A Jewellers Guide to Choosing Engagement Rings for Men

Engagement Rings for Men
Engagement Rings for Men

When we talk about rings, we often mean a female audience. However, men’s rings appeared much earlier than women’s rings. They were used by the strong half of humanity back in the days when it – humanity – still did not know anything about metals.

What kind of engagement rings do men wear?

Engagement rings symbolize the unity of two hearts, unlimited love between the bride and groom. Future spouses are scrupulous in choosing a wedding attribute. Brides prefer elegant jewellery. And the grooms prefer rings that are simple enough.

What metal should the engagement ring be from?

Buying a traditional ring should be taken seriously. If the man already wears the jewellery, the engagement ring can be bought from the same material.

What to do when the engagement ring is the first accessory in the life of the groom? A large selection of men’s engagement rings leads the groom to a standstill.

Coarse and durable metals will appeal to any man. Silver and platinum are popular metals among young people. They give confidence, complement the stylish image. Low-key colour is combined with different outfits of men’s wardrobes. The older generation prefers gold to other metals.

Types and difficulty of choosing an engagement ring for a man

Buying an engagement ring is a rather complicated, crucial step. A love attribute will accompany spouses throughout life. Numerous polls among the male population showed the main criteria by which grooms choose a wedding attribute. They are fundamentally different from women

  1. Convenience

    engagement ring for menThe product must fit the size, it must not crush, it must not rub and it must not interfere with work.

  2. Pricing policy

    If women prefer beauty and high cost, men try to save and choose a simple ring.

  3. Design

    The original ornament, fancy patterns or precious stones do not attract men’s attention. Simplicity is a common selection criterion.In the choice of metal, women’s and men’s opinions agree. Gold is a traditional alloy for a love symbol.

Why engagement rings reflect oneness

According to wedding traditions, the engagement rings should be similar or the same. Future spouses can only decide on the width of the ringlet. Identical jewellery symbolizes the integrity, unity of a young family, complementing each other. Different tastes and views on the accessory become the cause of the first disagreements and disputes between young people.

The bride and groom should solve two problems: metal and colour of decoration. The traditional metal for a wedding ring is gold. An alternative is silver, platinum, tungsten. As for the material, in most cases, there is no disagreement. But the situation is ambiguous with colour.

Women love accessories, decorated with precious stones. The groom is unlikely to approve such a choice. And according to The Knot’s 2019 Jewelry & Engagement Study, the most popular centre stones are diamonds making up 83% of all jewels. One great alternative to traditional engagement rings are open rings as they are equally liked by men and women.

To avoid constant quarrels, experts recommend the future family to choose overlapping rings that offer a different style. The golden diamond ring for the bride looks traditional and beautiful. A gem in titanium is suitable for the groom. It creates a stylish image for grooms often choosing the simplest models possible. Brides, on the contrary, love the original decor. Show your imagination and research some wedding jewellery trends before deciding! The choice of jewellery should not destroy the love idyll. A loving couple will always find a way just as they do when choosing engagement rings for example.