedures are relatively cheaper. You could pay up to £6,000 for the same number of grafts.

Waiting period

According to the Huffington post, patients looking to get a hair transplant could be put on a waiting list for 6 months or even longer.  That’s the only way you could hope to see a qualified practitioner from the CDQ. This is quite a long period to wait for a hair transplant.

Availability of funds

The office of national statistics places the average disposable income for UK households at £29,600. The average cost of a hair transplant in the UK can run up to £30,000. This means that FUE hair transplant cost in the UK are beyond the means of the average British man.

Most insurers and the NHS also don’t cover hair transplant procedures. So, FUT procedures are more common.

FUT is widely available in the UK

Many qualified surgeons still offer FUT in the UK when compared to the rest of the world. The health and safety standards of health centres are also higher so it’s less risky to have such elective procedures.

What Determines A FUE Hair Transplant Cost?

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The cost of this hair transplant procedure depends on the area of the scalp that is to be treated. Such sections include:

  1. Frontal core, hairline, and temples
  2. Mid-core
  3. The crown

These areas vary in size so you’d need prior consultation before settling on the exact cost of the procedure. Balding patterns and hair loss trends also vary so you will need an individual assessment to know for sure.

Can You Get An Affordable FUE Hair Transplant In The UK?

The cost of FUE is generally prohibitive to most. But, you can find an affordable option with a little research. Harley St Healthcare’s pricing model is a novel example. Their prices range from £1,999 for 1,000 hairs (500 grafts) to £6,599 for 7,000 hairs (3,500 grafts).

Such a transparent guide makes it easier for you to settle on the most affordable option. So, feel free to scour the internet even more affordable options.

What to Look For In a Hair Transplant Surgeon?

hair transplant disadvantages

Elective cosmetic procedures put you under the same risks as most medical procedures. So, It’s wise to take a few precautions when choosing a clinic or the surgeon that will do the hair transplant.

You should check whether the surgeon is fully accredited to BAHRS (British Association Of Hair Restoration Surgery). It’s also a plus if the doctor is also a registered member of IAHRS (International Alliance Of Hair Restoration Surgeon).

The clinic should show loads of hi-res photos and videos of their happy clients. Please don’t settle for grainy and badly lit photos as they may be hiding something. It would be hard to tell if the person in the photo is wearing a toupee or hair care growth products.

The clinic should also have a Vlog or some other way of showing you testimonials from their clients. Don’t just settle on before and after pictures.

Make sure to check the average cost of Hair Transplants in the UK first

Pre-mature hair loss is quite common among men in the UK. So, don’t sweat it as it can be reversed with a hair transplant procedure. The cost of a hair transplant surgery in the UK is relatively high, but it is worth comparing. Therefore, you’ll need to shop around for the most affordable and most suitable option.

Please remember to prioritize quality over quantity even as you hunt for a bargain. And, you can also bookmark our popular UK News Blog, we promise to keep you updated on the latest hair transplant news and other related topics.