5 Holiday Gift Ideas for Geeks & Tech Entrepreneurs


The most memorable thing about the holiday season is perhaps the exchange of gifts, but getting that geeky friend or family member a befitting gift can be a real challenge!

With Christmas just around the corner, most people are already gearing up for Christmas shopping, and buying the right stuff for loved ones, especially the nerdy type is definitely a challenge; we have got a few suggestions for you.

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Whether it’s for personal fulfillment, that extra push, or both, they’d most probably appreciate these gifts, even as they’ll help them to get their jobs done. It doesn’t really matter what kind of relationship after all — given that holiday gifting should be extended to everyone.

But if getting cool gift ideas for the geeky friend, or brother and sister is what you’re looking for, these our 5 Holiday gift ideas will surely help you in getting your loved ones the perfect Christmas gift.

Who is A Geek?

From Middle Low German word Geck (meaning a “fool” or “freak”), Geek is originally used to describe a non-mainstream person; but in modern use of the word, which is the sense we meant, the word connotes an expert. Or enthusiast who is obsessed with an intellectual pursuit, especially someone who is perceived to be overtly intellectual, but unfashionable, and socially awkward.

The term is often used interchangeably with the word nerd, though geek had more stereotype connotations, which is perhaps due to the earlier associations.

Now, that you know who a geek is, let’s head over to the best holiday gift ideas for this special set of individuals, and probably, buying the right thing for them will definitely be worthwhile for you.

5 Holiday Gift Ideas for Geeks

Gift Idea #1: Tech Gadgets

Obviously, this is number one for a reason, it is the most important gift you can ever get for a geek. As geeks are very much fond of their gadgets and knowing the kind of gadgets that your geek friends or family member would love is key.


The gadgets that should normally come to mind are smartphones, PCs and laptops, but if you can’t afford those ones, there are still cheaper options like Walkman MP3 & MP4 Players and Smartwatches.


For laptops, kindly note that geeks have some preferences, ranging from laptops with an SSD drive, also known as a solid-state drive, which is much better than a standard hard drive because of better access to stored data.

Gift Idea #2: Accessories for Gadgets

Second, on the gift items are accessories, just as carrying a laptop requires a laptop bag, it is a must for geeks, as they are often on the go and would value a new accessory.

And also looking good while toting their tech gear isn’t a sin, so you can make your geek friend look more sexy and still professional, by helping them get a bit more organized.

For instance, male geeks will appreciate the SmartPack from MobileEdge which has room for even a 16” laptop in the fleece-padded sleeve, with additional space for water bottles and other small items, and it’s available in 8 different colors with the price range of $65 – $130.

Anthropologie's woven tote bag

And for females, the Anthropologie’s woven tote bag comes with chic square handles, held by the snap magnetic closure, which can add a little fun to their outfit at only $24.95.

Gift Idea #3: Fashion Wears

Well, geeks can also be fashionable, but there is always a catch to it! The best nerdy fashion gifts are perhaps the ones that look rather too ordinary.

Gunner Eyeglasses

Just like the Gunnar Intercept Glasses for Gaming which are designed for computer screens, and also everyday use, having sturdy frames and lenses which react to light, and shift from blue-light-reducing amber tint indoors into full-on sunglasses when outside.

As geek spend most of the day in front of their computer; strain and headaches could occur if their eyes are not protected due to long periods of staring on the PC screen. So getting him a new pair of Gunnar glasses will help reduce the amount of stress their eyes can take.

And it comes in many frames designed to fit all face shape, with different lenses for eye protection purposes.

Gift Idea #4: Stationery

Besides the gadgets, geeks also love books or perhaps writing materials, albeit the Evernote app and services like Axure that often want to replace the pencil and paper.

Moleskine Notebooks

There is always something for the old notebook for every web designer or programmer. And they might need to draw some beautiful flowers for you using the old masters with, of course, some help from the Classic Sketchbook.

If you need an example, the good old world charm of Moleskine notebook makes a must-have for every programmer.

Gift Idea #5: Miscellaneous

There is nothing more refreshing than a nice, cool drink at an arm’s reach on the computer desk! If you’d appreciate a cold can of your favorite drink nearby, then wish for the USB-powered mini-fridge as a gift this holiday season.

USB Mini Fridge

Other great miscellaneous gift items include Final Fantasy XIV, which is one of the best MMORPGs available in the market, and perhaps one of the best in the series.

With the massive storyline, rich game-play systems, and wealth of end-games and available options makes Final Fantasy XIV a must-buy for that special geek in your life.

Bonus Tip!

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Then you’d have made yourself rather unforgettable and the memory will linger all through the holiday season and beyond. As there is nothing better than a gift helping someone’s business to scale the huddles and succeed without breaking a sweat!